Shiloh was badly taught by Pax Thien, becoming more and more rebellious, making his biological father heartbroken!

Bảo NamJun 08, 2024 at 15:52

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Recently, some netizens discovered that Angelina Jolie's daughter - Shiloh had her first tattoo in her life. This tattoo is a tern and it is quite large in size.

Many netizens think that when she was 18 years old, Shiloh studied her brother Pax Thien to get a tattoo. Others think that this may be just a temporary tattoo.

Shiloh was badly taught by Pax Thien, becoming more and more rebellious, making his biological father heartbroken! - Photo 1

Although it is not known whether the tattoo is fake or real, people say that Shiloh is trying to send a message to his biological father, Brad Pitt. She was finally free, flying out of her bonded relationship with Brad.

Previously, Shiloh attracted attention when he hired a lawyer himself and paid a fee to remove his father's surname from his name on the occasion of his 18th birthday. She has filed a court application and wants to switch from "Shiloh Jolie Pitt" to "Shiloh Jolie". The reason Shiloh did so was because Brad Pitt abused his wife and children on a private jet in 2016. Angelina was unaware of the incident, so she couldn't speak up or say anything about Shiloh's name change.

Shiloh was badly taught by Pax Thien, becoming more and more rebellious, making his biological father heartbroken! - Photo 2

As for Brad Pitt, he felt extremely heartbroken because of what his first daughter did. He sadly remembered how happy he was on the day Shiloh was born. A source shared with People: "Brad Pitt is still happy with his girlfriend Ines de Ramon but the separation of father and son makes him feel heartbroken. I always love you and want to be close to you. The past years have been really difficult for Pitt's family."

Shiloh was badly taught by Pax Thien, becoming more and more rebellious, making his biological father heartbroken! - Photo 3

In recent years, Shiloh has limited public appearances, rarely attending events with her mother. At the age of 18, Jolie's daughter is passionate about modern dancing, occasionally filming videos with friends. She practiced dance for many years at the Millennium Dance Complex, which was highly appreciated by her instructors.

In 2022, Shiloh's performance on the background of Vegas music by singer Doja Cat attracted attention, garnering more than a million views to date. Many people commented that Shiloh's movements were definitive, saying that she had the quality to be a dancer. Most of the audience was happy to see Shiloh freely pursue her passion, praising Angelina Jolie for always supporting her c.hild, not forcing her daughter to follow in her mother's footsteps.

Shiloh was badly taught by Pax Thien, becoming more and more rebellious, making his biological father heartbroken! - Photo 4

In an interview with the Daily Mail on May 27, Keelan Carter - Shiloh's dance instructor - commented that she is a hardworking, talented student, dedicated to her passion, never relying on her parents' reputation.

"I know it's hard to look at a person without caring about their status, but I want people to recognize his or her ability. Trust me, this g.irl deserves it," Carter said. The instructor occasionally posts videos of Shiloh's workouts on Instagram, only tagging Shiloh's name in some posts out of respect for privacy. Show her account to personal mode.

Shiloh was badly taught by Pax Thien, becoming more and more rebellious, making his biological father heartbroken! - Photo 5

As a c.hild, Shiloh used to act, appearing with her father in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in 2008. Six years later, she was offered the role of Princess Aurora as a c.hild, in Maleficent, but declined. In an interview with Elle in 2014, Angelina Jolie said, "I asked Shiloh if she wanted to play Aurora, and she smiled at me, saying she just wanted to turn into a mysterious creature with horns." In the end, the role of Aurora belongs to her sister Vivienne. The most recent project she participated in was the voice of Kung Fu Panda 3 with her mother and brother Pax Thien, Zahara's sister, in 2016.

Shiloh was badly taught by Pax Thien, becoming more and more rebellious, making his biological father heartbroken! - Photo 6

Also in an interview with Elle in 2014, when asked about letting her children join the entertainment industry, Jolie said: "Brad and I decided not to stop our children from acting, enjoying the fun in front of the camera, however, neither of them gave their own opinions about the acting profession for them to see for themselves. Even so, I still prefer my c.hild to pursue another job."

According to Life & Style, Jolie-Pitt's first daughter intends to work behind the scenes, producing films like her parents, and is not interested in acting. A source said that because Shiloh grew up in a family that often travels abroad, she has many opportunities to travel the world to accumulate experience, knowledge and observation. Those factors will help her go far in the filmmaking industry.

Shiloh was badly taught by Pax Thien, becoming more and more rebellious, making his biological father heartbroken! - Photo 7

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