'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face"

Yang MiApr 27, 2022 at 08:02

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With a series of rustic, unedited, no makeup photos of Ho Tinh, it caused a wave of public opinion. Is the beauty of "historical beauty" Ho Tinh really beautiful?

Not only loved by his talent, but Ho Tinh's personality makes many people admire because of his ageless beauty even though he has turned 43. However, recently, Ho Tinh's beauty has been the subject of many mixed opinions. .

Specifically, recently, "Ancient beauty" Ho Tinh updated on her personal page an article to share her skin care experience as well as her life in the current period. In the video that Ho Tinh shared, it can be seen that actress Thai Binh Princess does not wear makeup, wears a headband, and has loose hair in a very simple and rustic pajamas at home.

'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face" - Photo 1

However, with this style of dress, Ho Tinh's shortcomings were revealed. Accordingly, netizens can easily see that when the actress used a headband to tie all of her hair behind her head, she revealed a large forehead, her face without makeup may not only be dark and yellow, but Ho Tinh's skin color is not only dark but also yellow. The face is also a bit stiff, especially when smiling very unnaturally.

'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face" - Photo 2

With an unnatural-looking face of Ho Tinh, some netizens mocked actress Thai Binh Princess . Many people believe that Ho Tinh is a beautiful woman, but she does not know how to preserve but abuses aesthetics to hold on to youth.

Many viewers commented: "She smiles unnaturally", "It's like having botox injections to stretch her face", "I really miss Ho Tinh's chubby face before".

'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face" - Photo 3

Not only that, in the latest project of Ho Tinh Nhan Dan , many people have also noticed the change in the face of a beauty for a while. Instead of natural beauty, Ho Tinh's face was stiff. However, with her excellent acting skills, Ho Tinh made the audience forget about her aesthetic.

'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face" - Photo 4

Before the mockery of Ho Tinh's beauty, which is said to have complications after cosmetic surgery, there are some netizens who defended her. Some people think that because Ho Tinh doesn't wear makeup as well as unedited filming, people feel her face like that.

'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face" - Photo 5

Hu Jing was born in 1978, is a famous Chinese actor in the 80s and 90s. She is also one of the most expensive ancient beauties in the Chinese entertainment industry when she has a natural beauty, a natural beauty that not everyone can own. Not only beautiful, Ho Tinh also has a solid acting, loved by the audience through other TV series such as Thai Binh Princess, Hieu Trang Secret History, Duong Mon female general... Therefore, Ho Tinh is a famous ancient beauty Cbiz.

'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face" - Photo 6

At the peak of his career, in 2008, Ho Tinh got on a flower car with famous Malaysian businessman - Chu Trieu Truong. After getting married, Ho Tinh limited his participation in entertainment activities to take care of his small family. After giving birth to her first son, Ho Tinh decided to settle down with her husband abroad.

Actor Ngo Ngan To was the one who introduced Ho Tinh to meet Chu Trieu Truong. At first sight, the couple fell in love.

'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face" - Photo 7

It is known that the businessman husband loves and cares for Ho Tinh like a queen. There is information that he once removed his tonsils because of his wife. Accordingly, Ho Tinh's husband's snoring is quite severe for fear of affecting his wife, but he is not afraid to go to the hospital for minor surgery.

Not only that, Chu Trieu Truong used to spend 10 hours a day to go to Hoanh Diem studio just to meet Ho Tinh. Many people admire the ancient beauty Cbiz because she is loved by her husband.

'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face" - Photo 8

In 2021, Ho Tinh unexpectedly participated in the program "Billion billion" and season 2. The unexpected appearance of the famous ancient beauty Cbiz made the audience admire. Unexpectedly, she still retains the old youthful features, even her b.ody is as slim as the younger juniors.

Not only is she appreciated for her beauty, but Ho Tinh makes many people admire her talent and behavior with the sisters in the program, always taking care of everyone.

'Ancient beauty' Ho Tinh was mocked for "stiff, deformed face" - Photo 9

Many people are delighted to be able to continue to see her appear on screen after years of taking care of her family instead of focusing on her career. It is known that in addition to participating in the show Billion, Ho Tinh also caused a fever when he appeared in the work Nominal of the People . Her name began to gain more coverage on the press front. The audience was impressed with the mature and mature beauty of this U50 beauty. Ho Tinh this time actively returned to the screen.

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