Vietnamese fairy tale 'tycoon' dies, has acted in more than 100 films, Viet Anh shocked

Gia NhiApr 06, 2024 at 09:19

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The whole Vietnamese showbiz is extremely shocked by the news that actor Le Huu Thuy, a familiar face of Vietnamese television suddenly died, died in his sleep. The cast of artists were shocked, unable to believe it was true.

The information was updated by director Tran Ngoc Phong, he said that artist Le Huu Thuy officially died on the morning of April 5 due to stroke. The late artist died at his home around 6:30 a.m., walking peacefully in his sleep. The information made the audience and artists both shocked and mourned. Because before that day, the late actor still went to film, chat, text with people.

Vietnamese fairy tale tycoon dies, has acted in more than 100 films, Viet Anh shocked - Photo 1

Actor Le Huu Thuy was born in 1963 in Vinh Cuu, Dong Nai. Although he only takes on supporting roles in movies or television, he is a familiar face on the small screen. Interestingly, Le Huu Thuy is a lawyer, he came to the acting profession with a love of art and effort to learn acting through each role.

Vietnamese fairy tale tycoon dies, has acted in more than 100 films, Viet Anh shocked - Photo 2

Director Tran Ngoc Phong was also the first person to bring Le Huu Thuy to the acting profession. He said sadly: "Mr. Thuy knew me through the group of actor friends Tran Kim Loi. He loved Lebela's role in Stay in the World — the movie I made. At that time he was a lawyer with a law office.

I asked him if he liked acting, and I offered him a five-segment role in the movie Fountain (2012), he agreed immediately and went to Bao Loc to stay for 10 days with the crew.

Vietnamese fairy tale tycoon dies, has acted in more than 100 films, Viet Anh shocked - Photo 3

After that film, Thuy fell in love with the film. He has been in more than 100 other films already. The films I made with him were all starring in such as Rivers and Boats, Western Debts, Autumn Weddings, Thunderstorms, Shi Shui, Contracts to Sell Yourself...

On social media, many colleagues felt shocked and lamented. People's Representative Viet Anh wrote: "Mourning, farewell to Le Huu Thuy." Actor Nguyen Hong Tham, crying, said his "eyes were dark, I couldn't breathe" when he heard the news of the senior's d.eath from the actor's chat group. "He left everything, his family and friends without a word. At first I thought it wasn't April Fool's Day," she said through tears.

Vietnamese fairy tale tycoon dies, has acted in more than 100 films, Viet Anh shocked - Photo 4

Director Ba Quoc Vinh regretted that many appointments still did not have the opportunity to meet actor Le Huu Thuy. He cherishes the memory of Le Huu Thuy once writing an article for him in a newspaper.

Actor Khanh Hí - who co-starred with Le Huu Thuy in the film Karma of Life and D.eath - wrote: "Every time I act together, I always teach you every act. Life is truly impermanent, and that laughter is now gone forever. You go serenely like you're smiling."

Vietnamese fairy tale tycoon dies, has acted in more than 100 films, Viet Anh shocked - Photo 5

"Le Huu Thuy had symptoms of heart disease a few years ago, he went to the doctor many times and was treated, then overcame. He passed away suddenly, leaving many colleagues in mourning. Most of the films I directed starred Le Huu Thuy. He has acted in more than 100 films," director Tran Ngoc Phong added.

Vietnamese fairy tale tycoon dies, has acted in more than 100 films, Viet Anh shocked - Photo 6

What is more surprising is that from the role of a lawyer, having a law office in a private company practicing very prestigiously, because of her passion for acting, Le Huu Thuy has been charmed with cinema, then encroached on acting in plays and dramas.

Vietnamese fairy tale tycoon dies, has acted in more than 100 films, Viet Anh shocked - Photo 7

He has acted in the films: "Autumn Wedding", "River, Street of Boats", "Love Deceives", "Thunderstorm", "Western Debt", "Vietnamese Fairytale" ... On the theater stage, he has collaborated with Ho Chi Minh City Opera House, participating in the plays: "Love the Miss", "Million Dollar Girl" ...

The funeral of artist Le Huu Thuy was held in Ward 10, Go Vap District. HCMC.

Vietnamese fairy tale tycoon dies, has acted in more than 100 films, Viet Anh shocked - Photo 8

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