Phan Tri Han was "erased" by Chi Pu in the MV, revealing a new cast full of famous names

Kim LâmJun 13, 2024 at 21:30

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Phan Tri Han is the male lead who has received a lot of attention recently after appearing in Chi Pu's new MV. However, recently people were surprised when the handsome Chinese man suddenly disappeared, replaced by a series of famous names.

Since appearing in the Chinese version of "Ty sis riding the wind, turning the waves", Chi Pu's career has increasingly flourished like a "kite in the wind". Not only successful in the country, the female singer is now also famous and has a fairly stable position with a large number of fans in the billion-people market.

At the end of May, Chi Pu officially released the MV Finding You, collaborating with famous Chinese actor Fan Tri Han. Chi Pu's carefully invested music product from image to music received positive feedback from the audience after "going on air".

Phan Tri Han was erased by Chi Pu in the MV, revealing a new cast full of famous names - Photo 1

Recently, more than 2 weeks since officially returning to the "Finding You" project, Chi Pu suddenly released a very unique version of this MV on her personal page. It is known that this is a gift from close friends to the female singer on her birthday.

Without the appearance of male lead Phan Tri Han, the new version of "Finding You" MV brings together a "familiar" cast including stylist Hoang Ku, Kenshj Pham, hotgirl Sun HT, duo Salim - Long Hat Nhai and especially "million-like baby" Pam Iu Oi. They are Chi Pu's long-time associates and friends.

Phan Tri Han was erased by Chi Pu in the MV, revealing a new cast full of famous names - Photo 2

In this version, Chi Pu is not the main character but is pushed down to be a "supporting woman". All attention was focused on her friends with scenes recreating scenes from the original MV in a muddy, humorous style. Notably, stylist Hoang Ku also "played big" when transforming into Chi Pu. He put on makeup and wore the same outfit that the female singer wore in "Finding You", making the audience "shocked".

Fans were extremely excited about the unique version of "Finding You". Many people also predict that this product has the ability to "surpass" the official MV. As for Chi Pu, "after watching it, I forgot the original MV".

Phan Tri Han was erased by Chi Pu in the MV, revealing a new cast full of famous names - Photo 3

It is known that Finding You is a song written by musician Hua Kim Tuyen in the R&B style, with drum beats spread throughout the song, Finding You brings a comfortable and pleasant feeling when listening. In particular, the melody part of the song is considered very catchy and easy to remember.

Phan Tri Han was erased by Chi Pu in the MV, revealing a new cast full of famous names - Photo 4

The Chinese and Vietnamese versions of Finding You MV were both released at the same time, Chi Pu's audiences in both countries can enjoy a well-invested, majestic music product from the female artist. singer. Chi Pu's voice in this comeback received many compliments, the audience appreciated her progress, and the way she handled the song was also much more delicate than before.

Besides the song's catchy melody, the MV Finding You also clearly shows the image of a g.irl who is bold and decisive in pursuing her love no matter what the outcome.

Phan Tri Han was erased by Chi Pu in the MV, revealing a new cast full of famous names - Photo 5

After 5 days since its release, Chi Pu's MV Finding You has officially reached #1 Trending YouTube, making fans burst with excitement. This achievement helped Chi Pu become the first female solo artist of Vpop to own 6 music videos reaching #1 Trending.

Besides, Chi Pu's Finding You also achieved some proud achievements such as: Holding #1 on iTunes Vietnam, the Chinese version of the song entered the Top 5 of China Top Hits chart of Zhejiang Radio (China). , Top 41 Weibo H.ot Search Entertainment table.

Phan Tri Han was erased by Chi Pu in the MV, revealing a new cast full of famous names - Photo 6

Although until now, Chi Pu's voice has not completely conquered the majority of audiences, the female singer's contributions in each music product she releases cannot be denied. Therefore, many viewers wished Chi Pu when she achieved this achievement, which also motivated the female singer to work harder this year.

Phan Tri Han was erased by Chi Pu in the MV, revealing a new cast full of famous names - Photo 7

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