Ton Le almost lost the role in Chan Hoan Truyen by a beautiful actress, but refused because of Trieu Vy

An NhiFeb 14, 2022 at 11:31

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Although very successful with Chan Hoan Truyen, Ton Le is not the first person to be "chosen to send gold" by the director.

In 2011, the historical drama Chan Hoan Truyen, adapted from the novel of the same name, became a "storm" on Asian screens thanks to its attractive content and talented cast. After the success of the film, there have been many works with the theme of archery, but no project has been able to overcome it yet.

Ton Le almost lost the role in Chan Hoan Truyen by a beautiful actress, but refused because of Trieu Vy - Photo 1

Initially, director Trinh Hieu Long targeted Chau Tan for the female lead role in the film. However, at that time, she was also invited to play the role of the fox Tieu Duy in Painted Skin 2, collaborating with Tran Khon and Trieu Vy. Finally, the "acting national treasure" of the Chinese screen decided to refuse the role of Chan Hoan. It is for this reason that Ton Le was given the opportunity to appear in this archery film and create a masterpiece on the small screen.

Ton Le almost lost the role in Chan Hoan Truyen by a beautiful actress, but refused because of Trieu Vy - Photo 2

At first, Ton Le was not appreciated by Trinh Hieu Long because she specializes in playing gentle roles, and has never participated in historical films, while the character of Chan Hoan will later become a scheming and sinister woman. However, due to his wife's recommendation, he decided to give her a chance. And Ton Le took advantage of this opportunity too well.

Ton Le almost lost the role in Chan Hoan Truyen by a beautiful actress, but refused because of Trieu Vy - Photo 3

Ton Le's enthusiasm has turned into extremely worthy results. Chan Complete Story was a great success. The series is shown on 12 television channels. This "blockbuster" once broke the rating record in Taiwan, ranked third in viewership on Netflix, reaching 8.6 IMDb points. Chan Hoan Truyen also won the a.ward for Favorite Drama at the 2012 Shanghai Drama Festival, and won the category of Best Drama at the 2012 Golden Eagle TV Awards.

It can be said that the TV series Chan Hoan Truyen helped the "concubines" Ton Le, Thai Thieu Fen, Chiang Han, Nhiet Y Trat, Duong Nghe Han ... become famous.

Ton Le

Chan Hoan is the role of a lifetime in Ton Le's film career. The beauty showed her charismatic acting, fully conveying Chan Hoan's psychology and emotions from the time she entered the palace when she was still innocent until she became the Empress Dowager. After the story of Chan Hoan, Ton Le continued to succeed with a series of works, the main story of the Lady Lama, the story of My Nguyet, that year when the flowers bloomed and the full moon...

Ton Le almost lost the role in Chan Hoan Truyen by a beautiful actress, but refused because of Trieu Vy - Photo 4

In 2020 - 2021, Ton Le caused controversy with An Gia and Ideal City. Many viewers commented that the mother of two children is gradually losing her form, acting less emotional than before. Neither of these two films has the same popularity as Ton Le's previous works. Currently, "Chan Hoan" has not received a new project. In terms of private life, Ton Le and her husband Dang Sieu and two children are a family of Chinese artists who are very popular with the public.

Thai Shaofen

The story of Chan Hoan helps Thai Shaofen's career in mainland China flourish. She takes on the villain Empress Nghi Tu who does many evil things in the film, making the audience hate. However, this Hong Kong star's skillful acting and charisma are praised. This role left such a strong impression that many viewers also called Thai Thieu Phan as "the princess" in real life.

Ton Le almost lost the role in Chan Hoan Truyen by a beautiful actress, but refused because of Trieu Vy - Photo 5

Before participating in Chan Hoan story, Thai Thieu Fen used to have a huge film fortune in Hong Kong, such as Thien and Earth, Compassionate Hands, Lac Than, Famous Detectives, Response Force... Then Chan Hoan story, Thai Thieu Phan participated in Beauty without exception, Sham Palace Civil War 2... However, she was more popular when she appeared on entertainment shows. Recently, the brief appearance of Thai Thieu Phan with his husband Truong Tan in Brother overcoming all difficulties made viewers excited. The two got married in 2008 and are happy with three children.

Chiang Han

The role of the c.ruel but innocently loyal concubine of Chiang Han in the story of Chan Hoan was both hated and pitied. Hua Fei is also a major turning point in Chiang Xin's film career. Before that, she shined in the films Thien Long Bat Bo (2003 version), Lieu Trai Chi Di, Tien Sword Ky Hiep, Seven Fairies...

Ton Le almost lost the role in Chan Hoan Truyen by a beautiful actress, but refused because of Trieu Vy - Photo 6

After the story of Chan Hoan, Chiang Han still maintains a rich acting ability, but his career fluctuates up and down. "Moc Uyen Thanh" of Thien Long Bat Bo 2003 shined brightly in the films Hoa Thien Co, Hoa Tu Tu, Hoan Lac chanting... even though she only played a supporting role. However, when she accepted a role with a lot of acting land like in Tan semi-born, she failed to conquer the audience. Besides, the beauty also suffers aversion because of the lack of skillful handling. Recently, Chiang Han's appearance has shown signs of development. She is not married yet.

Nghe Han Street

Ton Le almost lost the role in Chan Hoan Truyen by a beautiful actress, but refused because of Trieu Vy - Photo 7

In the story of Chan Hoan, Duong Nghe Han's selfish and hateful Ky Quy does not appear much, but still leaves an impression thanks to her bright beauty. After the story of Chan Hoan, Duong Nghe Han gradually became more known to the public through the films Luc Trinh, Tru Tien (television and film), Allied Military, Children of the Kieu family... The happy marriage of Duong Nghe Han and Truong Nhuoc Quan is also admired by many people.

Ton Le almost lost the role in Chan Hoan Truyen by a beautiful actress, but refused because of Trieu Vy - Photo 8

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