Pham Nhu Phuong was accused of spreading offensive paintings about the national flag, what did the owner say?

Bút MàuJun 11, 2024 at 10:28

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Recently, Pham Nhu Phuong (nickname Louis Pham, SN 2003) caused frustration when sharing pictures containing objectionable drawings in a private chat group.

Specifically, on March 21, during Nhu Phuong's visit to the US to visit her boyfriend, she participated in a painting exhibition with her lover's family. M. - cousin of Nhu Phuong's lover, is the author of the first prize paintings, exhibited in this exhibition. Nhu Phuong took pictures of M.'s drawings and showed off in an Instagram chat with fans.

However, the content of these paintings is offensive, the image of the Vietnamese flag is drawn in a disrespectful way. This caused a wave of fierce anger from the viewers.

Pham Nhu Phuong was accused of spreading offensive paintings about the national flag, what did the owner say? - Photo 1

When condemned by netizens, M., the owner of the series, who lives in the US, said that the work is not 100% based on historical facts and is just a personal perspective. This person analyzed the art with a lot of meaning, and at the same time apologized for his works that may have offended many, many people. M. affirmed that she appreciates Vietnamese traditional values wherever she is.

However, this did not appease public opinion. Firstly, there are many opinions that M. is defending and turning the content to avoid a wave of outrage from viewers. Secondly, the person who spread this series of sensitive paintings is Pham Nhu Phuong, once known as a national athlete, has participated in many domestic and international tournaments and proudly wears the national flag.

Pham Nhu Phuong was accused of spreading offensive paintings about the national flag, what did the owner say? - Photo 2

Sharing a series of photos that do not respect the national flag with an "innocent" attitude is unacceptable. In the face of strong objections from the online community, Pham Nhu Phuong is currently still silent and is temporarily locking comments on TikTok.

Louis Pham's real name is Pham Nhu Phuong. She is a talented and famous female gymnast in Vietnam. Nhu Phuong is considered a bright young female athlete of the Vietnamese gymnastics team.

At the 31st SEA Games, Nhu Phuong excellently won 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. Previously, she won a place in the 2018 Youth Olympics, after achieving excellent results at the Asian Youth Gymnastics Championships.

Pham Nhu Phuong was accused of spreading offensive paintings about the national flag, what did the owner say? - Photo 3

Nhu Phuong not only has excellent professional ability, but also attracts the attention of the media and is loved by many fans thanks to her beautiful beauty and personality. The female athlete born in 2003 is currently the owner of a series of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok accounts with a huge number of followers.

This gymnastics pink ball once had a "verbal war" with H.ot Tiktoker Haley Pham, the two posted on the forum to e.xpose each other's "secret palace" stories. Haley accused Nhu Phuong of "cuckolding" and living virtually with a black card.

Pham Nhu Phuong was accused of spreading offensive paintings about the national flag, what did the owner say? - Photo 4

In early March, Nhu Phuong attracted attention when she applied for retirement at the age of 20 as well as denounced having to pay 10% of the medal bonus to her coach. This incident made the Department of Sports and Communications decide to dismiss the coaching of 4 coaches in the national women's sports team.

Pham Nhu Phuong was accused of spreading offensive paintings about the national flag, what did the owner say? - Photo 5

Since then, Nhu Phuong has been more active on social networks as a TikToker. She participates in a number of entertainment events, participates in sales livestreams or clips of many other famous TikTokers. However, also because of the dense frequency of appearances, Nhu Phuong encountered many controversies and criticisms about her lifestyle and behavior.

Pham Nhu Phuong was accused of spreading offensive paintings about the national flag, what did the owner say? - Photo 6

On May 30, social networks suddenly appeared an anti-Pham Nhu Phuong group. From a few thousand people, the current number of members has increased to nearly 80k people.

In particular, many articles say that Pham Nhu Phuong lives a "canvas", or shows off her luxurious life, but many times she has made statements that are too carefree, the way she dresses is inappropriate when appearing or chatting on livestreams. She also attracted attention to the scandals accused of "digging" her boyfriend, cuckolding her ex-lover...

Pham Nhu Phuong was accused of spreading offensive paintings about the national flag, what did the owner say? - Photo 7

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