My Tam, who is not married, is still happy, reveals how to charity without being involved

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Singer My Tam is considered a "monument" of the Vietnamese music industry. Not only is she a great contributor to art, she is a beautiful artist figure who has a strong position in the hearts of fans because of her professionalism and life personality.

Special charity practices to avoid market fees

My Tam is one of the hardest working singers for charity and endurance. She has been doing this for decades, treating it as an annual activity, not to burnish her name or follow trends.

My Tam, who is not married, is still happy, reveals how to charity without being involved - Photo 1

In particular, My Tam has a fairly consistent way of charity, helping her avoid the market and noise, which is not to donate or receive charity m.oney from anyone, but mainly pay out of her own pocket and do it within her ability.

When doing charity, My Tam is also always simple, gentle, not noisy in the media. A lot of times, the singer does this work silently, only when an insider speaks out will everyone know.

My Tam, who is not married, is still happy, reveals how to charity without being involved - Photo 2

In her volunteer journey, My Tam is especially aimed at the elderly who are lonely and difficult because she has compassion for the elderly. The singer often visits nursing homes and hospitals, visiting the elderly.

My Tam also not only comes to give gifts, but often lingers to chat and confide in everyone. The stories of the singer are very open, friendly. She is willing to share her whole personal life with the elderly, which the singer rarely does in the media.

My Tam's way of communicating and behaving with the elderly is often cute, close but still polite. She can talk while sitting on a fan for an old woman, or bend over and kneel when communicating with old women.

Behavior when going to charity with fans

My Tam does not go to charity but always focuses on the work she does. During a visit to the Artist Nursing Home more than 10 years ago, she remembered names, held hands with each of them, and sat down to chat with the senior artists in a natural, cheerful way.

My Tam, who is not married, is still happy, reveals how to charity without being involved - Photo 3

Years later, My Tam still goes to the artist nursing home for charity but silently. It wasn't until this year, when fans accompanying her filmed and shared, that people were aware and impressed.

In this year's charity event, My Tam invited senior artists to sing along. When standing next to them, she never stood on an equal footing, but always stepped back. It is a way for her to show respect as well as respect for order and politeness to elders.

And another special thing is that in recent times, My Tam often takes fans to charity with her. These fans are mostly young. The singer uses this way to orient the thinking and personality of young fans, helping her fanclub become more civilized and compassionate.

My Tam, who is not married, is still happy, reveals how to charity without being involved - Photo 4

My Tam also often teaches fans many meaningful things in the process of charity. During a visit to Ben Tre, she said: "In life everyone has a luck, try to live. I look down and see that there are billions and billions of times more miserable than me."

No need to get married to be happy

At the age of 43, My Tam is still active, non-stop and always creates many positive values from the work she does. That's why, even though she's single, she's always happy and happy.

My Tam once confided about the idea of living with an old man: "Everyone has their own karma, I am a little luckier than everyone else, so I have this and that, so it's fun.

My Tam, who is not married, is still happy, reveals how to charity without being involved - Photo 5

Many of you keep asking me, why don't you get married and have children, but you don't have to want anything, you have to have something. I don't need to get married and still be happy."

Another time, when asked if she had a family, My Tam replied, "I have a family. My family is my parents, siblings, children and grandchildren.

We don't need to get married, have someone who loves us, it's okay to stay with us, but we don't need to get married. I have a family of ten grandchildren."

My Tam, who is not married, is still happy, reveals how to charity without being involved - Photo 6

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