Quang Linh Vlog posted a sad clip, saying something directly related to Loi Con

NắngJan 12, 2024 at 14:59

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Quang Linh Vlogs with his meaningful community journey has helped him quickly win the hearts of many people. When talking about him, it is impossible not to mention Loi. The 4-year-old b.oy is the son of a member of the African team.

In the clips of Quang Linh's 3.7 million-followed Youtube channel, Loi Con is favored by the Vietnamese online community with funny nicknames such as TikTok idol, African sad b.oy...

Quang Linh teaches Vietnamese to Loi, cares for and loves Loi like a son. On the contrary, the b.oy also loved Quang Linh very much, wherever he went they were like shadows.

Quang Linh Vlog posted a sad clip, saying something directly related to Loi Con - Photo 1

In a recently posted clip, Quang Linh mentioned the issue of setting up a separate fund of about 500 million to give to Loi, to take care of his future. The male Youtuber said that he did so for his own reason.

"Loi is now almost the face representing Quang Linh's brands, from Quang Linh food to Quang Linh store.

On the occasion of the new year, there are a few things I want to announce to everyone. Starting from 2024, I will save up a separate fund for Loi, so that Loi can have a better life in the future. Because Loi also contributed a lot, selling enthusiastically to help his brothers. Moreover, the posted videos all have Loi's appearance, it's no different from an actor, everyone," Quang Linh said.

Quang Linh Vlog posted a sad clip, saying something directly related to Loi Con - Photo 2

Quang Linh Vlog posted a sad clip, saying something directly related to Loi Con - Photo 3

Quang Linh also expressed his sadness when many viewers thought he was taking advantage of the b.oy to sell goods online.

"A lot of people are toxic towards my brothers, saying I'm taking advantage of this or that person. I don't like being talked bad about like that," the Nghe An b.oy said frankly.

H.ot Youtuber added that the establishment of the fund will be kept secret from Loi's family. Because Quang Linh is afraid that if she speaks out, her family will rely on the m.oney and not care about life anymore.

Quang Linh Vlog posted a sad clip, saying something directly related to Loi Con - Photo 4

Quang Linh Vlog posted a sad clip, saying something directly related to Loi Con - Photo 5

Quang Linh's thoughtful and reasonable actions and thoughts received enthusiastic support from netizens. Most people also think that the portion of the fund reserved for b.aby Loi is completely worthy.

Some comments from netizens:

- Loi is smart, agile, and can help the African team a lot. Support Quang Linh's viewpoint on the issue of Loi's rights.

- That's great. In the future, Loi will be taken care of by Uncle Linh and his brothers. Surely he will become a kind person in the future.

- Investing in Loi's education will be the most meaningful and practical investment, Chairman. Only by studying can you succeed on your career path. Thank you for Quang Linh's kindness.

Not long ago, a video recording of Loi Con's family when they were still in the village was "dug up" and shared by the audience. This is also the moment Quang Linh first met the b.aby as well as family members.

My parents and Loi Con live in a small, shabby house built from the ground. The house is small and has almost no amenities. It was raining outside and the father walked around without any protection.

Quang Linh Vlog posted a sad clip, saying something directly related to Loi Con - Photo 6

When Quang Linh entered, the atmosphere was somewhat gloomy. While his mother held the b.aby, Loi Con sat on one side of the fire to warm up. Even the self-made stove for cooking is sketchy and quite desolate.

When he saw Quang Linh, Loi Con was somewhat surprised at first. Even though he was a stranger, when the male YouTuber called, he still smiled brightly and answered politely.

At this time, Loi Con was still young and quite skinny. Because he did not have much contact with the world around him, he appeared cowardly and strange to everyone.

Since having Quang Linh, Loi Con's life has changed a lot. His childhood became more meaningful thanks to the Quang Linh Vlogs team.

Quang Linh Vlog posted a sad clip, saying something directly related to Loi Con - Photo 7

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