Sam revealed that he had billions of VND in debt before giving birth, was cheated by his ex

Gia NhiMar 05, 2024 at 09:03

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Actor Sam is admired by many people with a full life at the present time, having just given birth to 2 'b.aby dragons', having complete love with her secret husband. However, few people know, before that, she had to incur billions of VND in debt, due to being tricked by her ex.

During a broadcast in December 2020, Sam shared a reference to his ex. Specifically, when asked by Yang Zhaoyu about the most terrible deception he had ever experienced, Sam did not hesitate to r.eveal that he was cheated into love a lot because he always trusted absolutely when he was in love.

Sam revealed that he had billions of VND in debt before giving birth, was cheated by his ex - Photo 1

The actress said, "In love, I was cheated a lot. No one believes it, but I love everyone who gets scammed, most love affairs leave me with a trick. That's the twist in my love path. I don't know why, but I'm easy to trust people and often get fooled. Besides, my face looked dumb, easy to fool. That's not true either. Normally, it is difficult for me to trust people, but once I love someone, I will believe in that person wholeheartedly, believe in life and d.eath, anyone who says anything outside will not believe, only believe in that one person."

Sam revealed that he had billions of VND in debt before giving birth, was cheated by his ex - Photo 2

Sam had to take out a bank loan after being cheated out of m.oney by his ex: "I've been cheated on a lot. It hurt a lot, but it only hurt then, and it was over. I'm the kind of person who hurts a lot, but over time when another love affair fills in, it also eases, forgetting that pain. However, there are still scams that have long-term consequences, which is being scammed out of m.oney. I was cheated out of both m.oney and house by a man. It took me a long time to deal with the aftermath. Specifically, I was cheated out of a house, a car, and a bunch of m.oney. I had to borrow from the bank, I didn't have any m.oney left in me, I had to buy a house in installments."

Sam revealed that he had billions of VND in debt before giving birth, was cheated by his ex - Photo 3

Listening to Sam's confession, Zhencheng also comforted: "I have witnessed many moments of Sam's collapse, when Sam was weak and felt guilty because he did not have the ability to resist like others, so the sadness will stay for a long time."

Or in a 2021 broadcast, Sam also confided: "I am so foolish to listen to men, just give them m.oney. Since that incident, I've realized that m.oney is important. When men don't have m.oney, they cheat on my feelings. At the end of the relationship, I was distressed by many things."

Sam revealed that he had billions of VND in debt before giving birth, was cheated by his ex - Photo 4

However, it is only a thing of the past, through the events, Sam is now considered the happiest and most fulfilling woman in showbiz, which everyone admires. Recently on February 27, Sam announced that she had given birth to her first c.hild. The beauty shared a photo of the twins and expressed her happiness: "I've reached the finish line. Welcome my 2 b.aby dragons!"

The actress further revealed that, when in labor for twins, 1 of 2 babies was born in a state of "cashew wrapping" (born intact in the amniotic sac). According to folklore, "cashew wrapping" birth is a rare case, a sign of good luck for both the b.aby and the parents.

Sam revealed that he had billions of VND in debt before giving birth, was cheated by his ex - Photo 5

Under Sam's post, many artists such as Jun Pham, Thuy Ngan, Quoc Truong ... Congratulations to the actress. After only 30 minutes of posting, the post confirming Sam's "successful landing" received more than 130,000 interactions from friends and viewers.

Sam revealed that he had billions of VND in debt before giving birth, was cheated by his ex - Photo 6

Sam registered her marriage to her boyfriend in April 2023. At that time, many people thought that the 9X actor was about to get on the flower car, however, so far she has not revealed details about this plan. The identity of Sam's "other half" is still kept secret by her.

Sam revealed that he had billions of VND in debt before giving birth, was cheated by his ex - Photo 7

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