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Miss International Queen refuses, Luong My Ky is determined to be crowned Miss Fabulous?

Nắng14:21:05 27/11/2023
Previously, it was announced that she would compete in Miss International Queen - Miss International Transgender in 2022. However, after that, Huong Giang's side organized to find a new representative to come to this beauty arena.

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Miss International Queen 2023 revealed TOP 5, Tieu Thao stands out, has enough coronation elements?

Nắng16:17:31 22/06/2023
Based on the performance of the contestants through previous sub-competitions, the international beauty community has made predictions about bright candidates who can become the successor of Miss International Transgender. International 2022 Fuchsia Anne Ravena.

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MIQ VN encountered a new variable in the midst of the "touched" scandal, suspected of internal turmoil between Huong Giang and a runner-up?

Đại Mạc15:24:47 10/04/2023
Not only being interested in during the event, Miss International Queen Vietnam 2023 until the end, is still a controversial topic with a series of controversies taking place. In addition to being "touched" by the authorities, many fans also noticed the absence of runner-up...

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Ha Anh - MIQ 2023: Energetic female MC encounters many difficulties because of transgender and coronation dream

Bình Yên17:12:28 06/04/2023
Miss International Queen Vietnam - Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023 is receiving the attention of many audiences thanks to the contestants possessing beautiful beauty. Among the beauties who admired at this year's contest, Nguyen Vu Ha Anh - MC VTV Cab is a factor attracting...

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Miss International Queen 2023 continues to "load" the top contestants: Info eats away Dan Tien, Tuong San

Nắng13:32:07 28/03/2023
Recently, Victoria Fernandes announced on her personal page that she was appointed as Miss Transgender Brazil 2023 and represented Brazil at Miss Transgender 2023 in Thailand. Victoria Fernandes is 31 years old this year, 1.70 m tall, currently a model, makeup artist and...

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Miss International Queen Vietnam is getting more and more confused, Quynh Chau - Thuy Tien "great war" is like a face-to-face

Tin08:17:04 13/03/2023
In episode 4, Miss Transgender Vietnam, 16 contestants had a training session on interviewing and eloquence skills with supermodel Hoang Thuy. Using the knowledge they learned, the contestants entered the sub-challenge, answering questions within 70 seconds. At this challenge...

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Quynh Chau admitted a shocking thing in the middle of the drama MIQ, Huynh My suddenly appeared "strange"

Tiểu Yến Tử15:04:06 10/03/2023
Che Nguyen Quynh Chau is one of the names that have captured the attention of beauty fans recently. She directed all the media while sitting as a coach of a beauty contest even though she had not had the opportunity to compete internationally. Constantly developing herself in...

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