Taylor Swift gives a h.ot bonus to the tour team, the driver alone receives nearly 120 billion VND

Hoa TuyếtAug 02, 2023 at 22:06

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Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour is the first tour to reach the $1 billion mark. To celebrate the resounding success, the pop star spent $ 55 million to reward the team.
According to sources revealed to People, Taylor Swift recently awarded a huge amount of bonuses to all the catering staff for her US tour over the past 5 months.
Specifically, the female singer rewarded 50 drivers in the team of container truck drivers carrying equipment and props for " The Eras Tour", each with $100,000. That is, the driver team alone, Taylor spent a total of 5 million USD (more than 118 billion VND) in bonuses. She distributed bonus checks to drivers ahead of a show this past weekend in Santa Clara, California.

Taylor Swift gives a h.ot bonus to the tour team, the driver alone receives nearly 120 billion VND - Photo 1

In addition to the driver, members of the band, dancers, sound and lighting team, catering staff and many other parts are also rewarded by Taylor Swift. While the amount of bonuses for these departments is unknown, TMZ sources r.eveal that Taylor Swift is very generous in rewarding her employees.

Up to now, singer Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" is one of the most successful tours. Last December, Billboard magazine estimated "The Eras Tour" will bring in $560 million in revenue with 52 shows for Taylor. However, after being updated with new shows in South America, Asia and Europe, "The Eras Tour" is expected to set "unprecedented" sales records.

Taylor Swift gives a h.ot bonus to the tour team, the driver alone receives nearly 120 billion VND - Photo 2

Like the YG girls, the Born Pink concert helps promote the revenue of the air industry and tourism in Vietnam, the tour of singer Taylor Swift is considered by the US Federal Reserve (Fed) as a driving force. local economy, especially restaurants and hotels.

Taylor Swift gives a h.ot bonus to the tour team, the driver alone receives nearly 120 billion VND - Photo 3

The Fed has released reports assessing the economic situation in different locations across the US. In particular, the Philadelphia Fed official said the number of hotel bookings here increased the most since the beginning of the pandemic, thanks to the tour of female singer Taylor Swift.

"Although the local tourism industry's recovery has slowed, May recorded the strongest increase in hotel revenue in Philadelphia since the beginning of the pandemic, largely due to the influx of visitors to see the show's performances. Taylor Swift star in the city," Philadelphia Fed officials wrote in the report.

Taylor Swift gives a h.ot bonus to the tour team, the driver alone receives nearly 120 billion VND - Photo 4

This is not the first time a government agency has commented that Taylor helps promote local business. Earlier this month, city officials in Cincinnati (Ohio state) said that the singer and her tour helped the hotels here bring in more than $ 2.6 million. Hotels in Hamilton County (Ohio) earned $5.3 million.

The travel agency in the city of Chicago (USA) also said that occupancy rates at hotels broke records in the first week of June, thanks in part to the show of star Taylor Swift. The same economic impact was also recorded in Boston (USA), when the female singer held a performance here in May.

Taylor Swift gives a h.ot bonus to the tour team, the driver alone receives nearly 120 billion VND - Photo 5

Reportedly, "Eras Tour" is the sixth tour to promote all of Taylor Swift's albums, including the latest album Midnights (2022). The singer describes the Eras Tour as "a journey through her musical eras".

Pollstar figures show that "Eras Tour" has grossed $300.8 million, from its inception in March to the present. The average ticket price at Taylor's concerts is $253. After 22 stops, "Eras Tour" sold more than 1 million tickets.

Taylor Swift's US tour will wrap up in mid-August. From the end of this month, the pop star will begin touring Latin America, then Asia, Europe and Australia next year. . The "Eras Tour" is predicted to be the highest-grossing tour of all time.

Taylor Swift gives a h.ot bonus to the tour team, the driver alone receives nearly 120 billion VND - Photo 6

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter, who rose to prominence through country music in 2006. After 10 albums, she received 12 Grammy Awards and 29 Billboard Awards. Besides performing the tour, the female singer also released re-recorded albums such as Fearless, Red. She released Speak Now (Taylor's Version) on 7/7.

According to Forbes magazine's statistics in June 2023, Taylor Swift is currently the second-richest self-made female singer in the music industry, just behind Rihanna. Moreover, she also holds the 34th place in the list of "America's Richest Self-Made Women" with Lover's estimated fortune of $740 million.

Taylor Swift gives a h.ot bonus to the tour team, the driver alone receives nearly 120 billion VND - Photo 7

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