Away from Qinghuyen right after the wedding, the Wags had a surprising reaction

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After the wedding in his hometown of Dong Anh, Quang Hai immediately returned to train with the Hanoi Police Club, causing Chu Thanh Huyen to upload a story. The couple's newlywed life continues to make headlines.

Recently, Wags Chu Thanh Huyen – the newlywed wife of midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai shared a photo of her husband's busy schedule at the end of March. Specifically, on March 26, he and the Vietnamese team in My Dinh played against Indonesia in the 2nd qualifying round of the 2026 World Cup, although he was not allowed to play, Hai "con" had previously worked hard to practice and prepare very carefully for the match.

Away from Qinghuyen right after the wedding, the Wags had a surprising reaction - Photo 1

On 27/3 and 28/3, Quang Hai was present in his hometown of Dong Anh to hold a wedding with his beautiful wife. The couple returned to the same house after 3 years of love with a grand wedding throughout the region. Immediately after the wedding, on March 29, the 26-year-old striker said goodbye to his wife to return to training with the Hanoi Police management team to prepare for the 2023/24 V-League.

After that, Quang Hai and his teammates were in Thanh Hoa and on March 31, the police team confronted Thanh Hoa Club at 18h. Husband Chu Thanh Huyen is the famous player who scored the most goals in the V-League with 5 goals.

Away from Qinghuyen right after the wedding, the Wags had a surprising reaction - Photo 2

Coach Kiatisuk's army is currently third on the standings with 22 points, 7 points behind the top team Nam Dinh. Meanwhile, Thanh Hoa is right behind Hanoi Police with the same 22 points, only behind on goal difference.

After a "fiery" match, the final result of Quang Hai's team won with a score of 2-0. This victory helped Hanoi Police shorten the gap with the second team of Binh Duong group to 1 point when the Thu football team lost 0-2 at Ha Tinh's stadium.

Away from Qinghuyen right after the wedding, the Wags had a surprising reaction - Photo 3

After getting married, she hurriedly left home to compete, Guang Hai was not only not angered by Zhou Qingxuan, but also encouraged by her by cheering "good brother" accompanied by the image of her husband on the field. Before leaving, Hai "son" did not forget to kiss his wife goodbye, publicly declaring his love for her for the first time on a livestream of thousands of viewers.

Also during the livestream, the Wags born in 2000 spent more than three and a half hours selling beauty products, while also confiding in everyone about her happy day. She said she was sick and her husband was hoarse after the wedding.

Away from Qinghuyen right after the wedding, the Wags had a surprising reaction - Photo 4

Here, Zhou Qingxuan also called Guanghai by "three", making many people guess that she was pregnant. Not to mention that earlier, relatives and friends of the 1997 midfielder also hinted that he and his wife were about to have their first c.hild. However, neither has confirmed the good news.

On his big day, Quang Hai welcomed and had fun with friends until late at night. However, the next day, he still got up early to clean up the bowls with his family, warm dishes ...

Away from Qinghuyen right after the wedding, the Wags had a surprising reaction - Photo 5

On this occasion, the 26-year-old striker also received blessings and instructions from his close brotherhood. In it, defender Vu Van Thanh, although still single, sent a message to Hai "son": "Wishing the couple a hundred years of happiness. My wife, I'm afraid to be comfortable, not to be afraid of you."

Remembering at the wedding, when asked by the MC who would be the dishwasher in the family, Zhou Qingxuan repeatedly replied, "Sometimes I wash dishes, sometimes it's still Hai." Wags' response surprised everyone, who added: "Maybe people see me on the football field very strong, for me I always want to do what's best for my daughter."

Away from Qinghuyen right after the wedding, the Wags had a surprising reaction - Photo 6

The h.ot g.irl Shanxi also did not hesitate to r.eveal the reason for finding the family man: "As Mr. Hai said, you just live honestly and be yourself, the worthy person will come."

Before that, many times the beauty born in 2001 filmed the indoor space and showed off the moments when the East England native took care of her on social networks. From combing his wife's hair, cooking, washing clothes to washing dishes, Quang Hai doesn't mind anything.

Away from Qinghuyen right after the wedding, the Wags had a surprising reaction - Photo 7

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