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Dat Villa patted his chest and claimed to be an artist on the "top tom" channel, fans argued fiercely

Thảo Mai08:38:21 21/01/2024
Dat Villa (real name is Dang Thanh Dat) is known as a famous Tiktoker with a Tiktok channel of more than 9 million followers. Despite being quite active, Dat Villa does not yet have too many achievements.

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Zoe Nhu Quynh: "Daughter" Quach Ngoc Tuyen, the obnoxious woman in Us 8 Years Later

Snow21:16:30 15/12/2023
Nhu Quynh is a fairly new face to the audience because she only emerged in recent years. Possessing a pretty and lovely appearance, she has been well received by the public through many impressive roles.

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Tiktoker Vien Vibi "confronted" Thuy Tien when casting the movie Ly Hai, was criticized for "ridiculous acting", market

Yaya14:40:16 10/11/2023
Recently, the director and producer couple Ly Hai - Minh Ha officially held the first kick-off event for the film project Turn Face 7. A large number of actors came to cast. Prominent among the candidates is female TikToker Vien Vibi.

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'Mr. Vi Ca' Quach Ngoc Tuyen revealed his past as a security guard for a living, his personality changed when he had a wife and children

Thư Kỳ19:21:06 23/10/2023
As one of the current favorite names, however, actor Quach Ngoc Tuyen shares about his current work and life, affirming that up to now he still does not dare to think of himself as a celebrity.

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Hoang Meo is suspected of "stealing" with a beautiful young student, his wife caught him in the middle of the battle to ask for a divorce?

Gia13:48:52 27/05/2023
Actor Hoang Meo announced that he had divorced his wife in April, ending a 10-year relationship. Soon after, he got involved in many bad rumors, such as cheating on his wife, dating with a beautiful young student... causing his marriage to fall apart. In a newly aired TV show...

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Juniors 'e.xpose' the truth about Meritorious Artist Hoai Linh, r.evealing secrets when working together

N.P16:38:40 19/09/2022
Actor Hoang Meo attracted attention when recently shared about the secrets of working with seniors like Hoai Linh and the late artist Chi Tai. Hoang Meo is known as a famous comedian, who came from the stage of the new Smile stage established by the late artist Huu Loc. In...

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Hoang Meo: Insomnia, dare not go out because his wife "criticizes women in suits" and loudly "touches" TikToker

Hoàng Phúc16:19:05 06/09/2022
After many life events, Hoang Meo still has a passionate love for art. Despite being under a lot of pressure from the young generation, the actor always tries his best to bring valuable film and theater productions. Stage name "falling from the sky" Hoang Meo was born in 1982...

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Hua Minh Dat - Poor childhood and a marriage of more than a decade with Lam Vy Da

An Nhi10:47:42 07/07/2022
As a talented comedian who is loved by the audience, Hua Minh Dat is still constantly devoting and making efforts every day to bring laughter to everyone. Hua Minh Dat is a comedian who is familiar with many movies and theater shows. Although Hua Minh Dat did not have many main...

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Jiang Ho boss Hoang Meo was arrested for organizing a "banned substance" party, had many criminal records

Hoàng Anh16:20:01 22/06/2022
Being prosecuted for organizing illegal use of banned substances, Hoang "Meo" was also investigated for loan sharking, debt collection, intentional injury... Recently, the Hai Duong City Police Investigation Agency prosecuted the accused, detained Bui Huy Hoang (ie Hoang "Meo"...

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