Thai Vu "Journal of Justice": True to "the family's son", handsome, good at studying, and good at acting

Nguyễn TuyếtNov 21, 2023 at 16:30

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Participating in the movie "Justice Journey" broadcast on VTV3 channel, young actor Thai Vu left many impressions in the hearts of the audience with his outstanding appearance and natural acting style.

Thai Vu's full name is Vu Hong Thai, born in 2000 in Hanoi. He is known as a h.ot b.oy who has fascinated women because of his Thai appearance and extremely remarkable academic achievements. The name Thai Vu was mentioned more often by the online community when he appeared in the MV of Phi Phuong Anh - Champion of The Face in 2016 and played the supporting male role in the movie "Journal of Justice".

Thai Vu Journal of Justice: True to the familys son, handsome, good at studying, and good at acting - Photo 1

Not only does he have a handsome and attractive appearance, Thai Vu also possesses a series of extremely outstanding academic achievements, when he was in high school, such as: w.inning first prize in the Hanoi Excellent Student Competition and Consolation prize in the National Excellent Student Contest in Geography, Silver medal for Excellent Students in the Coastal and Northern Delta.

Besides, the handsome actor also proved himself to be a versatile person when he won the silver medal of the national Phu Dong Health Association. After that, Thai Vu became a student at the Faculty of Economic Law, Hanoi Law University and received a Bachelor's degree with honors.

Thai Vu Journal of Justice: True to the familys son, handsome, good at studying, and good at acting - Photo 2

In addition, he is also fluent in three foreign languages: English, Chinese, and Thai. That is also the reason why the name Thai Vu has become hotter than ever, the online community not only admires him for his appearance but also for his talent and education.

In 2021, when The Face Vietnam 2016 Champion - Phi Phuong Anh returned to the music market with a product called "Wisdom Teeth", Thai Vu played a role in it. Continuing to pursue retro music of the 80s, "Wisdom Teeth" is a song of the Synthwave genre composed and featured by musician RIN9.

Thai Vu's appearance in Phi Phuong Anh's MV is a huge contribution to the success of the work. However, the fact that the 9X h.ot b.oy participated in acting as the male lead also caused him to receive many mixed opinions. There are some netizens who think that if an actor appears in her music product and has a lot of controversy like Phi Phuong Anh, it would be... "a waste of a beautiful boy".

Thai Vu Journal of Justice: True to the familys son, handsome, good at studying, and good at acting - Photo 3

However, there are also opinions defending and praising the "chemical reaction" acting between Thai Vu and Phi Phuong Anh in "Wisdom Teeth". No matter what, it is impossible to deny his handsomeness and outstanding acting in this music product.

Talking about his fate in acting, Thai Vu said his love for the "7th art" grew after a conversation with director Vu Ngoc Phuong. The director recognized his potential and encouraged him to conquer the path of becoming a professional actor.

Thai Vu Journal of Justice: True to the familys son, handsome, good at studying, and good at acting - Photo 4

"I myself dreamed of becoming an actor from a very early age, but every time I thought about it, I dismissed it because being an actor was something too far away for me. But after that conversation that day, I decided to decided to "Go South" to study acting as well as look for opportunities in this field.

Making such a decision was very difficult for me because at that time, I had just graduated with a bachelor's degree in Economic Law from Hanoi Law University. Originally, my major was not related to art, but I chose to follow my heart. Up to now, I think that decision is completely correct."

In 2022, Thai Vu played Duc Khang - the son of female lead Phuong (played by Hong Diem) in "Journey of Justice" and received special attention because he was so handsome, each time he appeared, he lit up the whole frame.

Thai Vu Journal of Justice: True to the familys son, handsome, good at studying, and good at acting - Photo 5

Sharing more about the role that has been of great interest recently, Thai Vu said that this work is one of the "firsts" he deeply remembers. First time casting for a TV series, first time getting cast and also first time experiencing what it's like to be a TV actor.

Thanks to that, Thai Vu was fortunate to have extremely valuable experiences such as learning what acting is, how to get character emotions, how to analyze movie scripts,... Besides that, the opportunity to live with art, work, share and receive encouragement.

The handsome actor also added that during his participation in "Justice Journey", he cooperated and worked with actors with many years of experience in the profession such as Hong Diem, Viet Anh, People's Artist Nhu Quynh, Ha Viet Dung, Doan Quoc Dam,...

Thai Vu Journal of Justice: True to the familys son, handsome, good at studying, and good at acting - Photo 6

At first, Thai Vu felt quite worried and pressured because he was "stuck" among his very successful seniors. However, later, thanks to the help of director Nguyen Mai Hien and his predecessors, he gradually changed, adapted and completed the "difficult" segments.

The GenZ actor also revealed that he has learned the professionalism in acting skills, work ethic and tireless dedication of experienced actors.

Until later, watching the first episodes of the movie he participated in, Thai Vu still remembers and is extremely impressed with an emotional scene of senior Hong Diem. That is the scene where Phuong discovers she has been betrayed by her husband.

Thai Vu Journal of Justice: True to the familys son, handsome, good at studying, and good at acting - Photo 7

Thai Vu shared that she admired the acting style of her predecessor - Hong Diem and learned how to draw emotions so that her role as Khang would have depth and gain love from the audience.

In the past, the 10X h.ot b.oy was a Law student who liked acting but did not dare to try it, but pursued the life philosophy "Better me - I get better every day". At the present time, he desires to conquer his dream of being a professional actor.

Thai Vu Journal of Justice: True to the familys son, handsome, good at studying, and good at acting - Photo 8

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