STAYC: A Korean group representing Gen Z, leading the 4th generation of Kpop

Thanh PhúcJun 07, 2024 at 16:28

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In November 2020, the g.irl group StayC released to the public with the single So Bad. Currently, StayC is one of the most successful g.irl groups in Kpop, attracting a large number of fans and recording positive achievements on digital music charts in Korea.

The group's name, StayC, is an acronym for Star To A Young Culture, and in each song the group releases, the 6 members of StayC express that spirit perfectly. Each song of the group has a vibrant, somewhat mischievous style typical of Gen Z (generation born in 1997-2005).

STAYC: A Korean group representing Gen Z, leading the 4th generation of Kpop - Photo 1

This unique formula helped StayC resonate with the public around the world: The group's song series quickly became popular on various social media platforms, and StayC is rated as one of the leading g.irl groups of the fourth generation of Kpop.

STAYC: A Korean group representing Gen Z, leading the 4th generation of Kpop - Photo 2

StayC consists of 6 members: Seeun, J, Sieun, Sumin, Yoon, and Isa, belonging to High Up Entertainment. "During the past year, many good things have happened, and we are happy and proud of what we have achieved. Hopefully we can continue to move forward with a good team spirit, becoming a more complete version of ourselves in the future," said member Si Eun, who used to work as a c.hild actor before officially debuting as a singer. shared with SCMP in 2020.

STAYC: A Korean group representing Gen Z, leading the 4th generation of Kpop - Photo 3

Referring to the question of why StayC was able to win a lot of hearts from the audience among countless other prominent artists of Kpop, each member put forward a separate thought.

"We all have different voices, personalities and singing methods, through which we can show a vibrant, colorful performance, capable of conveying a lot of energy to the audience. I hope the public simply thinks that we are an interesting and inspiring group," female singer Su Min expressed.

Besides the management from High Up Entertainment, StayC also has Kpop hit production duo Black Eyed Pilseung who is responsible for composing music for the group. Previously, in November, some of StayC's songs were included in the playlist "EQUAL Global Artist Of The Month" - a campaign created to honor the musical talent of women around the world - a popular music distribution platform.

STAYC: A Korean group representing Gen Z, leading the 4th generation of Kpop - Photo 4

Sharing about the name StayC, the members admitted that they were surprised at first to hear not only the group's name, but also the slogan "StayC girls, it's going down" sung at the beginning of each theme song.

Yoon talked about StayC's feelings when they first heard the group's name: "We were confused and didn't know what this name meant. Does it mean that people will follow us? Stay and follow? But then we figured out the meaning behind the group's name, and we loved it."

STAYC: A Korean group representing Gen Z, leading the 4th generation of Kpop - Photo 5

Member Su Min added, "When we first heard the slogan 'StayC girls, it's going down', we were all confused. Isn't 'going down' a bad thing? We want to go up in our careers! But now, the members understand that the phrase means that we are going to start something great, so we feel confident every time we say this phrase."

The members of StayC – Su Min, Si Eun, Isa, Se Eun, Yoon, and J – all have birth years ranging from 2001 to 2004, which is in line with the typical youthful style that the group is pursuing. The female group said they hope they can become a learning role model for young people of the same age.

"I'm glad that the team has succeeded in proving to everyone that we have the ability to sustain a career that, even if you are young, you can still work hard for your dreams," said the youngest member of the J group, who will turn 17 on Dec. 9. demonstrate.

STAYC: A Korean group representing Gen Z, leading the 4th generation of Kpop - Photo 6

J hopes StayC inspires other young people, affirming that people can pursue the dreams they have nurtured since childhood, and that they do not need to put aside the dreams of that youth.

"Of course, there are things we decided to give up to pursue this career. But since I get a lot of joy from the work I'm doing, I don't think that's a problem," J added.

STAYC: A Korean group representing Gen Z, leading the 4th generation of Kpop - Photo 7

Despite being a young star who is expected to inspire "youth culture", SCMP believes that basically, the members of StayC are just girls who are trying to find their own way and work hard to achieve it.

STAYC: A Korean group representing Gen Z, leading the 4th generation of Kpop - Photo 8

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