Kim Min Jong left SM Entertainment after 17 years, his appearance at the age of 52 is remarkable

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SM Entertainment has just announced that it has terminated the contract with actor Kim Min Jong. This information made the Korean people feel uneasy, mixed with regret. It is known that Kim Min Jong has been with SM for more than 17 years.

Kim Min Jong (SN 1971), known as the cult Korean star of the 90s by possessing a romantic and multi-talented appearance. Recently, the name Kim Min Jong suddenly returned to attention when he announced his departure from the company after 17 years of working.

Kim Min Jong left SM Entertainment after 17 years, his appearance at the age of 52 is remarkable - Photo 1

Accordingly, SM Entertainment announced on July 14, "The contract with Kim Min Jong expired in June this year, and after negotiations, both sides have decided not to continue their cooperation."

In 2006, Kim Min Jong signed with SM Entertainment, working under CEO Lee So Man. There was a time when he was appointed as a director at SM C&C, under SM. It is known that the male artist also has a close relationship with CEO Lee So Man.

Kim Min Jong left SM Entertainment after 17 years, his appearance at the age of 52 is remarkable - Photo 2

Last February, SM had a dispute at the management level, Kim Min Jong openly supported Lee Soo Man, he even sent a series of emails to all company employees to urge everyone to support the president. When Lee Soo Man decided to leave, Kim Min Jong also did not choose to stay, he announced the termination of his contract with this management company.

Kim Min Jong, 52, is now a "freelance" artist. He has not revealed any future plans yet. According to Xportsnews , he is likely to become Lee Soo Man's close assistant in new projects.

Kim Min Jong left SM Entertainment after 17 years, his appearance at the age of 52 is remarkable - Photo 3

Kim Min Jong first entered the entertainment world as an actor, then soon gained popularity as a singer. After hearing him sing the song "My Love by My Side" at the post-production party of the movie "White Rainy Day" , the music director invited him to participate in the OST of the film and subsequently, helped promote him to become a singer. doctor. Kim Min Jong is one of the few stars who have reached the peak of their career in their 20s, both in the fields of singing and movies.

In the past, Kim Min Jong also had a few love affairs with famous beauties, of which the most regrettable was the star Song Hye Kyo. The two got to know each other through the movie Guardian Angel and it was Song Hye Kyo who helped the actor Kim heal his past hurts.

Kim Min Jong also stated that "wants to protect Song Hye Kyo all my life". However, the relationship of the two people was not long-lasting, many information said, the couple was forbidden by their families to be together. Later, Kim Min Jong publicly dated actress Kim Kyu Ri but did not come to a happy ending.

Kim Min Jong left SM Entertainment after 17 years, his appearance at the age of 52 is remarkable - Photo 4

The actor once admitted that he was not excited about marriage even though he once intended to get married. In a 2019 program, Kim Min Jong once said that he was not ready for the role of husband and father: "I am not very confident with raising children. I don't know if I can take care of children or not. !". Perhaps because of this, so far he is still alone.

Currently, his appearance is not as good as before. For many years, Kim Min Jong no longer accepts new films, only occasionally appearing in some entertainment programs. He also surprised the audience many times by his appearance changing too much.

Kim Min Jong left SM Entertainment after 17 years, his appearance at the age of 52 is remarkable - Photo 5

Kim Min Jong left SM Entertainment after 17 years, his appearance at the age of 52 is remarkable - Photo 6

In the last few years, he quit drinking, quit smoking, and lead a healthier lifestyle. The actor once revealed the reason for quitting in a 2018 show: "My father drank and smoked a lot. He died of lung cancer at the age of 72. After his d.eath, I think I should be kind to myself. b.ody while still alive".

In 1988, at the age of 16, Kim Min Jong hit the cinematic lane through a series about Don Quixote. He is highly appreciated for his emotional expression and in-depth acting. In the period 1989-1991, he appeared in 9 movies and 1 TV series. His name is marked with Emotions, Far Away Country (1996), Seoul Vacation, Wedding Dress (1997), Lovely B.oy (1998), Brotherhood (1999), Pearl Necklace, Secret Secret (2000), Guardian Angel (2001), Island Story, Gentleman's Dignity...

Kim Min Jong left SM Entertainment after 17 years, his appearance at the age of 52 is remarkable - Photo 7

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