Selena Gomez suddenly "clings to" Brooklyn Beckham's wife: So close that she hugs your husband to sleep

MưaMar 18, 2023 at 10:33

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In the latest interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Nicola Peltz - the billionaire Beckham's daughter-in-law shared about her close friendship with Selena Gomez. The actress also revealed that her husband - Brooklyn Beckham is also "in love" with the Disney star next to her.

Selena Gomez suddenly "clings to" Brooklyn Beckham's wife: So close that she hugs your husband to sleep - Photo 1

Only known since the end of 2022, but Selena Gomez and her eldest husband Beckham often appear in every fun together.

During the welcome holiday in 2023, Selena accompanied the Brooklyn couple - Nicola to Cabo San Lucas (Mexico). New Year's holiday with only 3 people and Selena accompanies a young newlywed couple, the situation is quite sensitive and embarrassing in the feelings of many fans.

Selena Gomez suddenly "clings to" Brooklyn Beckham's wife: So close that she hugs your husband to sleep - Photo 2

Selena Gomez suddenly "clings to" Brooklyn Beckham's wife: So close that she hugs your husband to sleep - Photo 3

Selena Gomez suddenly "clings to" Brooklyn Beckham's wife: So close that she hugs your husband to sleep - Photo 4

Selena Gomez suddenly "clings to" Brooklyn Beckham's wife: So close that she hugs your husband to sleep - Photo 5

Many people feel that Selena's intimate companionship with Brooklyn and Nicola is a bit confusing, even embarrassing.

But insiders don't think so, Nicola said: "I feel like a sister Selena mentally. I love Selena so much. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. hey. She's the kindest person, she has a heart of gold, I feel like we've known each other ever since."

Nicola said Brooklyn warmly welcomes the friendship between Nicola and Selena, Brooklyn and Nicola's married life has never been affected by the way they welcome friends into their private lives.

"Sometimes my friends come and sleep over at our house, all of them can sleep on the sofa, or friends can sleep with me in my bedroom, and Brooklyn in another," Nicola said. ".

Selena Gomez began to be close to Brooklyn Beckham and her husband from November 2022. The trio often gathers, celebrates Thanksgiving and shares happy moments together on their personal pages.

Selena herself also knows that people are interested in commenting about her often accompanying the Brooklyn couple - Nicola, Selena once humorously wrote on her personal social network account: "Just call us a trio. Go, a couple forever has one more companion."

Selena Gomez suddenly "clings to" Brooklyn Beckham's wife: So close that she hugs your husband to sleep - Photo 6

Selena shows that she is very attached to the Brooklyn couple - Nicola, Selena often openly accompanies the young couple, making many fans feel confused. Meanwhile, the friendship between Selena and her kidney donor friend - actress Francia Raisa - is not so passionate.

Even this friendship has many signs of cracks and breakdowns. Francia is the one who donated one of her kidneys to Selena in 2017, while Selena was having a serious health problem caused by lupus.

In November 2022, the two sides had a tense period when Selena shared at the release of the documentary My Mind And Me made about her life, that she "only has one true friend in the industry". entertainment, it's singer Taylor Swift". This surprised many people because Francia was also active in American showbiz.

Selena Gomez suddenly "clings to" Brooklyn Beckham's wife: So close that she hugs your husband to sleep - Photo 7

Although Francia Raisa is not as famous as Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift, she is also an artist active in the field of filmmaking in the US. Yet Selena never mentioned Francia once either in the documentary or in the side interviews. When on social networks began to appear discussing the relationship between Selena and Francia, Francia did not speak officially.

However, Francia commented below a post quoting Selena's quote about "the only true friend": "Interesting!". This comment shows that Francia herself is also difficult to accept when throughout the documentary, Selena does not say anything about herself and only considers Taylor Swift as the only true friend in the showbiz world. Francia then unfollowed Selena on social media.

Before the scandal broke out, Selena only briefly commented on her personal social network account: "Sorry, I didn't mention all the people I know." Selena's statement is even more controversial, because Francia donated a kidney to Selena, which is not someone Selena can simply use the word "acquaintance".

Selena Gomez suddenly "clings to" Brooklyn Beckham's wife: So close that she hugs your husband to sleep - Photo 8

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