Nhat Kim Anh spoke out about the news of remarrying after her ex-husband made his new love public

Huỳnh PhúcJul 21, 2023 at 19:12

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In 2019, Nhat Kim Anh once publicized the story of everyone going their separate ways with a businessman husband. When her ex-husband openly has a new person beside her, the female singer's "every move" always attracts the attention of the internet.

Nhat Kim Anh spoke out about the news of remarrying after her ex-husband made his new love public - Photo 1

On the morning of July 14, Nhat Kim Anh suddenly posted a photo showing off her engagement ring on social networks and also publicly thanked a man with a hidden face. This move of the actress made the audience think that she was about to get on a flower car.

The article quickly received the attention of the audience and the media. Right after that, a large number of viewers and friends also congratulated her. Many people congratulated the singer for finding a happy destination after all the hardships. However, Nhat Kim Anh is tight-lipped and does not share any more information about the other half.

Nhat Kim Anh spoke out about the news of remarrying after her ex-husband made his new love public - Photo 2

But it seems that in order to avoid unnecessary rumors, Nhat Kim Anh recently revealed the above sharing just to introduce her new music project to be released this month, marking her return as a singer.

According to the singer born in 1985, many viewers expect that they will soon find new happiness and publicize their lover. However, at this time, she wants to keep her private life private to focus on work and family.

"There is nothing happier than an artist when the audience cares and gives a lot of love. I can't predict the future but believe in fate.

At some point I hope to get married and announce the good news to the audience," she said.

Nhat Kim Anh spoke out about the news of remarrying after her ex-husband made his new love public - Photo 3

The female singer also thanked the fans for supporting her comeback product. After only a short time of debut, her music products have reached millions of views and thousands of positive comments on online platforms.

Nhat Kim Anh expressed her joy when the MV was seen - heard by many audiences and posted on online forums. The song also became the song played at the wedding ceremony, the wedding party of the couples in the past few days.

Specifically, Nhat Kim Anh once made people stir after nearly 5 years of "everyone going their separate ways" with her businessman husband, the female singer also found a shoulder for herself. Specifically, on his personal Facebook, actor Nhat Kim Anh shared an image of two hands wearing rings on the ring finger, attracting the attention of fans. Along with that, she wrote: "At 7pm tomorrow 15/7/2023, officially becomes our day. Thank you and the whole family for giving this special surprise to Kim Hue (Nhat Kim Anh's real name). Invite the whole family to share in the fun."

Looking at the photo, observant fans recognize a hand with pale pink nail polish. Since then, many people have speculated that the female singer has found new happiness and expressed curiosity about her identity: "Oh h.ot news, sister, congratulations", "Always be happy", ... Besides, some fans "sell doubt" that she is about to release a new music product.

Nhat Kim Anh spoke out about the news of remarrying after her ex-husband made his new love public - Photo 4

Nhat Kim Anh and businessman Buu Loc got married in 2014, after a few years of living together, both decided to go their separate ways. The couple's divorce once caused the media to spend a lot of ink when insiders were constantly talking back and forth on social networks about c.hild custody disputes.

Although in the lawsuit, Nhat Kim Anh won custody of his son. However, she accepted to let her son live with his father and grandparents, ignoring the problems with her ex-husband because she did not want to affect the c.hild's life.

Nhat Kim Anh spoke out about the news of remarrying after her ex-husband made his new love public - Photo 5

Nhat Kim Anh himself from that time also focused all his time on his career. The female singer is more active than ever as an actress. She scored with the audience through a series of roles in Lightning in the Rain, Repentance, God's Daughter, Mysterious Twins, Lost, Bread King,...

In addition, Nhat Kim Anh is also busy with her own brand business project, she has achieved many other achievements in this field and has a stable income. However, the female singer still identifies art as a passion, so she never gives up. Once the schedule was arranged, she immediately started implementing projects to send to everyone.

"I'm working at full capacity to surprise the audience. In which, a movie project and a 'terrible' MV will be released in the last months of this year.

I hope to receive sustained love from everyone after many years of working," she shared.

Regarding her private life, she was entangled in some romantic rumors, secretly dating Titi - a former member of the group HKT. However, the two denied it and said that they were just close sisters.

Nhat Kim Anh spoke out about the news of remarrying after her ex-husband made his new love public - Photo 6

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