Huynh Xiaoming 'followed' Dang Luan, Trieu Vy, in danger of ruining his career because of tax evasion?

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According to Chinese media reports, recently, the Management Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone announced that a joint-stock technology company of Huynh Xiaoming was listed in the list of unusual activities due to lack of recognition. publish the annual report within the prescribed time limit.

Huynh Xiaoming 'followed' Dang Luan, Trieu Vy, in danger of ruining his career because of tax evasion? - Photo 1

According to the information, this company was established in February 2012, with registered business lines as equity investment, advertising, software design, exhibition services, production of development programs, etc. radio and television. The company is owned by Huynh Xiaoming and some other shareholders, in which the actor holds 2.47% of the shares.

The source said that over the past time, Huynh Xiaoming's business has encountered many problems. Since the divorce, the actor has continuously withdrawn capital from investment funds at companies owned by him and his ex-wife - Angelababy. Earlier in April, the media reported that Huynh Xiaoming and many other stars filed a request to cancel their personal studio, just because they were worried about getting into tax-related trouble.

Huynh Xiaoming 'followed' Dang Luan, Trieu Vy, in danger of ruining his career because of tax evasion? - Photo 2

In recent years, the tax evasion penalties of the mainland government have become more and more strict, which also makes artists in this country quite nervous when being targeted. So they chose to quickly cancel the private studio.

In December 2018, the Chinese entertainment industry was noisy before the shocking news: The couple Huynh Xiaoming - Angela B.aby divorced. The reason for the divorce was rumored to be because Huynh Xiaoming evaded taxes with a huge amount of more than 1 billion yuan (3,500 billion VND). Actor The Condor Heroes cannot handle this amount before December 31.

Because of her husband's financial pressure, his wife Angela B.aby "escaped" and did not want to gain custody of the c.hild.

As one of the "golden couple" of the Chinese language with a time of passionate love with a fairy-tale wedding and a desirable happy family, the news that both were divorced at that time was really a s.hock. Big s.hock for the fans. Angela B.aby - Huynh Xiaoming from attachment to becoming a husband and wife experienced many ups and downs.

Before the bad rumors about Huynh Xiaoming, many Chinese stars like Dang Luan, Trinh Sang, Pham Bang Bang ... ruined their careers because of tax evasion of millions of dollars. They were also "sealed", wiped out in cyberspace, boycotted by the public and brands.

Dang Luan

Actor Dang Luan, 30 years old, used to be a prominent face of the Chinese entertainment industry, participating in a series of films: "Honey incense like smoke", "Le steamed alum sugar", "One thousand and one nights", "Onmyouji: Tinh Nha episode"... has extended the list of stars who have lost their careers because of tax evasion.

The Shanghai Tax Department discovered that Dang Luan had signs of tax evasion, so it conducted a comprehensive and in-depth tax inspection on him according to the law. After the inspection, Dang Luan was found to have falsely declared his income in 2019 and 2020, hiding about 7.6 million USD. He also underpaid personal income tax of about $2.2 million. Dang Luan was asked to pay taxes and pay a fine of 15.7 million USD.

Huynh Xiaoming 'followed' Dang Luan, Trieu Vy, in danger of ruining his career because of tax evasion? - Photo 3

Dang Luan sent an apology letter to fans on his personal page. He accepted the punishment and said he continued to work hard.

According to regulations, Dang Luan was "sealed", his entire social network account on Fanpage pages did not exist. Dang Luan's name was also removed from the works he had participated in online.

The actor lost all advertising contracts and public criticism. Dang Luan is unlikely to be active in the arts for a long time and many people believe that this scandal has ruined his 10-year career.

Trinh Sang

Trinh Sang, also known by the nickname "Stupid girl", used "yin and yang contracts" to evade taxes with an amount from 2019 to the end of 2020 of more than 70 million yuan (more than 10 million USD). She was fined nearly 300 million yuan and quickly paid the fine to avoid criminal prosecution.

Huynh Xiaoming 'followed' Dang Luan, Trieu Vy, in danger of ruining his career because of tax evasion? - Photo 4

Huynh Xiaoming 'followed' Dang Luan, Trieu Vy, in danger of ruining his career because of tax evasion? - Photo 5

Right after that, the Quang Dien side (General Administration of Broadcasting and Broadcasting of China) officially published the document of "slaughtering" Trinh Sang on the website. Accordingly, Trinh Sang is not allowed to appear in TV series, movies, advertisements or other artistic activities.

Fan Bingbing

The investigation of Pham Bang Bang originates from MC Thoi Vinh Nguyen's accusations around the trick of using "yin and yang contracts" to evade taxes. After the investigation, Pham Bang Bang was discovered to have received a salary of $ 4.4 million for the movie "Great Bombardment" but only received more than $ 1 million in tax returns. The rest, she used the trick of "yin-yang contract" to circumvent the law.

She and her company were f.orced to pay an amount of 130 million USD (more than 3,000 billion VND) due to f.raud, paying fines and late tax fees.

Huynh Xiaoming 'followed' Dang Luan, Trieu Vy, in danger of ruining his career because of tax evasion? - Photo 6

Huynh Xiaoming 'followed' Dang Luan, Trieu Vy, in danger of ruining his career because of tax evasion? - Photo 7

Immediately after the incident, Pham Bang Bang apologized and tried to pay a fine to avoid criminal prosecution. Nearly 4 years since the tax evasion scandal, Pham Bang Bang from the star position has become blurred in the public eye.

Huynh Xiaoming 'followed' Dang Luan, Trieu Vy, in danger of ruining his career because of tax evasion? - Photo 8

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