Plastique Tiara: Vietnamese-born drag queen, likened to a living doll, super g.irl imitation

Trí NhiJun 01, 2024 at 12:07

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Plastique Tiara is one of the most famous drag queen artists in the US, possessing h.ot b.oy beauty, but when pretending to be a g.irl, this 9x guy is super incarnate, even this Vietnamese-born drag queen is considered a living doll.

Plastique Tiara, whose Vietnamese name is Duc Tran, is a famous Vietnamese-born drag queen. He was born in 1997, received love from domestic audiences thanks to his national spirit skillfully integrated in international performances. Once the only contestant of Vietnamese origin at the famous Drag Queen TV show in the US, Duc Tran was fortunate to be favorably called by the audience by the name of Asian "living doll".

Plastique Tiara: Vietnamese-born drag queen, likened to a living doll, super g.irl imitation - Photo 1

Whether he is a male or female figure, Duc Tran can flexibly transform and suit each situation. Each time he appears, the Vietnamese American knows how to help himself stand out and attract eyes. Although he only stopped at the top 8, he still left an unforgettable impression in the hearts of international and Vietnamese audiences, because of his perfect appearance like a "living doll" and a professional and well-thought-out performance. This Vietnamese-born drag queen artist has been given many beauties by supermodel Tyra Banks since uploading images on her personal page.

Plastique Tiara: Vietnamese-born drag queen, likened to a living doll, super g.irl imitation - Photo 2

At the contest, Duc Tran impressed by regularly conveying Vietnamese culture and people through each section. It can be seen that he is always proud to be born on the S-shaped land. Right in the pitch, he proudly chanted Vietnam when introducing the audience. Then Plastique Tiara faced the challenge of asking contestants to appear in three different outfits. In it, a set of contestants designed, sewn and hand-painted on plain fabric.

Plastique Tiara: Vietnamese-born drag queen, likened to a living doll, super g.irl imitation - Photo 3

With ingenuity and creativity, Plastique Tiara designed the hugging dress and gown. He meticulously simulated the seductive lines of women's bodies on the torso through hand-drawing. The gown with cherry blossom motifs is inspired by Asia, contributing to the wearer's physique.

This is not the first time Plastique Tiara has introduced herself from Vietnam. Earlier in a season before this competition, Plastique Tiara proudly introduced in Vietnamese: "Hello everyone, I am Plastique Tiara of Vietnam". This is also reflected in the fact that Plastique Tiara chose the design of Vietnamese designers to participate in the program.

Plastique Tiara: Vietnamese-born drag queen, likened to a living doll, super g.irl imitation - Photo 4

Plastique Tiara chose outfits from designers Le Long Dung and Than Nguyen An Kha. He said he always prioritizes choosing clothes from Asian designers, especially Vietnamese designers. Whenever appearing at important events, Tiara often chooses ba shirts, ao dai or designs made from Vietnamese brocade fabric.

In addition, Plastique Tiara often uses Vietnamese in international TV shows, making the audience pay attention and enjoy. He admitted he gained more attention after participating in Rupaul's Drag Race. Tiara's social media accounts have millions of followers.

Plastique Tiara is also a social media star, with nearly millions of followers on Instagram. Duc Tran's male-to-female costumes attracted millions of views on social media. As can be seen, in order to appear gorgeous in front of the audience, the guy has to spend a lot of time to thoroughly perfect each step of elaborate makeup

Plastique Tiara: Vietnamese-born drag queen, likened to a living doll, super g.irl imitation - Photo 5

In order to live in accordance with her gender and pursue her job as a drag queen, Duc Tran went through a difficult time, not daring to speak up for people to acknowledge her true self. In the image of a g.irl, Duc Chen impresses with her long, shiny hair and bold, sharp makeup. Because he pursues a true Western s.exy style, he chooses clothes with bold designs, deep cuts to o.ff his seductive figure.

Plastique Tiara: Vietnamese-born drag queen, likened to a living doll, super g.irl imitation - Photo 6

Shaking off his feminine and s.exy image when going to work, Duc Chen is outwardly a guy with a handsome face, a toned 6-pack b.ody. Returning to the image of masculinity, he fascinated and loved many female viewers. The Vietnamese-born Drag Queen is also highly appreciated for his simple but highly applicable everyday fashion sense. Working in the field of art, content creation, Duc Tran pays attention to appearance and always tries to refresh his image in front of the audience.

Plastique Tiara: Vietnamese-born drag queen, likened to a living doll, super g.irl imitation - Photo 7

Duc Tran also has special love and attention to his homeland Vietnam, he often organizes community campaigns, helping difficult circumstances in the place where he was born. Last March, Plastique Tiara was present at her old house in Tan Binh district and with her family including her grandparents, mother, younger brother ... In addition, he also went to two locations in Cu Chi, Thien Phuc shelter and compassionate Thien Phuoc shelter, to give gifts to disadvantaged children, orphans and children with disabilities.

So far, he has done cash support for two shelters, but this time he has the opportunity to visit and hand over gifts to children. The gifts donated include necessities such as instant noodles, milk, cooking oil, sugar, MSG, confectionery, toys and cash, with a total value of VND 100 million.

Plastique Tiara: Vietnamese-born drag queen, likened to a living doll, super g.irl imitation - Photo 8

With Plastique Tiara, he is always proud to show the world who he is and where he comes from, the Vietnamese-born "doll" shared: "Every time I go on tour, I feel excited to tell people that I am from Vietnam. This is where I was born, where I grew up, the material of my performances. I love Vietnam dearly, so what I am most passionate about is introducing the world to the wonderful things of my homeland, from beautiful scenery, delicious food to friendly people... After this charity trip, I have more and more dreams of Vietnam and the opportunity to help more children, at least once a year."

Plastique Tiara: Vietnamese-born drag queen, likened to a living doll, super g.irl imitation - Photo 9

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