Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochien's peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing

Mộc TràJan 09, 2024 at 15:05

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In 2023, Zhao Luotu has 3 works on the air, but really only "Can't Hide" is clearly effective.

Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochiens peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing - Photo 1

"Can't Hide" is a modern romance film adapted from the novel of the same name by author Truc Di. Having a reputation from the original novel, adding the image of the main man and woman Tran Triet Vien - Trieu Lu Tu suitable for the character, the film has just aired has created a small fever in the online community.

Especially, the heroine portrayed by Zhao Luotu is both sweet and lovely, which is the forte role of the 95th little flower. Therefore, the fan base of Zhao Luotu increased rapidly and achieved many good achievements.

Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochiens peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing - Photo 2

"Can't Hide" saved Zhao Luxu's reputation after Hou Lang first aired. The modern film on the subject of traditional medicine starring Zhao Luotu was badly criticized, becoming one of the films with the lowest Douban score of the year, only 4.1.

Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochiens peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing - Photo 3

Meanwhile, Hou Lang was criticized for his absurd, illogical content, seriously wrong medical knowledge, and especially, the acting of the male and female leads Luo Yizhou - Zhao Luotu was too bad. The actress has many criticized scenes of acting and dialogue, becoming a work that deserves to be "buried".

Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochiens peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing - Photo 4

At the end of the year, Shen An starring Zhao Luxiu - Wang Anyu aired. The film was criticized, the content was boring, the acting was normal, did not attract the audience, was a failure of Zhao Luosi.

In another development, Xiao Chien has 1 year of active activity with 3 movies aired. Notably, both modern dramas starring Xiao Chien were broadcast on CCTV, which many students hoped to achieve.

Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochiens peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing - Photo 5

The Sea of Dreams began airing on June 1 on CCTV8 primetime and won many remarkable achievements. This is 1 of 3 films to surpass 30,000 temperatures on the Tencent Video platform in 2023, (besides Xiangxiang School and Good Story in Two), receiving the love and attention of a large audience.

In addition, Xiao Xuanzong's character stats shown by Xiao Chien are always in the top in many rankings. The film was later rebroadcast on CCTV8 2 more times, Oriental Radio 3 times, Beijing Radio 3 times, Anhui Radio 3 times, for a total of 14 times in less than 6 months.

Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochiens peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing - Photo 6

Xiao Chien's next two works did not achieve the same remarkable achievements as The Sea of Dreams. Despite receiving a lot of expectations when acting with post-Bach Baihe photos and showing big stations, Xiao Chien's Sunshine has a low level of discussion, and the reception is not as expected.

Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochiens peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing - Photo 7

Meanwhile, the historical drama "Jade Essence Dao" disappointed when the script and acting were not too special. Notably, the heroines Ren Man and Xiao Chien do not have a good chemistry. The heroine's acting and beauty were both criticized, so although Xiao Chien's character stats were still high, he alone could not save the whole movie.

Bach Loc - Chang Yue Jinming, Of course, Ninh An Like a Dream

Compared to the peak of Liu Xiaochien, Bai Loc is the one who has 3 more successful films airing in 2023. Although all three works are controversial, there is no denying the hotness of Chang Yue Jinming, Di Ai Vi Doanh, Ninh An Nhu Dream and Bai Loc herself as the female lead.

Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochiens peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing - Photo 8

Bach Loc continuously covered the screen from the beginning of the year until the end of the year, the character stats and contribution ability of her works are very high. This also led to an increase in the commercial value and popularity of Bach Loc.

Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochiens peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing - Photo 9

However, acting is still Bai Loc's weakness. In all three works, the audience can hardly "absorb" the actress's f.orced, sometimes excessive acting even though her chemistry with her male co-stars is not bad.

Bai Lu surpassed Liu Xiaochiens peak, Zhao Luxiu made fans shy because of 1 thing - Photo 10

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