Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was "crushed" by her opponent?

Mẫn NhiNov 29, 2023 at 19:16

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Miss Intercontinental has begun, and the activities throughout the competition are eagerly awaited by the country's audience. More specifically, fans have great expectations for this year's Vietnamese representative - runner-up Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang.

Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang has continued to enter the first activities in the Miss Intercontinental 2023 competition taking place in Egypt.

Like the previous queens of the Golden Lotus family, Ngoc Hang also impressed with her careful preparation and elaborate dress. In this activity, Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang wore a white, tight-fitting dress that perfectly accentuated her perfect figure and long, straight legs. The beauty born in 2003 also combined the "layout" with light makeup and wavy hair to o.ff her gentle visual, with bold Asian features.

Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was crushed by her opponent? - Photo 1

Here, Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang also had his first "competition" with international competitors. Even though there are many "heavyweight" contestants, the queen is still not "inferior" in both height and beauty. Not only that, her naturally bright white skin also helps Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang shine and occupy the "spotlight".

Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was crushed by her opponent? - Photo 2

From the moment she announced her representative, until the days of preparation and until she officially joined the competition, Ngoc Hang always received high expectations from the audience. However, it is still difficult for the queen to avoid the pressure that comes from Miss Bao Ngoc's first crown last year. This seems to make the queen have to try many times harder to maintain and continue the proud achievements of her seniors.

Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was crushed by her opponent? - Photo 3

However, Hang said she does not feel pressured by the success of her predecessor Bao Ngoc. On the contrary, she is greatly inspired and motivated by her seniors. The beauty promised to do her best to bring the crown back to Vietnam again.

Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was crushed by her opponent? - Photo 4

Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang was born in 2003, in Ho Chi Minh City. She is a former student of Trung Vuong High School with "tremendous" academic achievements, having achieved the title of excellent student for 12 consecutive years. After graduating from high school, Hang studied at Western Sydney University in Australia. She has had an IELTS 6.0 certificate since high school. In addition, she can communicate in Japanese and Korean.

Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was crushed by her opponent? - Photo 5

Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang is considered one of the brightest and potential faces competing in Miss Vietnam 2022. She makes fans admire even more when she possesses many impressive achievements. In the Miss Vietnam 2022 contest, she won the "Talented Beauty" contest and was in the Top 3 "Sports Beauties". She conquered the judges with her confidence and powerful voice...

Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was crushed by her opponent? - Photo 6

Ngoc Hang is also a member of a number of community programs and projects such as non-profit projects targeting the elderly such as The Elderly of Saigon, career guidance projects and sharing application skills to young talents VOCO Center ... She also appeared in singer Trong Hieu's recycled Vietnam MV and participated in creating paintings to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Vietnam - Singapore diplomatic relations.

Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was crushed by her opponent? - Photo 7

As the first person in the top 3 selected to participate in the international competition, Ngoc Hang feels both pressured and honored. She said that right after being crowned second runner-up, she threw herself into training. Hang always has the thought: "Who knows, maybe I will have the opportunity to take an international exam." In addition to bodybuilding and catwalk training, she also spends time practicing communication skills and interviewing... When asked about her goal at "Miss Intercontinental 2023", Ngoc Hang is confident: "Hang wants to win the title." highest, that is the prestigious crown!".

Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was crushed by her opponent? - Photo 8

One interesting thing about this g.irl is that Ngoc Hang once shared about her decision to become a vegetarian for quite a long time from 2020 until now. The reason is that the queen's parents have kept the habit of being vegetarian for a long time. In the house, only two sisters, Ngoc Hang, eat salty food. Until her younger sister had health problems, Hang was thinking about becoming a vegetarian and decided to start pursuing this lifestyle. She has the opinion that vegetarianism is not only good for health but also helps protect the environment and maintain love for living beings.

Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was crushed by her opponent? - Photo 9

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