Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do "heavenly" Angolan things on New Year's Day

Mộc TràJan 02, 2024 at 16:44

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If you know about Quang Linh Vlogs, perhaps everyone is no stranger to Lei Con. This b.oy, whose real name is Mativado (4 years old), is the son of Matiloi - a member of the African team.

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 1

In Quang Linh's clips, Lei Con is cared for and loved by male YouTubers like a son. On the contrary, the b.oy is also very wrapped in Quang Ling, he follows wherever he goes. On social networks, the Vietnamese online community favors Lei Con with funny nicknames such as TikTok idol, African sad b.oy,...

Recently, on the occasion of the New Year, Lei Con was taught by My Le (Quang Linh's older sister) to celebrate 2024 in extremely lovely Vietnamese. In the clip the African team just posted, it can be seen that the b.oy can speak Vietnamese clearly, not inferior to the natives.

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 2

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 3

As soon as it appeared, the clip quickly attracted the attention of a large number of people. Everyone seemed amused by Lei Con's cuteness. Besides, there were also people who humorously said that if he stayed with the African team for a while, he would probably forget Angolans.

In another development, it has been 2 years since Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien handed over the Miss Grand International crown, but her influence is still strong, even beyond Vietnam and is interested and praised by many international audiences. Every move on social media of the queen also especially attracts attention from beauty fans.

Recently, Thuy Tien posted a series of moments showing off her beauty in a long dress, marking the milestone of New Year's Day.

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 4

In the context of streets covered with Tet flower lights, Thuy Tien dressed herself in a long-sleeved mezzanine covered with striking red-orange floral motifs. With a height of 1m72 and a standard measurement of 3 rings, each needle line and fabric material are fully emphasized on the queen's silhouette. Emphasizing the momentum of the outfit, she added a pointed-toe lady shoe.

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 5

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 6

Unlike the usual voluminous, elaborate hair shapes seen on stage, the queen chose to wear her hair loosely 6/4 full of tenderness and femininity. Adorning the bangs, Thuy Tien added long metallic hairpins, encrusted with delicate stones.

In addition to the photo frame posing in the middle of the street in early spring in retro colors, the beauty also showed the moment of returning to childhood next to the booths filled with early spring air.

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 7

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 8

Recently, Thuy Tien diligently pursued her passion to become an actress when studying acting with artist Le Khanh. Sharing with the media, the queen has opened up about her dream as well as the cherished story of becoming an actress for a long time. However, the queen has not had the opportunity to really try herself.

She said: "In the first days of studying acting, under the dedicated guidance of People's Artist Le Khanh, I felt more inspired. I have asked many friends, basically, acting is the same but at People's Artist Le Khanh, I was inspired with my enthusiasm for acting. She gave me a new perspective on cinema, both at home and abroad, which created a new interest in me. ".

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 9

Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien was born in 1998, she was in the Top 5 of Miss Vietnam 2018. In 2021, the outstanding beauty was crowned Miss Grand International and became the most sought-after beauty in the domestic entertainment industry. Although his term has ended for a long time, the name Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien has continuously "covered" all fronts. The 9x beauty attracts eyes with luxurious visuals at many prestigious Vbiz events. This also helps her get a large amount of resources in fashion and art.

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 10

Lei Con and her sister Quang Linh do heavenly Angolan things on New Years Day - Photo 11

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