Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Na's sister

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Tran Lap Nong (born October 3, 2000 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is known as a male singer and member of the band Nine Percent (9%). In 2018, he excellently won second place. when participating in the Idol Trainee program.

At the same time, he became a member of the group Nine Percent, marking an official milestone in entering the entertainment industry for this young male singer.

Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Nas sister - Photo 1

Entering the entertainment industry at a young age, Tran Lap Nong's first impression of "life here" was: "The work is really too dense"; "Every day it's just flying, flying, flying, then flying again. I don't know what city I'm in." However, with such a busy job, Tran Lap Nong always sets up a reasonable schedule for himself. He always confirms his work with the staff 15 minutes before everything starts, and the remaining time is Tran Lap Nong likes to let his mind relax as much as possible.

Tran Lap Nong is currently one of the names that attracts the most interest and attention from the audience. Every time he goes to the airport, that place is like a swarm of bees flying back to the hive, fans surrounding him can say there is no more space left. Tran Lap Nong had never seen such bustling scenes before, and he never dared to think about them before.

In a few short months, just one program can change a guy's destiny.

Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Nas sister - Photo 2

However, being famous also means that more trouble will come to you. After Tran Lap Nong became famous, arguments and scoldings that didn't know where to start started flooding in.

Based on Tran Lap Nong's public CV, it is known that Tran Lap Nong is an artist under the company A Legend Star Entertainment Corp headed by Andy ca (Truong The Minh) - a boss who is very cool when promoting a lot. Famous idol groups like Lollipop F (Bong Bong Duong) or g.irl group Hey G.irl (Hac Sap Hoi). In addition, the company also has another boss, Tran Kien Chau - a person with extremely wide connections in the Taiwanese entertainment industry.

Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Nas sister - Photo 3

After the company and the organizers of the Idol Trainee program confirmed the cooperation, boss Andy went to Tran Lap Nong to have a brief discussion with him. Under the encouragement and encouragement of his boss, Tran Lap Nong, with the attitude of "one day of hard work, one day of learning" embarked on the journey to Beijing.

During the first recording, one hundred young, dynamic young people officially met without appointment. Here, the audience saw Tran Lap Nong, when he first entered the stage, crouched down, with a shy smile on his face that looked very adorable. In fact, Tran Lap Nong was also extremely worried, because he was originally not too confident in his strength and talent, and saw the guys next to him being more gorgeous than him. A thought appeared in Lap Nong's heart: "It's gone, it's really gone."

Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Nas sister - Photo 4

Then when the show actually aired, Tran Lap Nong was one of the names that attracted the most attention and follow-up from the audience, becoming the biggest "Black Horse".

Even though his strength is not considered "top-notch". However, as a trainee, what Tran Lap Nong has shown is truly worthy of being recognized by the audience.

The program team chose Tran Lap Nong to be the key subject of the first phase of the program. It can be seen that the team has seen his features and will definitely bring him a lot of hotness.

Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Nas sister - Photo 5

Here, one can see that teacher Ly Vinh Hao, or even other masters, are usually serious, but now they clearly respect and favor Tran Lap Nong. Tran Lap Nong got an A simply because he was "special".

In teacher Ly Vinh Hao's memory: "Do you know why Tran Lap Nong was so loved by us that day? Because the time he appeared was very appropriate. To be honest, before him, We have seen so many players, so many different performances, but they all gave me the feeling that their level has not yet been reached. After singing, dancing, no way, "the teacher has to show I have a little time to sing again and dance again." But when Tran Lap Nong stepped up, he finished singing and didn't do anything else. Only later did teacher Trinh Tieu ask him to dance a part. It's also because he has a kind of talent that makes us feel very comfortable with him, things that we didn't have before. He makes us feel like that time is gone. There's more pressure, so my impression of Tran Lap Nong is especially deep."

Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Nas sister - Photo 6

The teachers told Tran Lap Nong that his dancing is very attractive on stage. His cuteness is one of the strongest "weapons" of this male singer born in 2000. Furthermore, Tran Lap Nong is a very smart and quick-witted m.ale s.tudent. He can quickly grasp the audience's psychology, trying his best to make everything appear in the most perfect way. Tran Lap Nong's way of thinking is: "The audience's taste is my motivation, so I will find out what they like, then do some things that they like to watch."

After the show premiered, Tran Lap Nong received a lot of attention from the audience, becoming the most famous person among hundreds of people here. It's fun, but for Tran Lap Nong, his biggest feeling is: "Tension, crisis, because in a short time you have to think about a lot of things, there are many people starting care, pay attention to you, any expression of yours can always become a topic of debate for others. I'm starting to worry about whether I'm doing a good job here? Is there a need for that place? raise it a bit? Things like that."

Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Nas sister - Photo 7

Most of the criticism and criticism that Tran Lap Nong received were speculations when they thought that when he signed a contract with the company, he had more internship time than other people after the process of hacking into the company's account. your social account. But these people don't know that Tran Lap Nong is just a "Tieu Bach" with less than half a year of training. Some people believe that the actions and adorable appearance that people often see of this young singer are just acting for viewers, and there are even more serious criticisms such as: "pretending to be a pig." to eat tiger meat". Such debates affected Tran Lap Nong quite a lot when during the week of filming the Idol Trainee program, a handwritten letter from him was made public.

Tran Lap Nong wrote: "I've become a person who doesn't like to smile...the appearance of pressure and negative energy has really affected me a lot."

For Tran Lap Nong, his big harvest is: "Participating in this program helps me quickly understand good and bad things. I believe that in the future I will continue to walk on the path I have taken." choose and will reduce the burden."

Entangled in dating rumors

At the end of 2022, Taiwanese reporters caught Tran Lap Nong and Au Duong Na Na's younger sister, Au Duong De De, at a shopping center. The two were stuck together like glue. While the male idol of NINE PERCENT was choosing clothes, he also carefully asked De De's opinion. The couple seemed extremely close.

Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Nas sister - Photo 8

Sources from Taiwanese media said that the two got to know each other through participating in a project, then their feelings gradually blossomed and they started dating.

Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Nas sister - Photo 9

However, after the rumors broke out, Tran Lap Nong immediately posted an article denying they were dating and revealing that, in fact, the outing that paparazzi caught was a gathering of a group of close friends, in addition to the two stars, have a few other friends. The actor's side hopes fans will not believe the rumors spread on social networks, and at the same time hopes the media will not cut sentences to make sense, just post a few pictures and spread false information.

Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Nas sister - Photo 10

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