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Runner-up Ngoc Hang just returned home and hinted at "following in" her seniors' footsteps and becoming a singer like LONA Kieu Loan?

Khánh Huyền08:21:34 20/12/2023
After a brilliant journey with 2 weeks of fighting at Miss Intercontinental 2023 and the sweet result worthy of the 2nd runner-up crown, Ngoc Hang had a flight back to her country and landed on the evening of December 18.

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Miss Intercontinental was criticized as "village", the organization was not up to international standards!

Vân Anh17:20:14 17/12/2023
On the evening of December 15 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (ie the early morning of December 16, Vietnam time), the finals of Miss Intercontinental 2023 took place. Vietnamese representative Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang excellently achieved the title of Asia. post 2.

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Ngoc Hang was criticized by Tan Miss Intercontinental when she entered the top 22?

Mẫn Nhi11:16:20 16/12/2023
In the early morning of December 16 (Vietnam time), the final round of Miss Intercontinental 2023 (51st Miss Intercontinental) took place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt with the competition of more than 60 contestants from all over the world. countries and territories around the world.

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Bao Ngoc "monopolized" the 8 billion crown, r.evealing something special about the final walk Miss Intercontinental dress

Uyển Đình15:37:04 15/12/2023
In just a few hours, Miss Bao Ngoc will end her 1 year reign as Miss Intercontinental. She is currently in Egypt participating in pageant activities as well as preparing to take her final steps as the reigning Miss Intercontinental.

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Bao Ngoc made a shocking comment about Ngoc Hang before the finals, implying that her juniors are not worthy of wearing the MIC crown?

Minh Lợi10:09:43 15/12/2023
Before handing over the crown to her successor, Miss Intercontinental 2022 had shared information about the contestants, especially Ngoc Hang - Vietnam's representative at Miss Intercontinental 2023.

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Miss Bao Ngoc does 1 stun thing at Miss Intercontinental 2023, Ngoc Hang receives bad news

Mưa10:15:14 06/12/2023
In recent days, the reigning Miss Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc has been in Egypt to accompany the cast of Miss Intercontinental 2023 contestants on the journey to find the successor to the noble crown worth 8 billion.

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What does Ngoc Hang consistently reach the top of impressive contestants at Miss Intercontinental for?

Khánh Huyền17:51:47 05/12/2023
Ngoc Hang continues to be in the top contestants with impressive performances on the 7th day around the framework of the Miss Intercontinental 2023 contest, launched by Glamour Universe Official.

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Bao Ngoc changed dramatically near the end of his term, boldly wearing bold clothes to o.ff his extreme physique

Phượng Vũ17:30:13 05/12/2023
In the days near the end of her term, Miss Bao Ngoc constantly wore daring cut-out outfits, showing off her long legs in Egypt. Her latest image made people can't help but rub.

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Miss Intercontinental: Ngoc Hang "usurped" the top 1, worthy of the title "war tiger", the crown is approaching

An Nhi06:40:14 04/12/2023
Runner-up Ngoc Hang's journey to conquer the Miss Intercontinental 2023 crown is getting a lot of attention as she constantly has performances that run out of dipping sauce. Recently, the queen also excellently led the rankings, making fans extremely proud.

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Bao Ngoc plans to go to Egypt to "fuel" Ngoc Hang, preparing to hand over the billion-dollar crown

Tuyết Ngọc15:03:23 30/11/2023
The moment Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc appeared in Egypt, preparing to hand over the crown to Miss Intercontinental 2023, is receiving a lot of attention from the beauty fan community.

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Ngoc Hang at Miss Intercontinental 2023, just came out and was "crushed" by her opponent?

Mẫn Nhi19:16:41 29/11/2023
Miss Intercontinental has begun, and the activities throughout the competition are eagerly awaited by the country's audience. More specifically, fans have great expectations for this year's Vietnamese representative - runner-up Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang.

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Bao Ngoc was commented by the 'online judge' that she was famous, laughing and crying when she was already a beauty queen

T.P06:45:57 14/11/2023
Miss Bao Ngoc didn't know whether to laugh or cry when faced with a situation where she didn't know whether to be happy or sad. Posting the moment of her performance on stage, she received a word from an online judge who predicted that she would become famous, but she doubted that she was now a beauty queen.

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Miss Bao Ngoc strictly protected her adoptive sister in the apartment fire, making a request that she hoped fans would comply with

Pinky07:18:55 21/09/2023
Miss Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc has just shared information r.evealing the current situation of her adopted sister, who was a victim of a mini apartment fire in Hanoi. Noteworthy is the request for a message to the online community.

