Lisa-Rosé is in danger of dying, Jennie and Jisoo both have their own directions

Mộc TràJan 04, 2024 at 16:06

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This time, the online community was abuzz with the news that BLACKPINK's Jisoo will sign a contract with Biomom to manage his personal activities in the future. Biomom is a brand of infant supplements founded by Jisoo's older brother.

Recently, Biomom attracted media attention when it announced its business plan for the next year, including expansion into the entertainment industry.

The tentative name for Biomom's entertainment label is Blissoo. Accordingly, the recruitment post of the company's employees attached a photo of Jisoo. This further confirms that Jisoo will become a member of this company.

Lisa-Rosé is in danger of dying, Jennie and Jisoo both have their own directions - Photo 1

The information after being posted caused social media to explode. Biomom declined to confirm the information to the press.

"It's hard to explain the company's relationship with Blissoo. We don't know the CEO's family relationship," Biomom said.

The ambiguous answer of Biomom representatives made more fans believe in this source of information.

They believe that her brother's company will be the perfect landing spot for Jisoo because it can comprehensively support her in various fields.

However, some people expressed concern and doubted the management capacity of the company when previously, Biomom only specialized in health and functional foods.

Jisoo's entry into the new agency was predictable. On December 29, YG Entertainment officially announced the content of its contract with the popular group BLACKPINK.

Specifically, YG will continue to manage group activities for the 4 members. However, in terms of solo activities, the girls will go in many different directions, not managed by the company.

Lisa-Rosé is in danger of dying, Jennie and Jisoo both have their own directions - Photo 2

Earlier, on December 24, Korean media reported that Jennie became the "boss" when she set up her own management label. Specifically, her company called ODD ATELIER belongs to the service industry, professional management.

In the introduction on its official website, the company emphasized: "This is a brand founded by artist Jennie in November 2023." The company also articulated its goal of "creating something new, engaging, different from what is usually seen."

Lisa-Rosé is in danger of dying, Jennie and Jisoo both have their own directions - Photo 3

On " The Seasons: Lee Hyori's Red Carpet ," which aired on Jan. 2, Jennie opened up about her decision to start her own agency, saying, "I learned a lot at my old company when I was a trainee.

Over the years, many times I've asked myself, "Can I do it alone?" And I plucked up the courage and decided to start my own label after a lot of deliberation."

As such, BLACKPINK will continue their group activities with a 4-member lineup. YG Entertainment manages, publishes music, merchandise, and organizes worldtour activities for this group.

For individual operations, Jisoo is likely under Biomom, Jennie manages her own operations through ODD ATELIER.

Finally, members Lisa and Rosé have yet to make moves on their next plans. However, fans predict that information about the future of these 2 members will be announced soon.

Before the end of 2023, BLACKPINK announced the most important information – re-signing the group contract. However, all 4 members did not re-sign individual contracts. Accordingly, YG will only manage and direct the comeback and joint tour. Jennie introduced her personal label, Jisoo focused on acting, Rosé and Lisa revealed many solo "hints", BLACKPINK although re-signing is still difficult to determine when to return.

Lisa-Rosé is in danger of dying, Jennie and Jisoo both have their own directions - Photo 4

G-Dragon's departure and BLACKPINK's failure to renew their individual contracts put YG in a difficult position. YG is experiencing great and unpredictable upheaval. The management company decreased its performance, many BLACKPINK fans could not help but worry about the future of the group here. YG's unclear orientation makes the 4 girls' joint contracts even more fragile.

Lisa-Rosé is in danger of dying, Jennie and Jisoo both have their own directions - Photo 5

Lisa-Rosé is in danger of dying, Jennie and Jisoo both have their own directions - Photo 6

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