After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: The property was frozen, no regrets for what he did?

Hoàng PhúcMay 31, 2023 at 18:51

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Used to be the brightest male god of the Chinese entertainment industry, participating in the list of the Four Great Peaks, but Ly Dich Phong suddenly encountered a "fall of the horse" causing his whole career to fall into a "dead end".

Following Ngo Diep Pham, the actor also returned to "criminal" Cbiz with a series of accusations related to physical relations. Li Dich Phong was accused by Beijing authorities of carrying out the act of b.uying s.ex many times. The current status of the handsome man of the Ly family is still a big question mark for the public.

After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: Frozen assets, no regrets for what he did? - Figure 1

On the morning of May 31, Sohu newspaper suddenly reported on the current status of Ly Dich Phong. Specifically, the actor has disappeared for the past 8 months. According to Vuong Dao - a close friend, the current condition of the handsome man named Ly is currently quite good. This news made fans burst with excitement.

Because this is the first time they know about Ly Dich Phong's condition, although it is not clear whether he is currently in China or settled abroad.

After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: Frozen assets, no regrets for what he did? - Figure 2

A few days ago, Ly Dich Phong also revealed to his best friend that he had frozen 2 million shares. Two companies under the actor's name were also frozen 1 million shares and entangled in a series of lawsuits.

According to Sohu , many girls claiming to be Ly Dich Phong's girlfriend simultaneously spread the news that the actor had cheated on them while in a love relationship. Not only that, they affirmed that the handsome man surnamed Ly is completely two different people on stage and in private life. After being famous, Ly Dich Phong gave birth to a feeling of dissatisfaction with reality, so he sought outside interest.

After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: Frozen assets, no regrets for what he did? - Figure 3

Currently, the actor's reputation has been seriously damaged, which is difficult to repair. Ly Dich Phong's career was also "sealed" on a large scale.

Ly Dich Phong is a male star who possesses the famous handsome and elegant look of the Chinese entertainment industry. Besides, the noisy private life of the 8x actor is also very interested by fans.

After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: Frozen assets, no regrets for what he did? - Figure 4

Although he is one of the most secretive male actors about his private life, rumors of his love appear in the newspapers.

Ly Dich Phong and Duong Mich

One of the most controversial dating rumors of Ly Dich Phong is with actress Duong Mich. The couple worked together through 2 movies, Ancient Sword Ky Talk and Dynamic Brake. Even in real life, Ly Dich Phong and Duong Mich are actively pushed by fans even though Duong Mich is married to Luu Khai Uy.

After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: Frozen assets, no regrets for what he did? - Figure 5

Therefore, the social network quickly appeared rumors of Duong Mich having an affair with Ly Dich Phong, causing her marriage to show signs of rift since the end of 2015, when netizens saw many moments of romantic outings between them. Duong Mich and Ly Dich Phong. Things went even further when the couple Duong Mich - Luu Khai Uy officially divorced in 2018.

After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: Frozen assets, no regrets for what he did? - Figure 6

The shocking incident caused not only Duong Mich but also Ly Dich Phong to have a very serious impact on his reputation. Finally, to prove his innocence, the actor surnamed Li filed a lawsuit in court to claim compensation for his losses in 2018. After 2 filings, in September 2020, Ly Dich Phong won the case and was compensated 20,000 yuan. Although she acted to whitewash herself, recently Ly Dich Phong was once again entangled in rumors of love with Duong Mich, even many blogger sources said that Duong Mich had a miscarriage and secretly married Ly. Translate Phong. Before that rumor, Duong Mich's side denied it and confirmed that it would ask the law to intervene.

Ly Dich Phong and Yangtze

Ly Dich Phong was once entangled in dating rumors with Duong Tu after working together in Tru Tien Thanh Van Chi (2016). In real life, fans also constantly pair up the two actors and also commented that they have a "general husband and wife". However, before that situation, the representatives of both artists denied and affirmed that Ly Dich Phong and Duong Tu were just good friends.

After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: Frozen assets, no regrets for what he did? - Figure 7

Ly Dich Phong and Ngo Han

Ly Dich Phong was entangled in love rumors with MC Happy Camp Ngo Han since a duet together in a program, then, Ly Dich Phong had quite emotional gestures to comfort Ngo Han when she lost her voice. . This moment immediately covered the front page of the Weibo social network. However, this rumor was later denied, although many netizens believe that the two used to date.

After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: Frozen assets, no regrets for what he did? - Figure 8

In addition to the above beauties, Ly Dich Phong has also been entangled in dating rumors with other female stars such as Luu Dich Phi, Dinh Nhi, Ly Tham, Ly Thuan ... but they are also denied by him.

After the scandal of b.uying s.ex, Ly Dich Phong: Frozen assets, no regrets for what he did? - Figure 9

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