Taylor Swift was mistreated by Tiktok and will have her entire song "discolored" on the platform

Uyển ĐìnhJan 31, 2024 at 14:53

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The news that TikTok will completely delete all of Taylor Swift's songs has fans excited. The reason is Universal Music Group (UMG) and TikTok after failing to reach an agreement on royalties.

Recently, TikTok - the world's largest video social network - officially announced that it will delete all of Taylor Swift's songs on the platform in the near future. The information made many people stir because Taylor Swift is a female singer with many viral songs on this social network, used by global users.

Taylor Swift was mistreated by Tiktok and will have her entire song discolored on the platform - Photo 1

The cause of this incident is due to unsuccessful negotiations between Universal Music Group (UMG) and TikTok. Universal Music Group, Taylor Swift's management company, said:

" TikTok has offered to pay our artists and musicians but the rate is only a fraction of what other social networks pay. Even though the number of users is constantly growing and growing, advertising revenue is growing strongly and that content is almost heavily dependent on music, but our TikTok revenue is only 1% ."

According to information from UMG's press release, the company and TikTok disagree on payments for AI-generated recordings using material from UMG. Additionally, TikTok did not take appropriate steps to remove content that violated UMG's copyright.

Taylor Swift was mistreated by Tiktok and will have her entire song discolored on the platform - Photo 2

Taylor Swift is one of the female singers who is very determined in protecting her rights in music. As the most influential star in the world, of course Taylor Swift will not be disadvantaged when working with any unit.

Previously, Taylor Swift's songs such as Love Story, C.ruel Summer, Widest Dream,... broke a series of trends on the social network TikTok. The fact that the female singer's songs will disappear from this platform in the near future will cause a lot of regret for fans.

However, it cannot be ruled out that TikTok will face problems from users because of the large number of Taylor Swift fans there. The possibility of losing the number of users who are Taylor Swift fans from this incident is expected to be quite high.

Taylor Swift was mistreated by Tiktok and will have her entire song discolored on the platform - Photo 3

When talking about the most influential music in the world, no one can help but mention country music singer Taylor Swift. During her nearly 20 artistic activities, the female singer has devoted herself to music and the audience. For that reason, Taylor Swift always receives love and support from fans, and every move is of interest to the public.

Taylor Swift was mistreated by Tiktok and will have her entire song discolored on the platform - Photo 4

Recently, many AI images that clearly have Taylor Swift's face have been spread on many social media platforms. The compiled images, showing the female singer and actress in many different provocative positions, even hinting at vulgar actions, have greatly affected the reputation and image that the female singer born in 1989 built. for a long time.

It is known that images caused by deepfake AI technology are affecting not only Taylor Swift but also many famous people around the world.

Taylor Swift was mistreated by Tiktok and will have her entire song discolored on the platform - Photo 5

It is known that AI images of Taylor Swift were shared through social platform X (formerly known as Twitter) and although the original posts are currently suspended, they are known to have attracted over 47 million views before being deleted.

In response, X released a statement saying it had proactively removed all images and was taking appropriate measures against the accounts that posted them. The platform is also closely monitoring the situation to promptly address any additional violations.

Taylor Swift was mistreated by Tiktok and will have her entire song discolored on the platform - Photo 6

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