Ngoc Trinh earned a lot of m.oney despite being detained, revenue increased unexpectedly thanks to just one activity

Thiên DiDec 01, 2023 at 16:49

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Not long ago, Ngoc Trinh was taken into custody by the Investigation Agency for "disrupting public order". Since then, all information revolving around the beauty of Tra Vinh origin has received more and more attention.

More than 1 month ago, the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department HCMC has decided to prosecute and arrest and detain the defendant Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh (model Ngoc Trinh) for 3 months for her involvement in the case of disrupting public order. It all stemmed from the fact that at that time Ngoc Trinh often posted clips of riding motorcycles with offensive poses, she herself did not have a driving license.

Ngoc Trinh earned a lot of m.oney despite being detained, revenue increased unexpectedly thanks to just one activity - Photo 1

At Thu Duc City Police, Road-Railway Traffic Department and Office of Traffic Agency (Ho Chi Minh City Police). HCM), Ngoc Trinh has admitted all wrongdoing as reflected in clips that she has posted on social media platforms.

After that, Ngoc Trinh's social media accounts with tens of millions of followers also fell into a state of "freezing", a series of clips related to motorbike driving were also deleted. A few days ago, Ngoc Trinh's Fanpage was reopened but after nearly 1 day, it continued to lock.

Notably, Ngoc Trinh's Youtube channel is still experiencing revenue growth despite not posting new videos for about 3 months and the channel owner was detained.

According to data from Social Blade, Ngoc Trinh's Youtube channel with more than 2.1 million subscribers currently earns an average of 139 - 2,200 USD (about 3.3 - 53.4 million VND). Meanwhile, the average revenue per year is from 1,700 - 26,800 USD (about 41.3 - 651.1 million VND).

Ngoc Trinh earned a lot of m.oney despite being detained, revenue increased unexpectedly thanks to just one activity - Photo 2

Although there are no new videos, the number of views for old videos on Ngoc Trinh's channel is still increasing steadily with several tens of thousands of views per day. Meanwhile, new subscriptions for the channel did not grow too much, even showing signs of slowing down and going down.

Ngoc Trinh earned a lot of m.oney despite being detained, revenue increased unexpectedly thanks to just one activity - Photo 3

At one time, Ngoc Trinh made billions from activities on Youtube channel. Ngoc Trinh and her team create a variety of content, hitting the psychology of many viewers. Ngoc Trinh boasted of owning many genuine "cars", luxury houses and stun "unboxing" performances, costing her hundreds of millions to billions of VND just to satisfy her passion for shopping for bags, shoes, watches, dresses ...

Ngoc Trinh earned a lot of m.oney despite being detained, revenue increased unexpectedly thanks to just one activity - Photo 4

Besides Youtube, Ngoc Trinh owns an Instagram account with 5.7 million followers, a TikTok channel with more than 6 million followers, a personal Facebook account and a Fanpage with millions of followers. However, despite her influence on social media, the model shared images and videos that violated the law, leading to her recent arrest and detention for disrupting public order.

At the time when Ngoc Trinh's account "lit up" and then continued to lock when the information that people knew about her was currently in detention, netizens also caused netizens to stir. Many people wondered, "Is it possible that during detention, Ngoc Trinh can still use technology devices to update her social networking page?"

Ngoc Trinh earned a lot of m.oney despite being detained, revenue increased unexpectedly thanks to just one activity - Photo 5

In fact, personal websites of Vietnamese celebrities often have a professional team to manage. Celebrities of Vietnamese showbiz not only m.ake m.oney from running shows or attending events, many Vietnamese stars also "make huge money" thanks to their personal pages or fanpages of social networks Facebook. Celebrities, owners of fanpages with millions of likes and followers.

When social networking sites become a monetization tool, investing in social networking sites is a way to reinvest. And a professional team will be in charge of taking care of Sao Viet's social networking sites, not legitimate Vietnamese stars. "Virtual network" but can help Vietnamese stars make real m.oney.

Ngoc Trinh earned a lot of m.oney despite being detained, revenue increased unexpectedly thanks to just one activity - Photo 6

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