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Dam Thu Trang's daughter, the older she gets, the more she resembles her mother, causing a fever with an action when she saw her mother tired

Thanh Thanh14:32:55 12/12/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Cuong Do La's wife Dam Thu Trang showed off her daughter Suchin's lovely moments. It can be seen that the older she gets, the more she resembles her mother, even causing a fever with an action when she sees her mother tired.

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Khanh Thi's two older children "accidentally" revealed that they were about to "have a sibling" again, r.evealing their gender. What is the truth?

Mai Trúc15:15:14 11/12/2023
Recently, the two eldest children of Khanh Thi - Phan Hien, Kubi and Anna, suddenly accidentally revealed that they were about to have a sibling again. Many fans of the family had not yet had time to celebrate when they learned an unexpected truth.

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Khanh Thi's youngest daughter received a huge achievement on her 3-month birthday, making netizens admire her

Đào Thị06:40:06 11/12/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Khanh Thi shared the moment her family celebrated her youngest daughter Lisa officially turning 3 months old. Notably, even though she is young, she has received great achievements that have made netizens admire.

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Youngest daughter Khanh Thi - Phan Hien causes a fever with close-up photos, but still obediently lets her parents do one thing?

Tiểu Trúc07:54:40 09/12/2023
Recently, social networks went c.razy with close-up photos of Khanh Thi's youngest daughter - Phan Hien, who is about to turn 3 months old. Besides, the g.irl was also praised for obediently letting her parents do one thing.

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Daughter Do My Linh first appeared in a crowded place, the queen is still determined to do 1 thing for her c.hild?

Thanh Thanh14:49:33 07/12/2023
Recently, social media was shocked by the moment Do My Linh carried her daughter to go on a date with Hoa, the famous runner-up. The first time appearing in a crowded place, Do My Linh's daughter was still determined by her mother to do 1 thing.

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Dang Van Lam and his girlfriend do 1 thing together before Christmas, the day of returning to the same house is not far away?

Tiểu Trúc15:02:02 05/12/2023
Recently, although Dang Van Lam is busy, he still spends the evening with his girlfriend Yen Xuan doing 1 job before Christmas. Many people could not help but enjoy and thought that the day of sharing 1 house of the couple is not far away.

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The U60 grandmother in Binh Duong caused a fever with her physique like a g.irl in her twenties, every time she went to the street, her husband was afraid of losing

Tiểu Trúc14:30:57 05/12/2023
Ms. Tran Thi My, born in 1970, in Di An City, Binh Duong has a beautiful physique like a teenager with tight, smooth skin, few wrinkles. Whenever she goes out, she often chooses clothes that enhance her figure. If you look at it, few people think that this woman has been a grandmother for 5 years.

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"Hot g.irl teacher" Thanh Nga teaches physics and once caused a stir on social networks, is her current life surprising?

Thanh Thanh11:43:13 27/11/2023
H.ot g.irl teacher Thanh Nga, who teaches physics, has received a lot of attention on social networks with her increasingly beautiful beauty and impressive academic achievements. After 2 years of fame, the h.ot g.irl's current life attracts attention.

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Phuong "Thi No" after 6 years of "rebirth" of her beauty: From an abandoned single mother to a beautiful and salty mother of 3 children

Cát Cát07:36:24 26/11/2023
Phuong Thi No became famous on social networking sites 6 years ago with her spectacular surgery and transformation journey. From being a single mother, Phuong Thi No now has a happy and fulfilling life with her second husband.

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"Tiktoker million views" Thuy Tien: Telling historical stories with unique paintings, the surprising reason for creating the channel

Thanh Anh07:23:17 19/11/2023
Tiktoker Thuy Tien is known as the owner of the Tik Tok Storytelling channel with tens of millions of likes from the audience thanks to her unique talent of telling historical stories through drawing.

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Trang Nhung - The first Vietnamese female co-pilot to "master the sky" with Embraer jets

Thanh Anh07:23:32 12/11/2023
Ho Trang Nhung is known as the first young Vietnamese co-pilot to master the sky with Embraer jets. It is known that this is the pioneering aircraft line serving routes with complex take-off terrain.

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"Quang Binh little girl" Le Vi: 1m67 tall at 11 years old, "holding" the gold trophy for c.hild model in Asia

Tiểu Trúc12:03:13 11/11/2023
Recently, Quang Binh g.irl Le Vi surpassed many contestants and received the Asian c.hild model gold cup. Even though she is only 11 years old, she stands out with her height of 1m67 and her cool demeanor causing fever in the online community.

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"Former fisherman" Anh Vien caused a fever with a series of photos to celebrate his new age. How is his beauty after retirement?

Thanh Thanh13:34:28 10/11/2023
On his personal page, former fisherman Anh Vien caused a stir when he welcomed his 27th birthday with a very sweet set of photos. Accordingly, the little mermaid wrote on her personal page: Happy birthday to me. Besides, her beauty after retirement attracted attention.

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"TikToker million views" Harry Nguyen decided to take a gap year at the age of 18 to pursue his passion

Thanh Thanh15:40:24 09/11/2023
Harry Nguyen is known as a content creator who is receiving the attention and love of young people. Although he was directly recruited to the Diplomatic Academy, he still decided to take a gap year to pursue his passion.

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Quang Hai's girlfriend just went to lunch with friends but caused a fever because of one point?

Mai Trúc15:31:18 08/11/2023
Recently, on a friend's personal page, midfielder Quang Hai's girlfriend, Chu Thanh Huyen, rarely appeared on social networks. Accordingly, she caused a fever in the online community because of one point.

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Thu Huong: The bride once received 200 gold trees as a dowry, life after 5 years of marriage surprised?

Mai Trúc10:44:54 07/11/2023
At the beginning of 2019, social networks were buzzing about the billion-dollar wedding in Nam Dinh of the groom Nang Tinh and the bride of 200 gold trees Tran Thu Huong. Life after 5 years of marriage of the bride of 200 gold trees Thu Huong has many surprises.

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