Musician Xuan Phuong: "Father" of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs

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Xuan Phuong is known as a talented artist in the Vietnamese music industry. He is also the author of a series of once-popular songs. He recently passed away, making many colleagues and audiences sad.

On the morning of November 29, the news that musician Xuan Phuong passed away made many artists and fans shocked and sad. For music lovers, he is truly a big name, the "father" of many famous songs such as: Wishes for Old Memories, Lullabies for Children, Unspoken Words, Anh...

Musician Xuan Phuong: Father of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs - Photo 1

Xuan Phuong's full name is Nguyen Xuan Phuong, born in 1973 in Hung Yen, is a musician working at the Military University of Culture and Arts. He was exposed to music from a young age and studied piano at the Hanoi Conservatory of Music.

In 1988, Xuan Phuong graduated from the University of Composition. Since 2000, the male musician has been a lecturer at the Military College of Culture and Arts, today's Military College of Culture and Arts. Later, he also studied for a Master's degree in folk culture research at the Institute of Folk Culture.

Musician Xuan Phuong: Father of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs - Photo 2

Although she is a successful musician in the field of composing and owns many famous songs, Xuan Phuong is quite secretive about her private life. It can be said that he is one of the few artists who are "immune" to the attraction of fame, luxury and glamor of showbiz. He silently devotes himself to music, quietly doing the work he loves such as mixing, arranging, writing music, teaching,...

Meticulous, careful and straightforward are the highlights of musician Xuan Phuong's personality. He is the author of many great soundtrack songs, including "Longing for Old Memories" which was very popular at one time and is willing to help young people just starting out in the profession. Once he accepted the job, he always devoted himself to every lyric and melody, no matter how much the salary was paid.

Musician Xuan Phuong: Father of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs - Photo 3

Working in the entertainment industry for many years, musician Xuan Phuong has clearly understood the glamor, gossip and its downsides. He always felt that he was not suitable for the tricks to become famous. Because, once an artist accepts the game, he or she accepts the producer's arrangement and says what they want to say. He wants to quietly do his own work to produce more good works for the audience.

During more than 20 years of working, musician Xuan Phuong has released many good and famous songs. He is also fondly called a "best-selling" soundtrack musician when he composed many songs in the film that have gone down in many people's memories, famous among them is "Wishing for Old Memories" - soundtrack. "Please believe me".

Musician Xuan Phuong: Father of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs - Photo 4

The film is adapted from the short story of the same name by writer Nguyen Thi Thu Hue, first broadcast in 1997 on the Sunday Arts program of VTV3 channel, directed by Do Thanh Hai as screenwriter and director.

"Longing for Old Memories" with its sweet melody and nostalgic lyrics caused a fever not only when it was first released but also has lasting vitality for decades. It became one of the immortal songs for Vietnamese students. The proof is that many singers later successfully performed this song on different stages.

The song not only helped Xuan Phuong become famous but also became a youthful memory for many generations of audiences. As of 2021, the male musician said he has written music for about 60-70 movies. He has a series of impressive songs such as: Lullabies for Children, If We Must Be Apart, Unspoken Words, If One Day,...

Musician Xuan Phuong: Father of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs - Photo 5

25 years ago, the movie "For You" received the love of a large number of television audiences thanks to its intimate and touching content, revolving around family life and sacred motherhood. Because of her old age and weak health, Ms. Vi (late Meritorious Artist Hoang Yen) had to stay in bed and needed someone to take care of her.

Instead of taking care of their elderly mother, Ms. Vi's three children used the excuse of being busy with work and pushed each other's responsibilities. Disappointed in her children, Mrs. Vi left. At this point, her three children realized their mistake. The soundtrack song is "Lullabies for Children" performed by diva Ha Tran, a touching composition by musician Xuan Phuong.

Musician Xuan Phuong: Father of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs - Photo 6

"If We Must Be Apart" is a hit song by singer Minh Quan. Few people know that this is also the soundtrack written by musician Xuan Phuong for the movie "Underground Waves" (2000).

In 2009, musician Xuan Phuong composed music from the poem of the same name by poet Phan Thi Vinh Ha for the movie "The Second Woman". The film attracted the public by mentioning an eternal talent: the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Musician Xuan Phuong: Father of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs - Photo 7

In 2022, "Longing for Old Memories" was even used as music for the movie "Beauty Than Sach" directed by Nguyen Tuong Nguyen Phuong, with the participation of many young Vietnamese and Thai actors.

Musician Xuan Phuong once confided that when composing, he often tries to create works that a large audience can sympathize with. Even when writing film music, he does not compose songs just for that work.

Instead, the male musician just took the theme of the movie and directed the song's content and emotions more to the audience. Thanks to that, his songs can still separate from the film with lasting vitality over the years.

Musician Xuan Phuong: Father of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs - Photo 8

Despite having a famous creative career, musician Xuan Phuong has a simple and peaceful life with his family. In recent years, he lived a private life and rarely appeared in front of the media, until November 29 when he breathed his last breath in Hanoi at the age of 50.

Musician Xuan Phuong: Father of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs - Photo 9

The cause of Xuan Phuong's d.eath was cancer. The male musician became seriously ill and was hospitalized a few days ago. Despite efforts to treat him, he could not survive. His passing made many people deeply saddened.

The funeral for the late musician was held at 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Friday) December 1 at the Funeral House of Central Military Hospital 108 (No. 5 Tran Thanh Tong - Hanoi). Memorial and funeral ceremony at 12:30 on December 1, burial at Thien Duc Vinh Hang Vien Cemetery - Phu Tho.

Musician Xuan Phuong: Father of Wishing Memories of the Past and a series of famous soundtrack songs - Photo 10

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