My Linh defends Le Quyen and MLee, audience 'spinning'?

Minh NgọcFeb 12, 2024 at 07:38

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Diva My Linh first mentioned the names of Le Quyen and MLee after a series of noises throughout the journey of Sister Beautiful to Turn the Wave. "Beautiful Sister of the Year" also caused the audience to have many changes in the image of these two controversial artists.

After more than 3 months on the air, Beautiful Sister Wind Turn season 1 finally ended with the result of "grouping" that made social networks wave. For the first time, a reality TV show brings together 30 female stars from all fields. From the "big sisters" of the music industry to famous celebrities trying their hand at performing together in the girlgroup model, helping Sister Beauty become the most interested topic at the end of the year.

My Linh defends Le Quyen and MLee, audience spinning? - Photo 1

Many beautiful sisters have the opportunity to challenge themselves in many aspects, find their aura, "bold interest" after typical programs such as Diva My Linh, Trang Pha, Huyen B.aby, Ye Lam Anh... And there is a beautiful sister who shines, there must also be a beautiful sister that causes controversy, a grove of controversy.

The final "group" lineup of the beautiful seniors named Captain Trang Fa, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Thu Phuong, Le Quyen, Diva My Linh, MLee and Ye Lam Anh. However, with this result, the audience only leaned towards the top 5 and reacted mixed to the duo Le Quyen - MLee. During the journey of "pedaling the wind, turning the wave", these are also the 2 most extraordinary names.

My Linh defends Le Quyen and MLee, audience spinning? - Photo 2

Despite the noisy market, so far, My Linh is probably the first and only person to share her personal feelings about her two juniors, making the audience have a different perspective on these two beautiful sisters.

My Linh defends Le Quyen and MLee, audience spinning? - Photo 3

For Le Quyen, My Linh said that Le Quyen outside is not like what people see, has many very good personalities, especially caring as well as straightforward personality: "I respect Quyen very much. Very firm, very emotional and luxurious. What people see on the show is not like Quyen out there. Quyen is very warm outside, very caring about the people around him and does not know who to hate anyone. She had to defend Quyen because of that. These shoes were donated to My Linh, because Quyen saw that she hurt her feet and had to remove both shoes and said that she would give her feet shoes, which would not hurt forever. It really doesn't hurt! It wasn't because of the shoes that she defended Quyen. Quyen lives very straight and thinks what to say. Straight and real."

My Linh defends Le Quyen and MLee, audience spinning? - Photo 4

Although My Linh has never cooperated with MLee during the journey of Riding the Wind, the diva still gives MLee very special affection. My Linh recalled: "One time, I was talking to choreographer Lan Nhi, and Nhi said that MLee is a real captain. MLee can sit for up to 2 hours to cheer for others, or write rap verses and teach that person to rap in the right flow. So when MLee was stoned, a lot of people cried. And I also have to use this moment to send my thoughts from other students who have defended MLee. How did you live with people to receive such protection and love. This game, everybody is hard, everybody works hard and everybody burns out, especially the kids."

My Linh defends Le Quyen and MLee, audience spinning? - Photo 5

My Linh repeatedly affirmed her love for MLee: "Now just say you guys, keep throwing stones, you get depressed. And every time I look at MLee, I love it, because it's so much like Anna. When he first saw the show, Quan also said that MLee looked like Anna! So for me, MLee also has an invisible bond. So that's it, MLee! Having My Linh here say a few words to make me feel balanced, if anyone says anything, she also stands up for me, proving how I have to live, Lan Nhi, Huong Ly and Dieu Nhi also stand up for me like that. So just live as you are now, and one day everyone will understand! There's nothing to be afraid of! Come on!"

My Linh defends Le Quyen and MLee, audience spinning? - Photo 6

Unashamedly known as "Beautiful Sister of the Year", My Linh's sharing not only helps the audience somewhat have a more positive view of Le Quyen and MLee; but also make the audience love more the loveliness, sincerity and warmth of the "big sister" of Vietnamese music.

My Linh defends Le Quyen and MLee, audience spinning? - Photo 7

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