Manager Tho Nguyen reported good news after surgery, the YouTube channel was abandoned

Gia NhiApr 22, 2024 at 13:15

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Although she has retired and no longer posts clips on YouTube, Tho Nguyen recently received shocking good news, confirming that her name is still h.ot. This is also good news after she publicly announced her plastic surgery.

Recently, Vietnamese social networks have been constantly buzzing, focusing all attention on YouTuber Tho Nguyen, who is famous for online clips that create content aimed at children. Tho Nguyen's Youtube channel has become famous, with more than 10 million subscribers, a huge number that not every YouTuber can achieve. However, while she was at her peak, she suddenly announced her retirement.

Manager Tho Nguyen reported good news after surgery, the YouTube channel was abandoned - Photo 1

Having been quiet for a while, in recent days Tho Nguyen has suddenly returned with a completely new look. It is known that she had cosmetic surgery, nose surgery and lip repair. Tho Nguyen's process of "turning into a swan" quickly attracted netizens' attention. Everyone compliments this new look of the female YouTuber. However, because she retired, her online behavior and speech are no longer the same as before. Accordingly, Tho Nguyen announced that from now on she would no longer be a docile g.irl, but instead be a Tho Han, ready to respond to those who touch her.

Manager Tho Nguyen reported good news after surgery, the YouTube channel was abandoned - Photo 2

Because of this, Tho Nguyen is entangled in many controversies. While his name was being mentioned constantly, Tho Nguyen's Youtube channel, after being abandoned for a while, suddenly posted a clip again. However, it is known that the video was posted by Bao Bao - Tho Nguyen's manager, who was also assigned to the channel by the female youtuber to help her manage her channel after she retired and no longer posted clips regularly. Since Tho Nguyen retired, the content posted on the channel is also made by Bao Bao and is entirely filmed by him.

Manager Tho Nguyen reported good news after surgery, the YouTube channel was abandoned - Photo 3

The recent video has the content of Bao Bao visiting Tho Nguyen after her plastic surgery. The image of the two happily shaking hands has attracted the attention of many fans. Even though it was inactive for a while, the channel's popularity meant that right after the show, the video received hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. After 1 week of release, the video has now garnered nearly 2 million views. A huge number that, compared to clips by Bao Bao alone, these clips all have poor views.

Manager Tho Nguyen reported good news after surgery, the YouTube channel was abandoned - Photo 4

It can be seen that Tho Nguyen's attraction in the media is extremely terrible. Just a few hours after posting the video and receiving huge interactions, Tho Nguyen's manager couldn't hide his surprise. He took a screenshot of the spike in interactions, along with the status line: "It's been a long time since I've had this feeling."

Manager Tho Nguyen reported good news after surgery, the YouTube channel was abandoned - Photo 5

At the end of 2023, Tho Nguyen got into a noisy war of words with c.hild actor Bao Ngoc. Because she could not withstand public pressure, she announced her retirement. Posting a video on her channel, in the clip titled "Tho Nguyen's last video", she sent her sincere thanks to the children who have always been by her side for many years: "Maybe this is the last time." Let's hear this greeting, because from now on I will no longer make clips, or officially call it retirement."

Manager Tho Nguyen reported good news after surgery, the YouTube channel was abandoned - Photo 6

Tho Nguyen also implicitly said: "Recently I realized that being a celebrity is very difficult, I can't live with myself. Sometimes I even talk about my own resentments." Then suddenly from a victim she became someone who harmed others."

Manager Tho Nguyen reported good news after surgery, the YouTube channel was abandoned - Photo 7

Regarding the noise with Bao Ngoc, the source started from a video of Tho Nguyen insinuating that a c.hild actor he worked with had a bad attitude, causing many people to shout Bao Ngoc's name. After that, the family of the Can Tho c.hild beauty queen said that their daughter became the victim of hundreds, thousands of insults on social networks. Bao Ngoc expressed fear and confusion when she became a victim of online v.iolence.

Manager Tho Nguyen reported good news after surgery, the YouTube channel was abandoned - Photo 8

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