Tiktoker Hang Nomad: Loving her stepson like a biological c.hild, used to help Quang Linh

Minh LợiFeb 10, 2024 at 11:03

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Nguyen Thi Thai Hang - also known as TikToker Hang Nomad, is one of the famous girls on the social network TikTok, mainly reviewing nomadic life in tourist destinations in China, Chinese specialties.

Tiktoker Hang Nomad: Loving her stepson like a biological c.hild, used to help Quang Linh - Photo 1

Love someone who has had 1 wife, is respected by her children-in-law

During a visit to relatives in Beihai City, Guangxi province, China, Hang met and got acquainted with her current husband, Mr. Sun Bang (43 years old, Chinese). In the process of researching, Hang learned that Sun Bang had 2 stepchildren, Sun Mongyang (23 years old) and Sun Yiyang (17 years old).

Tiktoker Hang Nomad: Loving her stepson like a biological c.hild, used to help Quang Linh - Photo 2

Hang said he happily accepted that Sun Bang had children of his own, and at the same time found out if he and his ex-wife had really ended (divorce) before developing a relationship. What Hang feels most satisfied about Sun Bang is his very gentle and humorous personality.

"In the beginning, I also had a lot of difficulties to bring the members together. The husband's children are all male and are of developmental age, with psychophysiological changes, so it is difficult to get used to. There were also conflicts and disagreements, but the whole family sat down to talk and share, so they are as close as they are now," Hang shared.

Hang and Sun Bang had their first c.hild together, Sun Ziyang (3 years old), in 2019 and just gave birth to a b.aby boy. Currently, the family of 6 members of this young mother is living in Guangzhou province, China.

Tiktoker Hang Nomad: Loving her stepson like a biological c.hild, used to help Quang Linh - Photo 3

"I treat Mo Yang and Yi Yang with sincerity, not distinguishing between common and private children. They are also mature enough to recognize who treats them well and open themselves up. The children address Hang as aunt, I do not force to call by mother so that the 2 of you feel the most natural and comfortable," Hang said.

Hang said she was lucky because her husband and children liked the Vietnamese food she cooked. In addition, Mr. Bang and his sons sometimes go to the kitchen to cook traditional Chinese food for this young mother to enjoy. During the birth of the b.aby, Mo Yang and Yi Yang took care of their younger brother Ziyang together.

"Aunt Hang is very psychological, understands and respects me. Therefore, Mo Duong and I both like to participate in activities with Aunt Hang. Where I want to go or what I buy, I will ask for my aunt instead of my father as before," Yi Duong shared.

From an office worker to tiktoker, the god of livestream

Hang Nomad once confided in an interview: "In the past, I thought finishing school to do office work was perfect. But the actual work environment is far from what I thought. So I quit because I realized that's not where I belonged."

And then, choosing to turn to the path of becoming a professional travel blogger helps her reap many "sweet fruits" as well as receive the love of a large number of viewers.

Tiktoker Hang Nomad: Loving her stepson like a biological c.hild, used to help Quang Linh - Photo 4

One of the places associated with the name Ganga Nomad is Xinjiang. She appeared with a beautiful appearance, eye-catching Xinjiang outfits, in a long-stretching highland setting, the young g.irl attracted thousands of viewers for her livestream, stirring up the social networking platform TikTok.

With a passion for exploring nature and culture, not only Xinjiang, Hengguan has traveled to other distant lands, especially places with harsh climates such as Tibet or Huyanshan to capture wonderful moments of nomadic life.

The reason why Hang's videos and livestreams are attractive is because she not only shows beautiful scenery, but she also often tells her followers information about culture, customs, strange things,... at the place she was visiting. Stories about legends, regional legends, or mysteries at places, specialty dishes, typical fruits,... always told on her livestream and videos.

Tiktoker Hang Nomad: Loving her stepson like a biological c.hild, used to help Quang Linh - Photo 5

More than just a travel reviewer, she also gives the audience inspiring stories about perseverance and trying to overcome difficulties in life. In many videos and livestreams, she shares about her journey, her enthusiasm from the beginning to the success at the present time. Her sharing has inspired many people and become a source of motivation to achieve their own dreams.

With her impressive achievements, she has proven that, with effort and passion, anyone can succeed and achieve their goals.

Used to help Quang Linh Vlog

Before Tet, when Quang Linh Vlogs livestreamed sales, Hang Nomad and Nghe An b.oy joined PK. At that time, she helped Quang Linh team sell thousands of orders that made everyone excited, and Quang Linh team was very surprised.

Tiktoker Hang Nomad: Loving her stepson like a biological c.hild, used to help Quang Linh - Photo 6

Although Hang Nomad does not have Tet gift products of Quang Linh's team, she has researched very carefully and shared very practically. She emphasized the form as well as the meaning when buying this Tet gift set. That makes viewers agree and enjoy, so the number of orders sold in the livestream is very much and fast. Hang Nomad shared that she also ordered 20 sets of Quang Linh Tet gifts to give to employees, along with 3 sets to send to China.

Tiktoker Hang Nomad: Loving her stepson like a biological c.hild, used to help Quang Linh - Photo 7

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