Phan Tri Han appeared to "protect" Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other?

Đình NhưMay 22, 2024 at 11:56

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Recently, Chi Pu posted a new MV teaser video, marking her return to the music industry in 2024 called Finding You. Notably, she even made a big deal to invite Phan Tri Han to play the main male role in the MV.

Accordingly, along with the MV teaser, the beauty also attached a caption with the content: "If the universe stops flowing...the earth stops spinning...I will still look for you."

Phan Tri Han appeared to protect Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other? - Photo 1

In the short clip with only the sound of a clock ticking, Chi Pu appears with a series of suggestive images such as tears, black and white film color, a tangerine clock... causing fans to speculate, this will is a sad love story, with "time travel" or historical elements.

Phan Tri Han appeared to protect Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other? - Photo 2

Even though the male lead's back only appeared for a few seconds, it still attracted the attention of a large audience. Just as fans predicted, the male lead's physique and outfit are those of Phan Tri Han, the "handsome student" with a famous film fortune on the small screen of China.

Phan Tri Han appeared to protect Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other? - Photo 3

By posting his poster on Weibo, Phan Tri Han officially confirmed his participation in Chi Pu's MV "Finding You".

A few days ago, Phan Tri Han was caught by the "passing team" with a radiant smile on his face, appearing at Tan Son Nhat airport. Not to mention, on his personal Weibo page, the actor also posted pictures of him eating pho in Vietnam, wearing the same shirt as the male lead in "Finding You". From here, many opinions have raised the question that Phan Tri Han's presence in Vietnam is to film for the new MV of female singer Chi Pu.

Phan Tri Han appeared to protect Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other? - Photo 4

Phan Tri Han appeared to protect Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other? - Photo 5

"Very compatible with Chi Pu", "Looking forward to interactive scenes of Chi Pu, "Marshal of students"... are comments from the audience below the teaser.

Fan Zhixin, born in 1999, is a young Chinese model and actress. After graduating from the Fashion Show Department of Beijing Fashion Academy, with handsome appearance and star aura, Phan Tri Han joined Gia Hanh - the "big man" who used to be Duong Mich's manager and still is. owns a group of top handsome men and beautiful women in Chinese showbiz such as Dilraba Dilmurat, Chuc Tu Dan, Cao Vy Quang, Luu Nhue Nhan...

Phan Tri Han appeared to protect Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other? - Photo 6

With the advantage of appearance and good acting, he quickly made his mark with roles in many famous films such as "Third Birth, Third Occipital Minister", "99 Point Girlfriend - My Girl", "For I, he is a dangerous person - My Lethal Man"...

His name is also familiar to both Chinese and Vietnamese audiences. The crew has not yet revealed anything more about the information that he came to Vietnam to film the MV.

With the participation of Phan Tri Han, the "Finding You" project promises to be an extremely carefully invested product, marking Chi Pu's journey to conquer the billion-people market.

Phan Tri Han appeared to protect Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other? - Photo 7

Besides the beautiful image and investment in concept, this will be the first song Chi Pu releases with two versions in Chinese and Vietnamese at the same time.

Previously, Chi Pu released the MV Flowers Under the Sun, but this is a product made by the female singer to thank her fans for supporting her throughout the past journey, especially in the show. Wind Pedal 2023.

Chi Pu is a sought-after name in China, so with this new product, the female singer also shows her determination to conquer the audience in this country. In addition, Chi Pu's management company in China recently posted a video promoting the female singer's new MV with the caption: "First Chinese Single". Middle first).

Phan Tri Han appeared to protect Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other? - Photo 8

It is unknown what musical genre Chi Pu's upcoming product will be or what the MV concept will be, but since the beginning of her singing career, the female singer has never disappointed the audience with her breakthrough. as well as always updating new trends in our products. Therefore, below Chi Pu's post, fan communities in both Vietnam and China expressed excitement, looking forward to the day the re-exported product is "released".

Phan Tri Han appeared to protect Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other? - Photo 9

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