The male lead "Xi Tin Leap" affirms that he is pure, does not hit people - accused of being threatened by his former manager

Nam PhươngJul 07, 2022 at 22:45

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Not silent before the scandal, actor Thanh Tung (Tung Min) spoke out in response to the old manager. He said he was willing to work with the authorities and extract security cameras to prove his innocence.

Regarding the noise between the actor of the movie "Leap Xi Tin" - Thanh Tung and his former manager Hoang Anh. Besides the dispute about the amount of 200 million VND with the Iphone 13 Promax phone. The case became more drama when the manager exposed the hooligan attitude, "eating stone porridge" from Tung Min. According to the manager, after being assaulted, he went to Cho Ray hospital to assess his injuries and asked the authorities to claim justice.

The male lead "Xi Tin Leap" affirms that he is pure, does not hit people - accused of being threatened by his former manager - Photo 1

On the evening of 07/07, on Tung Min's personal page, the actor born in 1986 officially spoke about the drama for the past 2 days. He admitted that he couldn't keep his composure while 3 sides and 1 word, so there was a slight struggle. However, Thanh Tung completely denied the accusation of hitting people or the attitude of thugs as the old manager said. Regarding the amount of advance to serve the work, Tung Min publicized the statement and completed the payment of 100 million on June 28. As for the Iphone 13 promax, Tung Min emphasized that he did not exchange or intend to own his own. To prove his innocence, Tung Min declared his willingness to cooperate with the authorities and asked the apartment manager to extract the security camera. In the process of working with the old manager, the couple Tung Min - Pong Chuan said that they were threatened and pressured by this person many times.

Originally shared by Tung Min

"First of all, about the accusation of a.ssault. Tung can confirm that Tung did not hit Mr. Hoang Anh. Tung admitted that when he was accused by Mr. Hoang Anh of swapping the phone, Tung lost his temper, and wanted 3 sides 1 word, when Tung held a HA, it led to a struggle, when Mr. HA fell to the ground, it was Tung's friend who supported him's armpits to get up to tell him to leave, avoiding the f.ight (maybe that caused a scratch in his armpit like a Hoang Anh took pictures) but was described as a thug who intentionally assaulted him. said, if there was a ward police, he would have summoned Tung the next day to work.Even though the police did not summon him, Tung still actively worked with the building management to ask to extract the camera, but unfortunately for him. The camera in this area is broken (Tung has a clip working with the Management Board to prove that he is not lying about this.) After being unable to prove it with pictures, Tung actively worked with the ward police and the building had incident report. Tung would like to quote with pictures to be more objective. At 10 am tomorrow, Tung has an appointment to go to the ward to solve this problem.

The male lead "Xi Tin Leap" affirms that he is pure, does not hit people - accused of being threatened by his former manager - Photo 2

- Number 200 million. Regarding the initial agreement, Mr. Hoang Anh will help Mr. Tung manage the revenue and expenditure, so he said it is easy to control, lacking a loan for investment. When the program ends, if you pay 1, then make up for it later, I am very grateful for this because T is not good at managing m.oney. During the exam, Tung had any contract that paid to Hoang Anh's account. As the picture of the revenue and expenditure table, everyone can see that after deducting the receipts, the m.oney a Hoang Anh advances to Tung. In a meeting after the program, Mr. Hoang Anh asked Tung to pay 100 million within 6 months for him to handle his own business. Tung was quite surprised, because when he had just finished the exam, Mr. Hoang Anh refused to pay the remaining amount to the rock music production crew for Tung to pay himself, then immediately demanded 100T.

The male lead "Xi Tin Leap" affirms that he is pure, does not hit people - accused of being threatened by his former manager - Photo 3

Tung also has no reason to swap an iphone 13xs max for an iphone 13xs max just because it's white and gold, even the gold color Tung pays for it is more expensive than white, so what's the point of doing that? ? Or did he mistake his white phone because when he gave Tung the white case? If a Hoang Anh has no evidence of phone swapping, this is really an act of slander and i.nsult. Tung may be really poor, but never to the point of swapping a phone

The male lead "Xi Tin Leap" affirms that he is pure, does not hit people - accused of being threatened by his former manager - Photo 4

As for Mr. Hoang Anh, when he first started working, he respected him very much, because Tung knew that he was also a journalist with a place in the profession. Many times he stood up to protect Tung's interests because Tung is also a small artist, frankly saying that there is no place for m.oney without m.oney. But in the process of working together and seeing things differently, not less than once he threatened Tung's people when he did something against his will, "they think who you are, don't make me c.razy." I'll put it on a scandal", verbatim T dares to swear not to say a word wrong

The male lead "Xi Tin Leap" affirms that he is pure, does not hit people - accused of being threatened by his former manager - Photo 5

Notably, right below Tung Min's post, former manager Hoang Anh directly commented in the objection that there was no chance to receive a 30% difference in revenue. At the same time, denouncing the report that the actor posted on MXH was fake, his signature changed.

"I don't accuse you of defaulting, I just haven't paid it off yet, report it and report it to three stars, I'm not responsible for that, I won't sue, I accuse you and another friend of threatening, c.ursing, assaulting me!

Earn less than spend, where to get 30%, have to be alert, my friend! I need to return the other White Promax 13, because it deleted "find my phone" and reset the pass, unfortunately for you it reported my mail! I don't need an expensive phone! Thank you!" - The manager replied

The male lead "Xi Tin Leap" affirms that he is pure, does not hit people - accused of being threatened by his former manager - Photo 6

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