Song Joong Ki revealed his son's appearance, more like his mother than his father because of one detail

Minh LợiJun 17, 2024 at 15:58

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Song Joong Ki had a short marriage of nearly 2 years with Song Hye Kyo. 4 years after breaking up with his ex-wife, he has found new happiness and affirms that his current partner gives him a feeling of safety, peace and warmth.

In early January 2023, the 38-year-old actor confirmed his marriage to British actress Katy Louise Saunders. He also happily shared the moment his son was born not long after.

Song Joong Ki revealed his sons appearance, more like his mother than his father because of one detail - Photo 1

After his wife successfully and safely gave birth, Song Joong Ki posted a picture of him holding his newborn son's hand on social networks. Fans, colleagues and friends went to the Korean actor's personal page to send congratulations to his family on welcoming a new member.

Song Joong Ki revealed his sons appearance, more like his mother than his father because of one detail - Photo 2

Recently, on social networks suddenly appeared an image of what is said to be Song Joong Ki's first son at the present time.

According to news site 163, on June 16, a netizen happened to meet Song Joong Ki and his wife strolling together in Korea pushing a stroller. This person said that the road they appeared on was very quiet, suddenly this person heard the sound of a b.aby crying so he paid closer attention and discovered that it was Song Joong Ki. This person also praised Song Joong Ki's real-life appearance as very handsome.

Song Joong Ki revealed his sons appearance, more like his mother than his father because of one detail - Photo 3

Song Joong Ki wore a black T-shirt and a white cap. Compared to the actor, Katy Louise Saunders has white skin and high bun hair. She wears a loose dress but still cannot hide her noble temperament. Her lower jaw line is clear and extremely attractive.

Every time they appear together, Song Joong Ki is always the one to proactively push the stroller instead of letting Katie do it. From this small detail, we can see that the male lead "Descendants of the Sun" is a good husband, loves his wife and also takes care of his children.

Song Joong Ki revealed his sons appearance, more like his mother than his father because of one detail - Photo 4

Song Joong Ki's son was placed in a stroller with his face covered, revealing only a pair of small legs. The actor's son's legs are white and chubby, creating a clear contrast with the surroundings.

As of now, the b.oy has just turned 1 year old. Song Joong Ki's family does not post close-up photos of their son online to protect the b.aby's privacy and best development. However, topics surrounding the famous actor's son receive a lot of attention.

Song Joong Ki revealed his sons appearance, more like his mother than his father because of one detail - Photo 5

Besides her son, the online community also gave many compliments to Katie for her beautiful appearance and noble temperament. After giving birth, she quickly regained her shape. People also predict that Katie and Song Joong Ki's son will definitely be very beautiful because he inherits his father's masculinity and his mother's beauty.

Song Joong Ki's family's street clothes also became a h.ot topic online. While Katie wore affordable sneakers priced at 799 yuan (more than 2.8 million VND), Song Joong Ki's shoes were 2,500 yuan (more than 8.7 million VND) more expensive. However, for an A-list star leading the Korean entertainment industry, this price only corresponds to a small portion of income.

Equally noteworthy is Song Joong Ki's son's stroller. From the outside, the stroller looks normal but costs more than 10,000 yuan (about 35 million VND). This proves that Song Joong Ki is willing to spend for his son.

Song Joong Ki revealed his sons appearance, more like his mother than his father because of one detail - Photo 6

Previously, in a program, Song Joong Ki continued to r.eveal "unique" information about his nearly one-year-old son.

He said: "I've heard many people say the b.aby's lips look like mine. I've also looked closely at my son's lips. And every time that happens, people's words about the b.aby's appearance keep echoing in my head. made me feel both surprised and a little wonderful."

Song Joong Ki revealed his sons appearance, more like his mother than his father because of one detail - Photo 7

A longtime reporter in the Korean entertainment industry said he had seen a photo of Song Joong Ki's son. The b.oy is described as having sparkling eyes full of love and a sweet smile like his father.

Song Joong Ki revealed his sons appearance, more like his mother than his father because of one detail - Photo 8

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