Duong Tu held the hand of "the first screen man", correcting Kris Wu's "mistakes"?

Thanh AnhNov 11, 2023 at 08:42

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Recently, there is news that Duong Tu will officially hold the hand of the "first male screen actor" to correct the "mistake" that Ngo Diec Pham made with the Thanh Tram Hanh project after the shocking scandal.

Thanh Tram Hanh used to be one of the historical projects that attracted the most attention from the audience. The film has the participation of two famous actors at the time of filming, Yang Zi and Kris Wu, and started filming in 2019 within 8 months.

Duong Tu held the hand of the first screen man, correcting Kris Wus mistakes? - Photo 1

However, by 2021, after Ngo Diec Pham was assassinated, a series of works with his name were called out. Typically, Thanh Tram Hanh quickly entered the blacklist at risk of being 'covered up'. The production of Thanh Tram Hanh was banned due to the participation of criminal artist Ngo Diec Pham, causing headaches for the producers because the film had finished filming but could not be screened.

Not only that, at that time, it also made fans of the female lead Duong Tu sigh because the idol had high expectations but in the end, she "made a mistake". However, recently, there has been a lot of information that the film is looking for a way to get a chance to broadcast again after Kris Wu's scandal.

Duong Tu held the hand of the first screen man, correcting Kris Wus mistakes? - Photo 2

Recently, social networks spread the news that actor Banh Quan Anh will replace Ngo Diec Pham and marry Duong Tu in Thanh Tram Hanh. Besides, there is also news that the project has entered the testing phase. The script and scenes have been adjusted so the entire scene with the male lead will be re-shot. The actors opposite the male lead will also film additionally. This means that Duong Tu will also return to Thanh Tram Hanh studio and film with Banh Quan Anh.

Duong Tu held the hand of the first screen man, correcting Kris Wus mistakes? - Photo 3

Banh Quan Anh possesses outstanding visual and attractive acting ability. He was dubbed the "first handsome guy" after making an impression as the "evil guy" in Under the Sun. It is known that his role as Phong Tieu Thanh has a brutal and c.ruel personality, especially extremely perverted with his tricks on the female lead. Every gesture and look of the actor in this movie gave viewers chills.

Duong Tu held the hand of the first screen man, correcting Kris Wus mistakes? - Photo 4

Recently, Banh Quan Anh also attracted attention with the male lead role in Heard You Like Me with Vuong So Nhien. Despite his outstanding acting, the name Peng Quan has not yet been able to reach the peak of fame compared to other male stars of the same time because he has few broadcast works.

Duong Tu held the hand of the first screen man, correcting Kris Wus mistakes? - Photo 5

Previously, there was information that Lam Canh Tan would replace Ngo Diec Pham in the Thanh Tram Hanh project but has now changed to Banh Quan Anh. Bloggers on social networks pointed out that the main reason why Lam Canh Tan did not want to participate in Thanh Tram Hanh was because from the beginning, the actor thought that he only needed to cooperate in taking photos of his face, expressions and The producer will then change the face on the film using AI technology.

Duong Tu held the hand of the first screen man, correcting Kris Wus mistakes? - Photo 6

Besides, since the rumors of Lam Canh Tan replacing Ngo Diec Pham in Thanh Tram Hanh have been rumored, they have received mixed reactions from the online community. It is known that Lam Canh Tan's career is on the rise, especially when the project Du Phuong Hanh and Trieu Le Dinh are about to air. Furthermore, he also recently participated in the Rose Story project with Liu Yifei. That's why he will have many good film resources opportunities.

Duong Tu held the hand of the first screen man, correcting Kris Wus mistakes? - Photo 7

Meanwhile, Thanh Tram Hanh is a project that has been in trouble for a long time because of the male lead's scandal. Taking the risk to replace Ngo Diec Pham in this project will have some impact on his future reputation. by Lam Canh Tan.

Furthermore, the entire Chinese entertainment industry is currently in a period of stress. At this time, Lam Canh Tan or any artist does not want to be involved in bad news or become the focus of the public when participating in a project that once had a star in prison.

One opinion even commented: "It's better to play the supporting actor in a good project than to be the male lead in a movie with too many problems. I think even Duong Tu no longer expects Thanh to be able to act." on air again".

Duong Tu held the hand of the first screen man, correcting Kris Wus mistakes? - Photo 8

Thanh Tram Hanh is adapted from the novel Tram Trung Luc by Chau Van Van. It tells the story of the talented criminal Hoang Tu Ha, who, after becoming a suspect in the m.assacre, hid under King Ly Thu Bach under the guise of eunuch Chau Sung Co. Ly Thu Bach was a royal family with outstanding intelligence, unparalleled wealth, and was both respected and hated by the entire court. Hoang Tu Ha worked side by side with him to solve many unjust cases, and gradually washed away his own wrongdoing.

Duong Tu held the hand of the first screen man, correcting Kris Wus mistakes? - Photo 9

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