Ex-love Taylor Swift admits to falling into a state of "madness", almost dying of addiction

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Ex-boyfriend Taylor Swift - Bradley Cooper is famous for his career as a cult actor, film director, in Hollywood circles. But few people know that he had a gloomy past, with the most forgettable days in his life.

Recently, on the show Running Wild With Bear Grylls , Bradley Cooper opened up about the worst times of his life. In it, the actor admits that his struggles with alcohol use and m*t.t. once almost cost him his life.

Ex-love Taylor Swift admits to falling into a state of madness, almost dying of addiction - Photo 1

" I've had a couple of wild years, related to alcohol and m* and completely unrelated to being famous," the cult star admitted, " But I was lucky. I've been in rehab since I was 29 and have been sober for 19 years."

Bradley Cooper said he became addicted to alcohol and s.ex after being fired from the Alias action series in 2003. At that time, the star born in 1975 completely broke down, unconsciously he turned to d.rugs as a way to free himself.

More than a year into addiction, by 2004 Bradley realized his mistake and began rehab. It can be said that the actor's detoxification is extremely difficult and also full of "terrible".

Ex-love Taylor Swift admits to falling into a state of madness, almost dying of addiction - Photo 2

In a previous interview, the A Star is Born star also admitted that he almost fell again in January 2011 after watching his dad die of lung cancer.

" I definitely had an indifferent attitude towards life. I almost thought I was going to die," Bradley recalled, " It wasn't great until I thought I had to accept who I am, try to find peace with that. Gradually, things became more stable."

After all, Bradley Cooper has found the right path for himself. He gradually became successful in his career and was increasingly respected and admired by many people.

Actor Bradley Charles Cooper is known to the audience as an American actor and producer. Over the years, he has been nominated for many prestigious awards such as 4 Emmy Awards, 2 BAFTA Awards and 2 Golden Globe Awards.

Bradley Cooper is also considered one of the highest-paid actors for three consecutive years, he appeared on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list - twice, and the Times magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2015.

Ex-love Taylor Swift admits to falling into a state of madness, almost dying of addiction - Photo 3

It is known that before getting married in 2006, Bradley Cooper was caught up in alcohol, m* t* and became addicted. But Cooper's will is stronger than the allure of these toxic things. He knew how to stop at the right time before it was too late, because he knew that if he continued to live like this, his whole life and his greatest passion would be ruined.

Cooper repeatedly slammed his head against the concrete until he broke out and even lost consciousness to warn himself not to continue his addiction. He stopped touching any d.rugs and gave them up completely by the age of 29.

The actor also refused to take d.rugs to gain weight for a role in 2018. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Bradley Cooper said: "I gained weight completely naturally because after 10 years of completely quitting alcohol, I didn't want to get involved with it again."

Ex-love Taylor Swift admits to falling into a state of madness, almost dying of addiction - Photo 4

Referring to the name Bradley Cooper, it is easy to imagine an elegant guy, with charming blue eyes, an enchanting smile. That beauty is a perfect blend of American, Italian and Irish b.lood. His romantic appearance perfectly reconciles the beauty features inherited from his parents.

People magazine once voted him "The Sexiest Man on the Planet." Being half-blood, Bradley has a diverse understanding of cultural regions and is very good at foreign languages, especially French.

Ex-love Taylor Swift admits to falling into a state of madness, almost dying of addiction - Photo 5

Bradley Cooper was married to actress Jennifer Esposito in 2006 but quickly divorced a year later. After becoming a single guy again, he became involved in many love affairs with the beautiful pink shades of the entertainment world such as Renee Zellweger, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Lopez, pop princess Taylor Swift and co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

Ex-love Taylor Swift admits to falling into a state of madness, almost dying of addiction - Photo 6

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