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Miss Bao Ngoc's family welcomed a new member, a victim of a mini apartment fire in Hanoi

Gia Hoàng10:50:13 19/09/2023
Recently, the news that Bao Ngoc adopted a l.ittle g.irl who lost her family in a tragic fire in Hanoi made fans feel warm and touched by Miss Hau's noble gesture.

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Bao Ngoc's title of Miss Intercontinental was made into 'constantly staying at home', fans were speechless at the response

Thanh Phúc17:57:34 16/09/2023
Miss Bao Ngoc just responded to beauty fans. After nearly a year of holding her title of Miss Intercontinental, she was always scrutinized and thought that the contest she was crowned in was a village pond, there weren't many trips. go abroad like other international beauty queens.

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Runner-up Minh Kien continued to play the ball at the event, the divine beauty now became the focus of attention

Hướng Dương13:30:00 13/09/2023
The Vbiz series of cult beauties had an extremely intense duel at the sash awarding event and announced Vietnam's representative to Miss Intercontinental 2023. The beauty of runner Minh Kien through the camera often makes fans admire because she is too top-notch.

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Tianjin, Baoyu react "confused" to Xiao Vy's dating rumors, Mei Fang cause controversy

Ngọc Sa16:43:28 17/08/2023
In recent days, Miss Xiao Vy has become the focus of social media when it is rumored to be dating Thai actor - Nicky Nachat. It all started when the saints found a series of details that matched the two.

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Miss Bao Ngoc has breast cancer, returned to the runway after 1 year of treatment, fans were touched by 1 thing

An Tư08:09:15 11/08/2023
Tran Bao Ngoc was born in 1978, she is known for being crowned Miss Vietnam Women, at the age of 22. In the 1990s, she was one of the few models with legs 1 meter 15 long and height 1 meter 76.

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Miss Y Nhi "surpassed" Huong Giang with a "terrible" anti society, and the two queens were equally "hated"

An Nhi10:30:07 01/08/2023
Despite stepping up to the top of the cult beauty contests, for many reasons, Misses such as Y Nhi, Huong Giang, Thien An, ... still faced the hate of the majority of the public.

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Bao Ngoc was stoned for the last minute burst of the show, quickly explaining, sympathetic fans "turned the car"

Bảo Tiên10:37:18 18/07/2023
After posting a clip announcing the cancellation of the show at the last minute, Miss Bao Ngoc faced many criticisms from netizens. In the face of mixed opinions from the audience about receiving 2 consecutive shows in 2 different cities in the same session, Miss Bao Ngoc...

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Supermodel Anh Thu "slaps" someone because her catwalk is "bad", H'hen Niê, Bao Ngoc, Phuong Nhi are called?

Xuân Xuân13:51:40 04/06/2023
Recently, supermodel Anh Thu suddenly mentioned the flower issue - the runner-up encroached on the catwalk. Without hesitation or avoidance, the female supermodel had a show of "teaching" the queens, causing people to argue excitedly. After the recording and preparation time...

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Mai Phuong - Phuong Nhi landed on the red carpet of MW Vietnam, the beauty set was sharp and tight, 59 contestants appeared

M.A08:31:06 30/05/2023
Mai Phuong, Luong Thuy Linh, Phuong Nhi and the famous beauties appeared at the event of the Miss World Vietnam 2023 contest. Notably, this is also the first time that the Top 59 contestants of Miss World Vietnam 2023 were officially revealed. to the media and the public. On the...

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Miss Bao Ngoc received "brick and stone" again when wearing a crown to the market, was it wrong to say "coloring"?

Xuân Xuân10:31:34 17/05/2023
Often criticized by the online community that she wears a crown everywhere she goes, Miss Bao Ngoc recently continued to receive bricks and stones while walking around Ben Thanh market with a bulky crown on her head. Specifically, recently, Miss Bao Ngoc posted a clip to share...

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Bao Ngoc exposes her toes curled, "inferior" when standing next to MGI 2022, dividing rumors to color, dominate

T.P14:14:44 05/04/2023
The reigning Miss Intercontinental - Bao Ngoc, has just had a "confrontation" with Isabella Menin - Miss Grand International 2022 in Vietnam, although both are international-level Miss, but Bao Ngoc is heavily criticized for this. This. Vietnamese beauty fans have just had the...

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