Korean comedian suddenly passed away, what happened?

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Recently, Korean fans were shocked by the sudden departure of comedian Lee Ji-soo. The cause of d.eath of the late artist has not yet been revealed by the Korean media.

Specifically, according to Newsen, comedian Lee Ji-soo passed away at the age of 30 on July 11. The bereaved family and colleagues of the late artist are deeply saddened by this sudden passing. This source also did not r.eveal more about the cause of d.eath of the late artist.

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Lee Ji-soo's funeral was prepared at Shinhwa Funeral Home in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul. The funeral took place at 7 am on the 13th. According to the family, the b.ody of the late artist will be cremated at the Seunghwawon universal incarnation station in Gyeonggi province.

According to the Korean online community, people still do not believe this painful truth. With a friendly and humorous personality, Lee Ji-soo is loved by a large audience and friends. The cause of Lee Ji-soo's departure is still of interest to the public.

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On social networks, colleagues and audiences wrote condolences to the actress:

- I mourn Lee Ji-soo so much, I hope you pass away peacefully.

Shocking news, I can't believe it.

- I wish my friend in the other world peace, we will always be friends.

- Love and miss you so much, rest in peace Lee Ji-soo.

Lee Ji-soo was born in 1993, she will make her public debut in 2021. The late artist came from the small theater stage of Yoon Hyung-bin - the birthplace of a series of comedians in the Korean entertainment industry.

After debuting in tvN's Comedy Big League in 2021, she began to actively work in various programs such as: Covic Enter, Odong University, and My Business Journal. During her lifetime, Lee Ji-soo left an impression on the audience thanks to her unique appearance and charisma.

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Over the past time, the Korean entertainment industry has continuously received sad news - when their country's artists died suddenly. On June 12, Osen reported that actress Park Soo Ryun (real name Park Young In) passed away in an unexpected accident. The actress fell down the stairs on June 11. After the accident, Park Soo Ryun was taken to a nearby hospital, but fell into a state of brain d.eath.

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On June 12, actor Lee Won Jang announced the d.eath of Park Soo Ryun through his personal page. Accordingly, the actress's funeral was held at Suwon Medical Center at 10:30 am on June 13.

Not long after that, on June 25, Korean media reported that Lee Yeon Je - a reporter for the MBN news department passed away. Reportedly, Lee Yeon Je passed away after undergoing surgery to treat a chronic illness. Her funeral took place at Severance Hospital in Sincho, Seoul at 9:25 am.

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Following that, recently on July 7, Korea News reported that female singer Lee Sang Eun passed away at the age of 46 in the toilet - just a few minutes before the performance.

According to reports, Lee Sang Eun is scheduled to attend the 33rd regular concert of the Gimcheon City Choir, at the Gimcheon Arts and Culture Center. Before the show, she had dinner with everyone, then attended the normal rehearsal. However, when the performance began, the audience did not see her appearance.

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Around 20:23, a staff member discovered Lee Sang Eun lying on the ground in the women's restroom on the third floor. When the police and ambulance arrived, Lee Sang Eun was taken to the hospital but died soon after.

A witness testified, "Up to now, Lee Sang Eun went on stage, but I didn't see her backstage. When I went to the toilet, I saw her lying on the floor." According to Yonhap , the police investigating the incident, initially predicting a stroke, do not suspect foul play.

Lee Sang Eun is a famous Korean singer, known to many audiences for her high voice. She graduated from Seoul National University, then continued to study for a master's degree at the Mannes School of Music in New York, USA.

These cases have all received great relief from Korean fans and artists.

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