Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it?

Hoàng PhúcFeb 25, 2023 at 09:18

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Director Quach Kinh Minh was accused of acting inappropriately with Ngu Thu Han during the filming of the new TV series Van Chi Vu. The matter is still controversial.

In a new series of photos at the backstage of the historical film Van Chi Vu posted by Sohu, Ngu Thu Han sits huddled in the cold night sky. At that time, director Quach Kinh Minh came over and talked, asked questions and discussed the scene with the actress. However, this next action is what is receiving controversy.

Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it? - Photo 1

Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it? - Photo 2

Things will not be worth discussing when after that, Quach Kinh Minh suddenly put his hand on Ngu Thu Han's lap. The director, born in 1983, placed a heating glove on her thigh, as if rubbing it back and forth, then pulled his hand away. After finishing the conversation, Quach Kinh Minh left, leaving her gloves at Yu Shu Han's place, making her quite awkward.

Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it? - Photo 3

Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it? - Photo 4

The current series of photos is being shared on Weibo and attracts the attention of netizens. Some people are dissatisfied with Quach Kinh Minh's harassing behavior towards the 9X flower g.irl. Even though it was just an unconscious act, when being photographed and turned around, it was impossible not to cause a stir in public opinion.

Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it? - Photo 5

On the other hand, there is an opinion that should not be too strict with the director's interaction. According to Sohu, the studio was very cold at night, and Yu Shu Han was also sitting in a sad place, so perhaps Guo Jingming was only interested in his film's actors. Leaving warm gloves is also an act of showing the director's affection and kindness. However, the massage action is still difficult to justify.

Quach Kinh Minh is one of the famous 8X directors of Cbiz, but no less market. Besides shocking statements every time he released a movie, he also had a long time of being boycotted, hated and even restricted from activities due to a plagiarism scandal. Currently, Quach Kinh Minh returns to television, choosing Van Chi Vu's historical project as a springboard.

Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it? - Photo 6

On the other hand, this is also the expected comeback between Ngu Thu Han and Truong Lang Ha after Thuong Lan Quyet. No longer "underdog" before Vuong Hac De, now Truong Lang Ha "rises" to the male lead, promising a beautiful love story next to "Tieu Lan Hoa" Ngu Thu Han.

After Thuong Lan Quyet, Ngu Thu Han received a lot of attention and attention from the audience. Her film career is also growing with many new projects.

Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it? - Photo 7

However, Ngu Thu Han entered the acting career because of her own desire, not because of economic issues. Because the actress comes from a rich family, and at the same time, she is also the "real price" lady of the entertainment world.

According to industry insiders, Ngu Thu Han's grandfather is the chairman of an iron and steel corporation. While her father is also the director of Cat Tuong Airlines, the total assets amount to about 49 billion yuan.

Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it? - Photo 8

In a photo taken by Yu Shuxin with his grandfather, both exude a luxurious aura. In addition, the actress also has a gentle beauty, the angelic spirit of a standard lady of a tycoon.

But so far, Yu Shu Han has never shared about his family background, nor is he proud because of his rich family. When she was in school, she used to work while studying at a restaurant.

For 6 years in the entertainment industry, the beautiful Ngu family also worked hard at casting for each role. Like many other actors, she had to play supporting roles of little interest, and also made a poster to promote the project she participated in.

Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it? - Photo 9

For Yu Shuxin, acting is the real job she wants to pursue for a long time. Therefore, the actress is always working hard and doing her best for her career.

Besides, fans also said that the idol went up with his own feet and almost did not rely on the help of his family. This is also what makes Ngu Thu Han fans feel very proud.

Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it? - Photo 10

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