Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh

Mèo ConMar 31, 2023 at 11:27

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In showbiz, there are many artists involved in scandals and boycotts. However, they still somehow exist in showbiz. There are also many close artists who, instead of agreeing with the boycott, still speak out to defend or act in support of the boycotted.

And of course, they are also naive to think that their influence can save someone in a difficult situation, because most of the people who speak out to protect the artists involved in a serious scandal are filmed by netizens. car battered to tatters.

Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh - Photo 1

Trinh Thang Binh is not the only case of being boycotted by the audience when he shows his closeness to someone with a scandal.

Trinh Thang Binh lost nearly 8,000 followers after posting a photo taken with singer Hien Ho, which attracted the attention of the audience. Specifically, on March 27, Trinh Thang Binh posted a photo with Hien Ho's face with the status line: "Facebook someone who is beautiful".

Immediately after, below the post, the male singer received a series of reactions from netizens. Many people say that they will unfollow Trinh Thang Binh and disagree when the male singer is close with a scandalous third person who breaks other people's family happiness. Others believe that Hien Ho has not yet received the audience's forgiveness, so when Trinh Thang Binh was close to her, netizens disagreed.

Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh - Photo 2

However, there are also many opinions that the audience is being strict and harsh with Trinh Thang Binh because the relationship between him and Hien Ho is a colleague, unrelated to the private life scandal. Therefore, it is normal for them to have appointments and take pictures together.

Not only Trinh Thang Binh, many other artists have been ostracized when playing with people with scandals.

Miss Mai Phuong was scolded when dancing with Le Bong

Le Bong is a famous h.ot g.irl on social networks, besides the strengths of her appearance, Le Bong has repeatedly criticized her actions and behavior. For example, the h.ot g.irl born in 1995 suggested how to hunt clouds when flying by leaving the phone out the window. This makes the flight unsafe. In addition, she also repeatedly wore offensive clothes, posted dance videos with vulgar dances, making the audience angry.

Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh - Photo 3

When Le Bong is a name associated with many negatives, her appearance with Miss Mai Phuong became a topic of discussion. The two have repeatedly posted dance clips together. Many people say that Mai Phuong is a beauty queen, she is not suitable for wearing s.exy clothes, posting dancing clips on social networks. Miss born in 1999 was once "stoned" when she posted a clip of sucking on a lollipop, wearing s.exy clothes and dancing on TikTok.

Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh - Photo 4

Below Mai Phuong's clip, many viewers announced that they would unfollow, even calling on friends to boycott Mai Phuong because she was breaking the image of a beauty herself. Others say that Mai Phuong from Miss has knowledge, she is orienting the wrong image when playing close with Le Bong.

However, there are many people who think that the audience should not boycott artists just because they play with a person with a scandal. Because there is no basis to conclude that if you play with someone who is involved in a scandal, then the artist himself is also a person with personality problems. Thus, it is not advisable for the audience to criticize Mai Phuong just for playing with Le Bong.

Actress Thanh Huong defended Phuong Oanh the wrong way

The relationship of Shark Binh - Phuong Oanh - Ms. Dao Lan Huong still consumes a lot of paper and ink from the press.

After many days of revealing dating photos, Phuong Oanh officially confirmed the relationship on her personal page. Below her post, many colleagues and friends left comforting comments. In it, actor Thanh Huong wrote: "Excellent". Immediately, this comment of Thanh Huong received thousands of "angry" statuses. A part of the audience went to Thanh Huong's personal page to express their frustration when the actress publicly praised the relationship being "stoned" by Phuong Oanh and Shark Binh.

Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh - Photo 5

Then, Thanh Huong spoke up and explained: "The opposite is true since childhood. Those who understand are loved. If they don't understand, it's okay."

Kieu Thanh supports the fact that men find strange things outside in the midst of Ho Hoai Anh - Hong Dang

Like Thanh Huong, actress Kieu Thanh also became the focus of criticism when she wrote a status line: "Men go abroad, every man doesn't try 'strawberry corn' a little. If you don't take the initiative, you will also be affected by you. Invited or given by friends or fans. In foreign countries, girls develop early puberty and experience it as early as 12, 13 years old. When two handsome guys are famous, it becomes a big deal! If you're a normal person, then the other g.irl is ok."

Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh - Photo 6

Kieu Thanh's views were shared after the news that two Vietnamese male artists, Ho Hoai Anh and Hong Dang, were entangled in sexual accusations in Spain.

The opposite opinion has made Kieu Thanh the "stoned" focus of public opinion. Most believe that the actress is promoting a wrong lifestyle, even breaking the law. In addition, Kieu Thanh's status line as indirectly defends the two male artists and blames the victim - the 17-year-old g.irl. At this time, many viewers called for a boycott of Kieu Thanh and said that when her personality was not perfect, she was not suitable to do art.

Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh - Photo 7

It is not uncommon for artists to be ostracized, "stoned" when playing or defending artists who are in trouble. Nowadays, the audience is alert and lucid enough to distinguish right from wrong. They also become finicky and allow themselves the right to refuse to support someone's career path if that person leads a lifestyle that is unethical.

Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh - Photo 8

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