Tran Thanh posted a scandal about Hari Won's intractable personality, helplessly "bowing to his wife three times"

An NhiJun 20, 2024 at 16:40

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Tran Thanh recently made the online community laugh out loud at his wife's scandal on social networks. The male MC himself had to "give up" because of his wife's forgetfulness and carefree behavior.

Tran Thanh and Hari Won are a h.ot couple in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Instead of choosing flattering words for each other, the couple often turns to "slander" each other.

Tran Thanh posted a scandal about Hari Wons intractable personality, helplessly bowing to his wife three times - Photo 1

Late at night on June 19, Tran Thanh "scandalized" his wife with a situation that was half laughing and crying. Specifically, the actor said that Hari Won wore the wrong pants from the spa without even realizing it. Witnessing this funny story of his wife, Tran Thanh was speechless.

He said: "A pair of pants is just a pair of pants. It was just abnormal, until I discovered it was abnormal. Yes! Another story about artist Hari Won. I just woke up and it pulled me out of my bed. bed: Mr. Xin, look at these pants.

Do you see anything unusual about it? Are these pants yours or mine? Look closely. I don't have these pants, are they yours? What's wrong with them? It's not mine, it belongs to the spa. I wore the spa pants wrong when I went home. Oh my God! Why didn't you remind me?"

Tran Thanh posted a scandal about Hari Wons intractable personality, helplessly bowing to his wife three times - Photo 2

Continuing that story, Tran Thanh added: "Everyone, look, the cream outfit on the left is the correct outfit. After my grandmother did the spa, she came out and shouted that she changed into a cream shirt and black pants. But it's hard to look at it. That's so reasonable, I didn't know how to mention it. No wonder I was confused yesterday. I thought to myself, this shirt should have the same color pants, why did she match it with black pants? It's the spa's pants. I bowed to Hari Won three times."

Tran Thanh posted a scandal about Hari Wons intractable personality, helplessly bowing to his wife three times - Photo 3

In the comments section, the male comedian couldn't hide his embarrassment: "Their spa didn't even bother to ask for the pants back and included a message: 'Please keep the team'". Hari Won helplessly replied: "But they told me to take my pants back. They packed them." At this point, the audience was "given up" with the situation of the couple Xin - Ri, which could not have been more embarrassing. Besides, many people praised their cuteness, feeling like they were still as sweet as a newlywed couple even though they had been married for more than 7 years.

Tran Thanh posted a scandal about Hari Wons intractable personality, helplessly bowing to his wife three times - Photo 4

This is not the first time Tran Thanh "exposed" his wife Hari Won. Before that, the male comedian was "speechless" many times over his wife's cooking skills when she occasionally fed her husband "dark" dishes. Instead of scolding, Tran Thanh considered it Hari Won's cuteness to tease.

In fact, the male comedian extremely loves and pampers his wife, not only often taking her out to eat delicious dishes but also sparing no expense in giving gifts to his "bedmate". Whenever there is false information, he is ready to speak up to protect Hari Won. No wonder people fondly call Tran Thanh the "national husband" and "first wife-loving" of Vbiz.

Tran Thanh posted a scandal about Hari Wons intractable personality, helplessly bowing to his wife three times - Photo 5

During the past nearly 8 years, Tran Thanh and Hari Won's marriage has been entangled in many gossips, with many even claiming that the two got married under a contract. In response to negative discussions, Tran Thanh spoke frankly: "That marriage contract is real. We signed for three lives. In the next life and the next life, I will definitely still marry Hari Won."

Tran Thanh posted a scandal about Hari Wons intractable personality, helplessly bowing to his wife three times - Photo 6

The male MC once said: "I saved my wife's name in my phone as: 42 personalities. There are 30 days in a month and I love all 42 of them at the same time. How can I get bored? There are many people in Hari: a man. a man, a c.hild, an eighty-something year old woman, a soldier, a principal, a civics teacher, a theater ticket taker, a supervisor and a cartoon character. Many different personalities of Hari take turns appearing and performing their functions very effectively in each stage when the b.ody needs that soul to appear."

Tran Thanh posted a scandal about Hari Wons intractable personality, helplessly bowing to his wife three times - Photo 7

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