Tho Nguyen wore sandals worth 6 million to go to the fields, even her own mother could not understand the fashion taste

PinkyMay 30, 2024 at 11:33

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Female youtuber Tho Nguyen continues to have a post that stirs public opinion when she shows off a pair of sandals worth 6 million VND, expensive brands but she only wears them to the fields. Her own mother was also fed up and criticized this fashion sense.

The name of YouTuber Tho Nguyen recently can be said to be the topic that netizens are most searching for and interested in. Since her public retirement, Tho Nguyen has become more and more comfortable in her statements. She is not afraid to respond to anti-fans, ready to declare war on anyone who touches her. Tho Nguyen said that from now on, he will change himself into Tho Hoan, living for himself instead of the public.

Tho Nguyen wore sandals worth 6 million to go to the fields, even her own mother could not understand the fashion taste - Photo 1

Even though Tho Nguyen has retired, she still has a very full and abundant life. This is the result that she has achieved after many years from being a youtuber, bringing her a huge source of income. She is not afraid to shop and invest in expensive brands for herself. Recently on her personal page, Tho Nguyen had a post showing off her slippers at home with a huge number, everyone who heard it was shocked.

Accordingly, for just a simple item, a pair of home slippers, Tho Nguyen spent 6 million to buy them. Although the price is high, not everyone is as bold as the female YouTuber to buy it, but these sandals have received a lot of controversy. Specifically, netizens think that maybe branded sandals have good quality, but in terms of design and color, they are no different from market products, even inferior to other cheap sandals. Tho Nguyen's own mother did not think 6 million but the sandals had such a disappointing appearance.

Tho Nguyen wore sandals worth 6 million to go to the fields, even her own mother could not understand the fashion taste - Photo 2

Posting on her personal page, Tho Nguyen confidently wore these 6 million-dollar sandals to the fields. They were covered in mud. She said that because her mother said they were ugly, the sandals were only for wearing in the fields. Everyone who saw it was shocked because of this thoughtless destruction. Specifically, she wrote on her personal page : My mother criticized these 6 million sandals for being ugly, so I took them to the fields to prove to her that although these sandals are ugly, they are good, in return they are heavy but not worth it. Why is it expensive? The downside is that it's durable, bought it 4 years ago and hasn't worn it yet to buy a new pair.

Tho Nguyen wore sandals worth 6 million to go to the fields, even her own mother could not understand the fashion taste - Photo 3

It can be seen that, after the success of working on YouTube, Tho Nguyen has now comfortably returned to her hometown to live near her mother, retired but still has m.oney i.n her pocket. Tho Nguyen once talked about his journey of efforts, saying the secret to success is putting filial piety first. "The foundation for success, I think, is Filial piety. When it rains, my mother said: I wish I had m.oney to build a small house. So I said: I will study well and later build a big house for my mother. And I did it. I got it at the age of 25. My mother was a single mother, and people looked down on her. She wished that in the future she wouldn't be like that again. I said I would study well so that I could be proud in the future. I did I got it at age 18 when I passed two universities, and at age 25 when I built a house to pay off my mother's debt...

Tho Nguyen wore sandals worth 6 million to go to the fields, even her own mother could not understand the fashion taste - Photo 4

My mother rode the bus and looked at people driving by car and said: I never dared to wish for a car, but it would be nice for Tho to have a car in the future. I said I would study well and later buy a car to take my mother around. And I gave one to my mother and one to me. Mom goes to work in the fields very far, right past the neighbor's field (the most beautiful field in that area and his house is also the richest in our area). Mom wishes: I wish I had a corner of this field so I wouldn't have to go so far. And I said I would study well and make a lot of m.oney to buy something for my mother. And now that whole hill belongs to my mother. Now it's my turn to wish: I wish for my mother to be healthy for a long time so that every day my mother and c.hild are happy. If my mother doesn't curse for a day or if I don't argue for a day, that day will be miserable."

Tho Nguyen wore sandals worth 6 million to go to the fields, even her own mother could not understand the fashion taste - Photo 5

Because the economy was abundant, after retiring and having more time, Tho Nguyen was also very active in doing volunteer activities, helping those in need. In addition, Tho Nguyen also organizes large-scale programs, especially the m.oney poured in entirely from the female YouTuber's pocket m.oney, without calling or receiving from any sponsors. However, Tho Nguyen rarely shares about his volunteer activities.

Tho Nguyen wore sandals worth 6 million to go to the fields, even her own mother could not understand the fashion taste - Photo 6

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