Filipino beauties in beauty pageants are like swinging idols, jumping on the idol's male singer

Uyển ĐìnhMay 28, 2024 at 17:10

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The carefree actions of Miss Melar Claire Romero caused many controversies on beauty forums. Some expressed the innocence and loveliness of the beauty, other opinions said that her actions were inappropriate in a beauty contest.

Recently, in the Philippines, the finals of the provincial competition called Saniata ti Nueva Vizcaya 2024 took place. In the end, the beautiful Melar Claire Romero was crowned the top winner. She impresses with her unique short hair.

Filipino beauties in beauty pageants are like swinging idols, jumping on the idols male singer - Photo 1

After the final night, videos recording Melar Claire Romero's humorous expressions on stage attracted the attention of Filipino beauty fans. A clip recorded the scene of the male guest singer performing on stage and receiving the attention of Melar Claire Romero because this is her idol. The beauty continuously clapped and cheered to show her excitement.

The male singer also realized this so he approached the beauty to say hello. However, because she was so excited, Melar Claire Romero jumped on the male singer and hugged him, making the contestants standing behind her surprised and laughing.

Filipino beauties in beauty pageants are like swinging idols, jumping on the idols male singer - Photo 2

Melar Claire Romero's actions attracted attention and discussion on beauty forums. Many people left funny comments about the beauty's actions like "going to the beauty pageant is secondary, going to see idols is the main thing." The audience expressed their delight at her innocent and humorous personality.

Filipino beauties in beauty pageants are like swinging idols, jumping on the idols male singer - Photo 3

Filipino beauties in beauty pageants are like swinging idols, jumping on the idols male singer - Photo 4

However, there are also opinions that Melar Claire Romero's actions are not pleasing to the eye. "No matter how much you like someone, you should hold back. It's a bit strange to do that when you're going to a beauty pageant," an audience commented.

Melar Claire Romero is a beauty famous for her innocent personality and humorous expressions on stage. Because of this, she has many loving fans in the Philippines.

The moment Melar Claire Romero was crowned the top winner of the Saniata ti Nueva Vizcaya 2024 competition then also became viral on social networks.

When the MC announced the winner, Melar Claire Romero thought she only won first runner-up so she greeted the audience and went in. However, after being reminded by the audience, the beauty couldn't believe it and showed a surprised expression that made many witnesses laugh. With a humorous personality, Melar Claire Romero was advised by many viewers to compete in Miss Grand.

Filipino beauties in beauty pageants are like swinging idols, jumping on the idols male singer - Photo 5

Miss Grand International - Miss International Peace is a beauty contest born in 2013. The message of this playground is aimed at propagating peace and ending v.iolence and war. Although the contest has only been held for more than 10 years, it has already created a certain reputation around the world. Miss Grand International currently owns an Instagram channel with more than 5.6 million followers.

However, the fact that contestants overdo it is no longer a new thing in this competition. Although humor and jokes are considered unique elements of the Miss Grand contest, in recent years, the competition has caused a lot of controversy and loss of sympathy, loss of beautiful image and value. value of the competition in the hearts of the audience.

Filipino beauties in beauty pageants are like swinging idols, jumping on the idols male singer - Photo 6

On the evening of May 22, the Miss Grand International Organizing Committee suddenly posted an announcement about canceling the plan to hold the Miss Grand International 2024 contest in Myanmar in October.

According to the announcement, "The Miss Grand International Organizing Committee would like to announce that the Miss Grand International 2024 pageant will no longer be held in Myanmar. Stay tuned for official updates on the new host country this month." ten."

Filipino beauties in beauty pageants are like swinging idols, jumping on the idols male singer - Photo 7

The organizing committee's decision caused mixed controversy. Many people believe that this is the right decision to ensure the safety of candidates because the situation in Myanmar is unstable. But many viewers also criticized the organizers for being unprofessional.

Many people believe that if a new hosting country cannot be found, it is likely that Miss Grand International 2024 will be held in Thailand - the birth country of Miss Grand International.

Filipino beauties in beauty pageants are like swinging idols, jumping on the idols male singer - Photo 8

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