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Ngu Thu Han 'fell in love' with Lam Nhat in the new movie, a series of emotional scenes is about to air

Pinky17:13:57 27/12/2023
Actress Ngu Thu Han and her junior Lam Nhat are about to take the Chinese film industry by storm with a new project called Shhh, the king is hibernating. The series of emotional scenes promises to make fans restless.

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Ngu Thu Han revealed evidence of dating an actor for a lifetime, Vuong Hac De officially fell in love?

Thảo Mai09:25:00 06/06/2023
According to Sohu, the dating news of Ngu Thu Han and Ngo Kien Hao appeared from the beginning of June. Fans discovered that the two artists had been at the same place 3 times in the past 2 months. Specifically, on April 11-12, Ngu Thu Han traveled to Los Angeles (USA). At the...

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Ngo Thu Han was harassed by a scandalous director on set, but had to endure it?

Hoàng Phúc09:18:35 25/02/2023
Director Quach Kinh Minh was accused of acting inappropriately with Ngu Thu Han during the filming of the new TV series Van Chi Vu. The matter is still controversial. In a new series of photos at the backstage of the historical film Van Chi Vu posted by Sohu, Ngu Thu Han sits...

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