Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears

Phúc SenMay 09, 2024 at 15:38

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The couple Diep and Soanh so far after 2 months of noisy entanglement "going their separate ways", both of them are constantly r.evealing confusing details, increasingly showing their lives alone, both trying to gradually practice with a lifestyle without the other half by their side.

Recently, the love story of h.ot tiktoker couple Soanh and Diep can be said to be the topic that netizens are most interested in. Facing a series of questions about the breakdown of marriage after 5 years of love and sharing a house, people cannot help but regret and be bewildered by a series of increasingly obvious moves from the couple. As a couple famous for their dreamlike love story, so the breakup is something that everyone is shocked about.

Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears - Photo 1

The two have so far chosen to remain silent, with no confirmation of each other's relationship. However, the series of details of the breakup has become increasingly clear, as the two no longer seem to appear together, all activities are carried out individually. And yet, Soanh and Diep also regularly share moody posts, expressing separation and emotional breakdown.

Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears - Photo 2

Recently on her personal page, Soanh continues to make moves to make people enthusiastic. Accordingly, he shared the moment he sat alone watching a video of Zhencheng. Many people believe that he is deliberately borrowing Zhencheng's image to rekindle Ye's breakup. Posting on the story section, Soanh wrote: "It's still good to watch it a dozen times." It is known that this is the film Crab pregnant wife, starring the pair of actors Zhencheng - Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc. The film has the theme of love, incorporates many philosophical lines, full of poignancy about couple love, which took Vietnamese audiences by storm a few years ago.

Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears - Photo 3

At the same time as the above story, Soanh also made a move to change the profile picture on her personal page. The male tiktoker showed solitude as he let the photo turn away. The caption read: "The left eye has never faced the right eye, so I don't know how to comfort, the only thing I can do is shed tears together!" With the above moves, the rumor of breaking up with Ye is increasingly confirmed by the audience as true.

Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears - Photo 4

Many fans also left words of comfort, wishing him to overcome this sadness soon, focus more on himself to develop his future, what is in the past, it is best to let it sleep. As for why the two broke up, there were rumors that Ye was a changer who wanted to end the affair. A series of attacks have been directed at the female tiktoker, even claiming that she is an adulterer, a woman Soanh. Under the pressure of public opinion, Ye had to lock social networks for a while, recently after everything gradually calmed down, she gradually resumed activities, but not as exciting as before.

Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears - Photo 5

At that time, Soanh also defended his wife, he affirmed that there was no case of Ye having an affair, admitting that the two had misunderstandings that were difficult to resolve, but Ye had someone else who was completely incorrect. However, he was also caught by netizens when he reposted on Tiktok, implying that he was let go by a woman.

Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears - Photo 6

Specifically, the post that Soanh pressed reposted verbatim was as follows: "It's that you lost me, I didn't miss you. In this affair, no matter how much he tried, no matter how much he endured self-pity, how great his tolerance and forgiveness were. You're the one who knows best! But I still chose to leave you. So in the future, if you have difficulties, please remember, that day, there was once someone who loved you so much. But the one I treated the worst."

Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears - Photo 7

Many people thought that this must be Soanh's heart voice for Ye after they had gone their separate ways. At the same time, it is also affirmed that this is also the story of Soanh and Diep's love story. If this is true, then the rumor that Ye asked to break up and leave Soanh behind is probably true. However, these are still just rumors from netizens, because insiders have not yet spoken.

Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears - Photo 8

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