Son Ngoc Minh: The male god suffered because of his homosexual love with Erik, how did he think about d.eath?

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Four years ago, Vietnamese showbiz was "shaken" when Son Ngoc Minh - a member of the Vmusic group revealed the story of homosexual love with Erik, accusing his juniors of h.aving s.ex. At that time, Son Ngoc Minh said that he thought about d.eath because he was so miserable.

The male god of the group VMusic

Born in a poor family, Son Ngoc Minh from a young age had to work many jobs to help his family make ends meet, he even did not have m.oney to go to university even though he had passed an architecture school.

And then the opportunity to stand on stage as a chance came to him quite unexpectedly, through the introduction of singer Miu Le, he became one of the members of VMusic group under the guidance of pregnant woman Ho Ngoc Ha. .

VMusic group was established in October 2009 with 4 members Pham Ho Anh, Tran Ngoc Khanh, Le Thien Bao and Son Ngoc Minh. VMusic is loved by the audience through Pretty Vietnamese, Wish you happy, Colorful life, Late, ... and many other community programs. The group has the opportunity to collaborate with many famous singers such as Ho Ngoc Ha and Thuy Tien. However, like many other groups, VMusic experienced many ups and downs and after building a beautiful image in the hearts of the audience, it disbanded after 5 years of operation.

Son Ngoc Minh: The male god suffered because of his homosexual love with Erik, how did he think about d.eath? - Photo 1

When working in the group VMusic, Son Ngoc Minh is a singer with many fans, he also has good design skills, so he was assigned the task of designing albums, posters and images for the group. Besides singing, Son Ngoc Minh also participated in films such as Know Die and Seventeen and a half years old.

Son Ngoc Minh: The male god suffered because of his homosexual love with Erik, how did he think about d.eath? - Photo 2

However, after the group disbanded, Son Ngoc Minh and other members struggled on the artistic path and gradually fell into oblivion. Although still working hard in art activities, releasing new products, participating in many shows and gameshow programs, Son Ngoc Minh could not revive the heyday but received more attention from the audience through the noises about his private life. , s.ex and affection.

Uncovering same-sex love with Erik

In November 2019, Vietnamese showbiz "wake up" with the emotional noise of Son Ngoc Minh - Erik. The incident started when Son Ngoc Minh - a former member of V.Music group posted a long article and a series of photos taken from a conversation with Erik, saying that the two had a period of love.

Son Ngoc Minh: The male god suffered because of his homosexual love with Erik, how did he think about d.eath? - Photo 3

Specifically, Son Ngoc Minh shared on his personal page: "I love a person, I haven't had time to patch up a four-year love relationship, I quickly believe a person living in Hanoi, people after knowing me will be successful with me. their hit song, but when I got out of the company, I didn't know anyone. So I introduced all of my connections to him. After the love is over, what do you stay for?

But really, it really pops. He also used me to do some PR articles, kicked me to the bottom of society just to PR for his article. But I was very stupid, I accepted all the blame on myself, at that time, I still loved and still loved so that's why. I thought I was going to live like a normal person, nothing happened until he pulled me out again to do some PR. I endured until my father died."

Although no one was named in the article, the messages clearly showed the avatar as well as information related to singer Erik.

Not only revealing the truth about the rumor of a gay relationship with Erik, Son Ngoc Minh also frankly said that he had brought all his relationships to introduce to his "ex-girlfriend".

Son Ngoc Minh: The male god suffered because of his homosexual love with Erik, how did he think about d.eath? - Photo 4

In addition, he also accused the voice of j.ealousy of betraying his feelings and running after fame. Song Son Ngoc Minh also confirmed that Erik used his name to promote the song.

Based on the photos recorded of the two's conversation, the reason Erik wants to end his relationship with the former V.Music member is because he wants to focus on his singing career. However, this male singer tried many times but failed. Former member of VMusic said that because of Erik's love, he thought about ending his life.

Unsuccessful career, accused of stealing m.oney for accommodation

The 9x male singer once said that since separating from V.Music, his career has been quite uneventful. There was a time when he only had 25,000 dong in his pocket. Son Ngoc Minh also has to work at a restaurant to earn more.

A few years ago, Son Ngoc Minh lived in a motel with 4 other people. With an inn of 2.5 million VND and many living expenses, Son Ngoc Minh did not have any extra m.oney to send back to his family despite saving.

Talking about his parents, Son Ngoc Minh said that his father had passed away. His mother is working for a house in Can Tho. Living alone in a shack, Son Ngoc Minh's mother is very sad and wants her son to return to her hometown to live with her.

Son Ngoc Minh's mother shed tears when she told her son had returned and said that his life in Saigon was so difficult that sometimes he had to go to bed hungry. When she advised her son to live in the countryside, he told his mother to wait a little longer.

Son Ngoc Minh: The male god suffered because of his homosexual love with Erik, how did he think about d.eath? - Photo 5

In 2021, the social network was suddenly stirred by the information that Son Ngoc Minh was accused of not paying for the accommodation. Accordingly, an account posted on the personal TikTok page a clip accusing the male singer of owing 2 months of rent, a total of 10 million dong. Not only that, this person filmed a close-up of the messy room that was supposed to belong to Son Ngoc Minh and was extremely indignant.

After the post was published, it attracted a lot of sympathetic comments from the online community. Most are fed up with the sense of tenants of this house when leaving the room messy and dirty to the point of unacceptable. In particular, this is also a famous person with a pretty handsome appearance, the clothes are every time he appears. Son Ngoc Minh's image was once again blacked out because of his private life.

Last time, Son Ngoc Minh lived a rather private life. He rarely shares personal stories, the Facebook page is used mainly to update his art work. Maybe after the noise in the past, Son Ngoc Minh has matured and lived a quieter life. Ignoring the market, he continued his serious artistic activities, although not exciting, he was still supported by the public.

Son Ngoc Minh: The male god suffered because of his homosexual love with Erik, how did he think about d.eath? - Photo 6

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