Following in Hanbin's footsteps, former student Dong Nhi is preparing to debut as a Kpop idol

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Dang Hong Hai attracted attention when participating in Mnet's program in 2022 and is expected to debut in DongGyo Entertainment's music group this year.

Recently, entertainment company DongGyo Entertainment announced through their official social network accounts their new music group named NEWKIES. The image of male singer Dang Hong Hai from Ben Tre, Vietnam was first posted on the company's website, a sign that he will be a member of this new group.

Following in Hanbins footsteps, former student Dong Nhi is preparing to debut as a Kpop idol - Photo 1

Dang Hong Hai is 20 years old, from Ben Tre, and has become an exclusive artist of the idol management company in Gangnam, Seoul. On October 26, 2023, Dongyo Entertainment announced that they had signed an exclusive contract with Dang Hong Hai, a former contestant of the show Boys Planet. This company promises to support him as much as possible to develop well in the future. They are interested in Hai's energy and passion.

Following in Hanbins footsteps, former student Dong Nhi is preparing to debut as a Kpop idol - Photo 2

At the beginning of this year, when he was still an unreleased trainee of Dongyo Entertainment, Dang Hong Hai impressed when appearing at Seoul Fashion Week - Seoul Fashion Week, taking place from February 1 to February 5. . He appeared in the front row next to the company's seniors - group DKZ, with two new outfits and looks that received many compliments from Kpop fans.

Netizens expressed positive opinions about Dang Hong Hai's positive change in beauty, compared to the time he joined Boys Planet 999. It is known that he is favored by the new company and many people hope that he will soon saw him debut in a new group.

Following in Hanbins footsteps, former student Dong Nhi is preparing to debut as a Kpop idol - Photo 3

Along with Nguyen Thanh Cong, Dang Hong Hai has many fans from this journey. Although he eventually had to leave the program at position 42 and did not debut with the ZB1 squad, Dang Hong Hai soon made his name known and had an impressive display of talent.

After the show, Dang Hong Hai was expected to debut in the new b.oy group LUN8 of Fantagio - management company ASTRO. But in the end, Dang Hong Hai did not debut here and joined Dongyo Entertainment. Recently, he appeared at Seoul Fashion Week, making fans hope for a comeback in the near future. Not disappointing fans, closing the debut project after more than a year since Boys Planet is a good sign for Dang Hong Hai. Fans look forward to the Ben Tre b.oy's activities in the future.

Following in Hanbins footsteps, former student Dong Nhi is preparing to debut as a Kpop idol - Photo 4

Dang Hong Hai was born in 2003 and was a student at Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted, Ho Chi Minh City. The Ben Tre native was also a familiar face on television when he was young. In 2015, Hong Hai participated in the talent search contest for children - Tiny Heroes . A year later, he appeared in The Voice Kids and was chosen to join the team of coach Dong Nhi - Ong Cao Thang.

More and more Vietnamese idols are active in the Kpop market. Some have achieved certain success like Hanbin (Ngo Ngoc Hung) of Tempest group, some are waiting for the door to be released, but there are still not many factors causing an explosion.

Following in Hanbins footsteps, former student Dong Nhi is preparing to debut as a Kpop idol - Photo 5

Hanbin was born in Yen Bai, graduated from the Faculty of International Marketing, University of Commerce. Before debut, Hanbin was famous in the Vietnamese Kpop dancer world with the stage name Hung Bin, and had a strong fandom (fan community). He once held the position of leader of the CAC group, w.inning the Vietnam Kpop random dance in public 2018 contest.

In 2020, the singer attracted attention when participating in the reality show I-Land of Big Hit Entertainment - the company that manages the group BTS. The young singer is constantly in the top contestants with high votes, impressing with his handsome face and good choreography. Hanbin was eliminated before the final, missing the opportunity to join the b.oy band Enhypen - debuted in November 2020. After that, the singer started working as a trainee at Yuehua Entertainment - which manages artists Choi Ye Na, Cho Seung Youn, Everglow, and actor Lee Do Hyun.

Following in Hanbins footsteps, former student Dong Nhi is preparing to debut as a Kpop idol - Photo 6

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