Suri Cruise "follows" Lisa (BLACKPINK) and acts "unsightly" in public

Trí NhiJun 21, 2024 at 14:38

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The paparazzi just captured the moment of Katie Holmes' daughter - Suri Cruise and her boyfriend walking in the park. However, the act of calmly locking lips passionately is what's worth mentioning. She was immediately compared to Lisa ( BlackPink).

On June 19, paparazzi discovered Suri Cruise walking with a young man in Central Park in New York City. This guy was previously the boyfriend who attended prom with daughter Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. If the day before, the media still wondered about the nature of the relationship between Suri and her male friend, the midweek outing gave them the answer. The moment Suri hugged and kissed a young man in public instead of confirming that he was her lover.

Suri Cruise follows Lisa (BLACKPINK) and acts unsightly in public - Photo 1

Suri Cruise and her boyfriend.

Not only kissing, the young couple has many other affectionate gestures. People also discovered a ring on the left ring finger of the young man's left hand, with a high possibility that this is a promise ring between lovers. Besides the blessings, some people consider this a somewhat "unsightly" action, doing sensitive things in broad daylight. Not to mention, Suri Cruise is an influential person, everyone knows about it.

Suri Cruise follows Lisa (BLACKPINK) and acts unsightly in public - Photo 2

The actions of Suri Cruise and her boyfriend were immediately compared to Lisa (BlackPink), when the female idol once had a passionate lip-lock with her foreign billionaire boyfriend. At that time, Lisa caused a storm on social networks, quickly reaching the top of searches. Accordingly, in early June 2024, Lisa and her boyfriend were present at an event in Monaco. The two also attracted attention when they were "sticky like silk" while enjoying the performance of "king of views" J Balvin.

Suri Cruise follows Lisa (BLACKPINK) and acts unsightly in public - Photo 3

However, the clip recording this moment also made the online community question Lisa and her billionaire boyfriend kissing during the event. Even the keyword "Lisa and her boyfriend kiss at the party" attracted 130 million views and reached #1 h.ot search on Chinese social networks.

In the clip, although the s.hooting angle is quite dark, it can be seen that the billionaire CEO seemed to lean close to Lisa's cheek and caused suspicion of giving a kiss to the youngest member of BLACKPINK. The clip is somewhat blurry and unclear, making netizens believe even more that the two really gave each other a sweet kiss.

Suri Cruise follows Lisa (BLACKPINK) and acts unsightly in public - Photo 4

However, if you watch the clip carefully, you can see that Frédéric is actually chatting with another person standing behind Lisa and the "kiss moment" that caused a stir is completely untrue. It can be seen that, compared to Suri Cruise's clear actions, Lisa and her boyfriend have absolutely nothing worth mentioning, just intimate gestures that two people in love give each other.

Suri Cruise follows Lisa (BLACKPINK) and acts unsightly in public - Photo 5

Regarding the identity of Suri Cruise's lover, the b.oy identified by Daily Mail is Toby Cohen, the same age as Suri. Toby is an emerging singer/songwriter, about to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston (Massachusetts, USA) next fall. Meanwhile, Suri studied at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Thus, two people have to have a long-distance relationship, and to meet each other, it takes nearly 2 hours by flight.

Suri Cruise follows Lisa (BLACKPINK) and acts unsightly in public - Photo 6

After the image was widely shared, netizens also expressed frustration because Suri and her boyfriend's privacy was violated. Many angry comments were left: "The paparazzi must be punished for this violation of privacy. She is not a public figure/celebrity but her parents, so do something." This is unfair to her", "Isn't there any legal measure/action that can stop this young woman's invasion of privacy?", "Stop it! is a young woman living a private life and trying to find her own path."

Suri Cruise follows Lisa (BLACKPINK) and acts unsightly in public - Photo 7

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